Friday, July 10, 2009


I asked my doctor this morning when he was checking up with me if I could take a shower every other day. He said YES! I was so happy he let me. Sponge baths are just not the same as a good shower. So I took a shower this morning and it felt so good! I will be doing a sponge bath tomorrow. I really appreciate the techs help with that. I really do appreciate the techs and nurses here at Woman's hospital for all their help. They are nice and do help this time away from home better.


  1. I was on hospital bedrest for 79 days, it's just a short period of time that is so worth it! Take it easy! I was only able to shower every other day until my cervix got worse, then it was every other day, and then not at all whan i was on mag and in labor at 22 weeks. I pray you will be able to make it mucher longet that I did at 24 weeks.

  2. Hang in there! I bet you are getting bored! I was hoping to come visit you soon, but Jeremy ended up in the hospital this week and I have been sleeping in the chair taking care of him.
    Thank goodness for Dan-he's my hero! He saved me!!!When Dan called today to check on us it was so nice to her Tom say in the background "Hi"! To pull me out of my black hole-so one of Jeremy's fridays off-I am coming down to visit with a basket of goodies and we can chat some more! :)

  3. you are doing great hang in there and stay strong..


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