Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Brandon is 10 months old

Brandon turned 10 months old on the 14th.  He weighed 19 pounds.  He is making good progress physically.  He is rolling over much better and is working on sitting unassisted.  His physical therapist is also working on pre-crawling moves.  He is getting there.

He continues to make progress all around.  He is eating well though he still doesn't care for baby food except for baby cereals.  He is learning to pick up foods with the palmer grasp.  He started doing this around the beginning of October.  He is moving more toward talking by making more sounds.  He loves it when people talk to him.  He loves his sisters and watches them intently.

Brandon is having to be cathed only one time a day now.  The doctor looked at his output when we were cathing him twice a day and told us to go to once a day.  Not sure if he will continue with once a day or no cathing at all.  The doctor will let us know after he sees how he does with just once a day cathing.

Brandon is such a good baby.  He is so sweet and loving.  He gives the best hugs and best smiles!  He is a true miracle and gift from god. I can't imagine life without him.  Love my little boy so much!!

October is Spina Bifida awareness month and so I did a superman theme for his pictures because my Brandon is a superman (baby).  He is super all around.  He is a strong boy despite what he has had to go through and will continue to go through with his spina bifida.  He may live with spina bifida but it doesn't define him!

Brandon's scar
My little Clark Kent

Working hard to sit by himself.  He toppled over right after I took this picture.
My super baby!
Love his smile

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Brandon is 9 months old

Brandon turned 9 months on September 14th.  He saw his pediatrician that day and here are his stats:

Weight: 18 lbs, 8 oz (25%ile)
Length: 27 inches (10-25%ile)
Head circumference: 45.25 cm (50-75%ile)
Wt/Lt: 50%ile

Brandon is growing well along his growth curves.  We are especially happy that his head circumference is on the curve and is normal size.  When he was born his head was off the growth chart due to the hydrocephalus.  Brandon is currently wearing 9 month size clothing.

Brandon is such a good sleeper.  He continues to sleep well at night.  He sleeps about 11-12 hours at night.  He's definitely not a good napper though.  He takes a couple of short cat naps during the day.

Brandon is doing better with eating baby food though he prefers the cereals over the plain fruits or vegetables.  He loves the baby cereals.  He can also eat the Gerber puffs but he doesn't know how to pick them up yet so I have to feed them to him.  He will learn to pick them up as he gets older.  He is so interested in the foods we eat.  I think he would rather eat regular table food over the baby foods.  As he learns to pick up foods off his tray he will get more regular foods.

As for his physical abilities he is making progress.  His core is getting stronger.  He is doing better at rolling over from his back to his tummy and he can now roll from his tummy to his back.  He started doing that on September 17th.  His spina bifida sure has slowed him down physically but with therapy and time he will continue to move forward.  His physical therapist is working with him to learn to sit and crawl.

Brandon finally got to see his urologist on September 19th.  This is the appointment we have been waiting for since June when the physician assistant told us to start cathing him 4 times a day.  About a week before this urology appointment I started writing down Brandon's urine outputs that I got from his caths.  His urologist took a look at the amounts and told us to only cath him every 12 hours (twice a day)!!!  What a blessing that Brandon is emptying most of what is in his bladder.  He just needs a little help with two times a day cathing.  Its so nice only having to cath him twice a day verses 4 times a day!!

Brandon also went to the Spina Bifida clinic on September 16th and got a good report.  They took X-rays of his hips and feet to check for issues and they found no problems!  They only thing that was found was two lab results that were high (not related to spina bifida).  His phosphorus level and his testosterone level were high.  Brandon will be seeing an endocrinologist and a nephrologist regarding these abnormal labs.  Will report more on that with his 10 month update.  But both of these are fixable.  I don't anticipate any long term issues with it.

Brandon is such a sweet boy!  He is a miracle along with all our children.  Such a precious blessing to our family!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kayla's first day of preschool

Kayla started her last year of preschool on September 12.  She is attending the same preschool she has attended since she turned three.  Its a preschool program through our school district called SPARK.  Its a free program and she usually attends two times per week.  She enjoys it and I'm happy that it's helping her prepare for Kindergarten.  Plus the teachers are great!

Of course, I took some first day of preschool pictures!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Brandon is 8 months old

Brandon turned 8 months on August 14th.  He weighed 17 lbs, 14 oz.  He is such a delight to our family.  He smiles so much and is so happy.

Brandon is doing good.  He is still working on perfecting his rolling over.  He can roll over he just prefers not to.  His physical therapist is working on that as well as working on strengthening his core so he can be strong enough to sit up.  He will get it, but I'm getting somewhat impatient as I want to see him beat spina bifida and not let it slow him down.

