Friday, April 18, 2014

Beeping Easter Egg Hunt 2014

We attended the annual Lighthouse of Houston beeping Easter egg hunt on April 12.  This is our second year to attend this wonderful activity for children who are blind.  Haley hunted the beeping Easter eggs while Rachel and Kayla hunted regular Easter eggs.  The girls had a good time, but they are still learning the concept of hunting for eggs.  Haley enjoyed playing with the large beeping eggs because they made noise (she likes noise).  Rachel learned that there was stuff (candy) inside the eggs and therefore wanted to open the couple of eggs in her basket that daddy helped her get.  Kayla was more interested in watching everyone else scramble for the eggs.  She soon learned there was candy in the eggs as well and wanted to open all her eggs right away to get the candy.
The girls also had the opportunity to sit on the Easter bunnies lap.  Kayla didn't enjoy that one at all.  She wouldn't go near those Easter bunnies.  Funny girl!  She will go up to just about anyone except for someone dressed in a costume.  I guess I don't blame her.  Rachel and Haley didn't mind the bunnies at all.  They are troopers!

Kayla, Haley, Rachel
Haley hunting the beeping eggs
Haley with a basket full with Grandma's help
Haley listening to the beeping egg
Rachel opening her Easter eggs
Kayla found an Easter egg

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Texas Bluebonnets 2014

Its that time of the year again - Texas Bluebonnets!  Not only am I loving the bluebonnets, I am loving the Spring weather!  Spring is my favorite season and it's such a welcome sight after the long cold, dreary winter which I do NOT like.  Spring is the birth of new life especially the flowers.  Here in Texas we are so blessed to have the Bluebonnets.  They are so beautiful!  I was happy to get pictures of my beauties in the beautiful bluebonnets this year.

Kayla, Haley, Rachel

Haley and Rachel




Mommy and her girls
Daddy and his girls

Here are some additional pictures I took while on our bluebonnet sight seeing adventure:

Rachel, Kayla, Haley

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Deserving Couple seeking to Adopt

I wanted to post this to tell my readers of a well deserving couple in our church.  Ryan and Shirly Boots - friends of ours who have been so very kind and generous to us since the beginning of our journey.  Ryan is the one who developed our website -  We are so appreciative of all the time it took to develop it as well as for his talent.  
They have been dealing with infertility as well and are seeking to adopt.  They have made a website about their journey and are in hopes to adopt soon.  Please check out their website at  Ryan and Shirly will make great parents and are so deserving of the blessing to become parents.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring in Bloom at the Houston Temple

Back on March 22 we enjoyed a visit to the Houston LDS Temple grounds.  It was a beautiful day and everything was in bloom for Spring.  I love Spring!  Its my favorite time of year to see all the trees and flowers come to life after a cold, dreary winter.  The girls had a great time being outside soaking in the nice weather and sun. Not to mention the temple grounds and gardens are so peaceful.  Its a nice escape from it all.

Houston LDS Temple

Thomas and I
Haley enjoying the water in the fountain

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Visit to the Houston Rodeo

Sorry for the absence and lack of blog posts.  I didn't really have anything the past couple of weeks to blog about plus I have been busy with some photo shoots and lots of picture editing.  

The Houston Rodeo and carnival is a big thing here in Houston.  We finally made it this year (March 21) a couple of days before the end of it.  We enjoyed the food, sights and sounds!  The girls saw some of the animals (Kayla didn't like the animals) and watched the pig races.  At one of the pig races, Haley was chosen to be the team leader for our section of the bleachers.  We were the section cheering on the pig with the orange bandanna and the orange pig won!!!  Haley won a prize (plastic pig nose) for that race.  Fun times!

Rodeo grounds at Reliant Stadium
Rachel not wanting to look at the camera
Kayla and I (Kayla not happy about picture taking either)
Rachel checking out the animals
Kayla looking at the baby chicks
Kayla waiting for the pig races to start
Haley rooting for the orange team/pig
Haley with her piggy nose prize

Monday, March 3, 2014

Rachel's white dress

This past Sunday (March 2nd), we attended Thomas's brother's baby blessing at our church.  I happened to have my camera so I took Rachel out for a little walk and took some pictures of her in this beautiful white dress that I got for $13!  I just love when I find great deals like that!  I wish I would have been able to get this dress for all of my girls, but they only had Rachel's size.  Rachel is so beautiful and this dress just complements her beauty.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's day this year was good.  Rachel and Haley's class at their school had a little Valentine's day party.  Daddy, Kayla and I attended.  Haley, Rachel and Kayla enjoyed eating the sweets (candy, cookies and ice cream).  They also got Valentine's from the other students.  Rachel and Haley's class is small.  Rachel and Haley are just about half the class since there are a total of 5 kids in the class.  I enjoyed making the Valentine's for the other kids and for the teachers.  Rachel, Haley and Kayla helped by coloring them.

Butterfly Valentines
Up close of the Valentine I made.  Idea was from Pinterest.
Haley and Rachel working on a Valentine crown
Rachel showing off her crown
Haley, Rachel and Kayla during a Valentine story
Haley getting her Valentine treats
The girls enjoying their Valentine sweets

When daddy got home from work, he surprised the girls with balloons and flowers.  Thomas had also gotten me some beautiful tulips and a 2 pound box of chocolates!  Thomas knows how much I love Valentine's day and really made me and the girls feel special.  We love you!

Daddy and Kayla
Rachel loving the balloons
The girls playing with the balloons.  They loved them!
Kayla with the 2 pound box of chocolates!
All the Valentine goodies!