Friday, July 29, 2016

Persona Pizzeria Opening!!!

My husband along with his brother and two friends opened a wood fired pizza place called Persona on July 28th.  This is the first Persona pizzeria to be opened in Texas (and its close to our home).  If you are local in Houston here is the address: 9635 N Sam Houston Parkway #400  Humble, TX 77396.  Come by and try out this awesome pizza!

For more information about Persona check out their website at

We are so happy that this pizza place is finally opened.  It took a lot of work, but these guys got it done.  So proud of them!  Opening day was a success!!!

UPDATE: As of March 2017 my husband and his brother are no longer a owner of Persona Pizza.  They decided to split ways with the other two business partners.  My husband and his brother are still going strong with Jimmy Johns.

Ribbon cutting


Award winning chipotle chicken pizza
Famous wood fire oven.  Cooks pizzas in 90 seconds or less

Rachel with award winning pizza chef Glenn Cybulski during the pre-opening event
Kayla with her best friend
Us on opening day. Rachel and Haley were at summer school.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Brandon is 7 months old

Brandon is already 7 months old.  Each month goes so quickly!  On the 14th of July he weighed 17 lbs, 1 oz.  Also he is finally rolling over!  He took his sweet time, but he is doing it!  His physical therapist has been coming 2 times a week and that is helping him a lot.  He is behind physically due to the spina bifida, but he will get there.  He is such a champ in regards to teething!  He has gotten in 8 teeth within the past 4 months!  He doesn't even complain or seem bothered by those teeth at all!  He does chew on his toys a lot due to those teeth coming in!  He has been enjoying exploring and playing with his toys.

Brandon is currently wearing 6 month size clothing and his feet are slowly growing.  He can wear size 2 now though size 2 shoes are still a little too big.

He is eating some baby food, but he is not a big fan of it and also he is still trying to maneuver that tongue correctly.  He tends to push the food out most of the time.

He continues to be a very smiley little boy.  He loves to be talked to and will coo back.  He loves to watch his sisters and he adores Kayla.  He is observant and likes to watch and see what is constantly going on.  Our house is busy so he fits right in.

He is such a fun loving little boy!  He melts my heart each time he smiles or laughs!  He is a mommy's boy for sure.  We are so grateful for this sweet boy!

Look at all those teeth!

First 4th of July
Eating baby cereal