Brandon's personality is showing more and more.  He is a happy, easy going baby and likes when people talk to him.  In fact he will stare at someone as if he is waiting for them to talk to him.  When someone does he gives a big smile.  He's working on talking himself.  He's making more sounds (started mid to late August) and is making a "da da/ta ta" sound.  He is going to be a talker I can tell already.

He had his first dentist appointment on August 23rd.  All his 8 teeth are good.  The dentist said his back gums were puffy so he is working on getting more teeth in.  He loves to chew on anything and his hands are grabbing everything as well.  Loves his toys especially his green O-ball and his blue puppy dog.

He's doing better at eating baby food.  He likes oatmeal cereal with formula mixed in it along with a little baby food fruit stirred in.  He will eat a good serving of that.  He doesn't really care to eat baby food fruit straight from the jar.  It must be too tart or sweet for him because I get some really funny faces from him when I feed it to him.

Brandon is wearing 6-9 month size clothes and is in a size 3 diaper (wrote that so when I look back at my blog later down the road, I can remember all the little details).

Brandon is such a good sleeper!  He will sleep from 9:30 pm to around 8 am.  What a blessing he his!

Brandon will see his pediatrician next month (at 9 months) as well as the urologist.  We are still cathing Brandon 4 times a day.  It gets old having to do every day, but its something that has to be done.  Brandon sometimes has good days when 2 or 3 out of the 4 caths we get very little or no urine.  So that means he is sometimes emptying his bladder on his own.  We hope and pray that he will be able to empty his bladder completely every time all on his own again one day.  We have been told it could happen, but not sure what Brandon's chances are.  I continue to pray for a miracle.  We sure do love this boy!

Love his smile

Brandon loves jumping in this
Sitting in the Bumbo chair
He loves this green ball!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rachel and Haley start 2nd grade

Rachel and Haley started 2nd grade on August 22nd.  They will both be in life skills special education classes.  Rachel has the same teacher again this year.  Haley has a new teacher and she seems to be a great teacher.  We hope they will have a great school year and will continue to make progress.  Yes they are making progress.  Their progress is slow and it will be for them but whats most important is that my children are gifts from god and they are blessed!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rachel and Haley turn 7 years old!!!

On August 4th, Rachel and Haley turned 7 years old!!!  It doesn't seem that they are 7 years old already.  I still remember the day they were born.  It was a scary time not knowing what was going to happen to the sextuplets seeing that they were being born so early (22 weeks, 6 days).  We were blessed that our Rachel and Haley survived and are living life today.  We miss our Braden, Dallin, Ashlyn and Kaitlyn.  They are loved and remembered.  Happy Birthday to my 6 babies!!!

I did a little update on Rachel and Haley back in May.  Click here to read it.  So I will just add a little more about Rachel and Haley.  Rachel is about average size for a seven year old.  She is wearing size 6 and 6x clothing.  Rachel continues to be fed 100% from her G tube.  She is afraid to swallow and only tastes food.  Rachel's behavior is challenging and we are thinking she does have autism.  Haley is still very tiny for her age.  She can still wear some 3T clothing!!  She loves to eat and can eat a lot.  Not sure where she puts all that food.  Haley is learning to say some very simple words and we are seeing that she does understand what we are saying to her.  Her communication is improving a lot!   Rachel and Haley will be going back to school on August 22nd.  They will be in 2nd grade in special education life skills class.  Rachel and Haley do have many challenges due to their extreme prematurity, but they are continuing to slowly make progress.  We continually pray for Rachel and Haley and hope that they will be able to achieve more independence as they continue to grow and get older.  We love these girls despite the challenges!






We got Rachel and Haley a cake and sung Happy Birthday to them.  Haley ate a piece of cake and liked it.  Rachel was able to taste it.  Rachel still doesn't swallow food.  She only tastes it.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Persona Pizzeria Opening!!!

My husband along with his brother and two friends opened a wood fired pizza place called Persona on July 28th.  This is the first Persona pizzeria to be opened in Texas (and its close to our home).  If you are local in Houston here is the address: 9635 N Sam Houston Parkway #400  Humble, TX 77396.  Come by and try out this awesome pizza!

For more information about Persona check out their website at www.personapizzeria.com

We are so happy that this pizza place is finally opened.  It took a lot of work, but these guys got it done.  So proud of them!  Opening day was a success!!!

Ribbon cutting


Award winning chipotle chicken pizza
Famous wood fire oven.  Cooks pizzas in 90 seconds or less

Rachel with award winning pizza chef Glenn Cybulski during the pre-opening event
Kayla with her best friend
Us on opening day. Rachel and Haley were at summer school.