Thursday, November 9, 2017

Grandparents day lunch with Kayla

Kayla's school hosted a Grandparents day luncheon on September 22nd. This luncheon was suppose to have happened on September 8th, but due to school starting late on September 7th, the luncheon was held on September 22nd.   Kayla was so excited to have her Grandparents (my parents) there with her.  Her other grandparents couldn't come due to being out of town.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thomas' 40th Birthday

Thomas turned the BIG 40 on September 22nd.  Since this was a big milestone in his life, I set up some surprises for him.  I took him to ifly.  ifly is an indoor skydiving/wind tunnel place.  When I purchased this for him I had NO intentions of doing it with him, but Thomas convinced me to try it out as well.  I'm so glad I did!  It was fun!  Thomas soared into his forty's and he did it well!  Here are some pictures of our adventure together.

Camera phone pictures so not the best:

Thomas flying
Amanda flying
Certificate of completion

After the ifly adventure I surprised him with dinner at Pappasitos with some close friends.  Thomas had a great birthday turning 40!

Happy Birthday being sung to him

My birthday was a week later on September 29.  I turned 41.  My birthday was low key this year, but Thomas surprised me with a one hour massage at my home.  It was a relaxing one hour.  Loved every minute of it!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Brandon is 21 months old

Brandon turned 21 months back on September 14th.  He weighed 23 pounds, 6 oz.  His length was 31.2 inches.  Brandon is definitely a short petite boy.  He is in the 25% ile for weight and 2% ile for length.

Again I am over a month late with this update.  I can't remember all the little things he was doing but he did visit the spina bifida clinic and all looked good.  He got his own little walker since he is working on standing and walking with his physical therapist.  He also got fitted for new orthotics.  We are still waiting for them to come in but he will be wearing kiddieGait orthotics.  These will really help him with supporting his ankles and assist him to walk when he gets stronger.  He is making progress physically and we are so excited for this progress.  Brandon is really working at pulling up to stand.  He is just having problems with getting his feet flat on the ground.  He tends to pull up with his arms so he looks like he is standing on the tips of his toes.  Also Brandon is doing so much better with sitting with his feet in front of him.  Its been a long process with him learning to sit, but I think he has finally gotten it.   

Brandon started saying new words and becoming more and more social.  He is so friendly and loves to greet people.  He is so much like his daddy - a social outgoing guy.

Brandon continues to sleep well at night.  He is getting to that age when he knows its bed time and he gets upset because he wants to stay up and play.  But he does love to be read to before bed and that helps with the bedtime process.

Brandon is such a sweet , mostly calm boy.  He really only gets upset when he is hungry or tired.  He is also such a funny little boy.  He makes me smile all the time.  His smile is a joy in our home.  Love this little boy so much!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

First Day of School 2017!

The first day of school for my girls was suppose to be on August 28th, but due to hurricane Harvey the first day was postponed to September 7th.  The girls were excited to start school as was I!  Rachel and Haley were transferred to a different school this year.  They are now attending Park Lakes Elementary.  It is closer to our home, but I wasn't really happy with this change.  They had attended Ridge Creek Elementary for the past 3 years and had learned the school and had set routines.  Also a lot of teachers, staff and students knew Rachel and Haley.  Humble school district for some reason decided to make changes and opened up more special education classes.  So far it seems to be going good at Park Lakes Elementary.  Rachel and Haley's teacher (Ms. Nelson) seems nice.  Rachel and Haley are having to learn a new school and new routines, but seems to be going well so far.

My Kayla is in Kindergarten!  I can't believe she is in full time school now.  Kayla is attending at Fall Creek Elementary and she is loving it!  Her teacher (Mrs. King) is great as well. We are so grateful she is at this school.  Kayla has made friends already.  She is my social butterfly.


Haley and Rachel in their new classroom
Kayla in her new classroom
Brandon gets mommy all by himself while the girls are at school

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Brandon is 20 month old

Brandon turned 20 months old on August 14th.  On that day he weighed 22 pounds 10 oz.
Seeing that it has been over a month since he turned 20 months, I can't really remember all the little details that happened.  I do know that he started saying a new word or two and continued to make progress physically.  He continued to improve on his sitting and crawling as well as pulling up on his knees even more.
Brandon is a sweet boy who has such a fun personality.  He loves people and is such a flirt.  We sure love this boy and all the joy, laughter and smiles he brings to our family.

For his 20 month photo shoot he was just not having it.  This is the best I could get.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Stansel's after Hurricane Harvey

I had a reader email me asking how we are doing after Hurricane Harvey.  So here is our blog post about how the hurricane affected us.  Luckily we are good!!  Safe and dry!  We didn't get any flooding in our neighborhood or our home.  We also didn't lose any power.  We are so blessed and grateful for the location we live in (Humble - Northeast of Houston).  We were scared and nervous through out the storm.  It was nerve wracking not knowing if our area/neighborhood was going to flood or not.  We survived and the girls did well through the storm.  We are so heartbroken for all the devastation throughout Houston and other areas outside of Houston.  It is estimated we got 30+ inches of rain in our area.  Some parts of Houston got 50+ inches of rain.  We ventured out yesterday and took a couple of pictures.  Just north of us in Kingwood, people were flooded due to the rising water from the San Jacinto river.  Lots of people were flooded and had to evacuate. There is just so much destruction.  Thank goodness, today the sun is poking its head through the clouds a little and we are so glad to see it.  Thanks for the concern.  Much appreciated!  We are well!

Our house after the hurricane. Thankful no damage

This flooded creek is about a mile from our house
US 59 North.  Flooded.  
 Lots of utility trucks ready to fix electrical lines as needed

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kayla's 5 year old pictures

I am struggling these days to keep up with a lot that's on my plate but I did get Kayla's five year old pictures taken back in March and got them finally edited.  This post is so late but I wanted to go ahead and post these pictures because I want to remember her at this age.  She is just growing up too fast.

Back when I took these pictures she was in a silly mood.  So these pictures are full of sass, silliness and spunk.  Love this girl!!!