Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Brandon is 14 months old

Brandon turned 14 months old on February 14th.  I am getting later and later on getting these posts written.  He is actually already 15 months so I will be attempting to get that update posted when I can.  I'm still going to try to do monthly updates for Brandon until he is 24 months.  I did this with Rachel, Haley and Kayla so going to try to get it done for Brandon as well.

Brandon weighed 20 lbs, 2 oz at 14 months.  He didn't gain any weight from 13 months to 14 months old.  He is using so much energy army crawling everywhere.  He sure is getting where he wants to go.  He still isn't sitting up on his own.  He is making progress though - slowly but surely.

Brandon is not really saying any new words.  He can say da da.  I have heard him say ma ma, but he has decided to not say it much anymore.

Brandon is eating well.  He still loves his baby cereals.  We are still doing baby foods, but slowly trying new table foods with more texture since Brandon tends to gag easily on chunky foods and he ends up vomiting.  So we are working on that.  Also Brandon loves his milk in his bottle.  Another challenge is getting him off the bottle.  He doesn't seem to care for the sippy cup.  We will just keep trying....

Brandon is a great sleeper still!  He goes to bed around 8:30 pm and sleeps through the night until about 8 am (+ or - 30 mins).

Brandon loves people!  He knows how to wave hi or bye.  He can be a flirt with his cute smile and big brown eyes.  He is precious sweet little boy.  So glad to have him in our family.

Here are his 14 month pictures.  I took them a day before Valentines's day.  He didn't want to smile much for pictures that day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Valentine's Pictures, haircuts and lost teeth

So I was about a week late taking Valentine's pictures of the kids this year.  But none the less I got them done.  Also these pictures show Rachel's, Haley's and Kayla's new haircuts.  Rachel's hair was cut really short, but it looks so good on her!
Also both Rachel and Haley have lost their first teeth (see pics below).  Haley lost her first one on January 19th and Rachel lost her first one on February 12th.  As of the writing of this blog post, Rachel has lost 2 baby teeth.  Rachel and Haley are behind on loosing their baby teeth.  The dentist had told us that due to their extreme prematurity, they would lose their baby teeth later than normal.

Kayla, Rachel, Haley

Pics of Rachel and Haley's new smiles!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Brandon's First Haircut

Just want to document this since my blog is my journal.  I'm glad I have this blog to document the goings on with all the kids in our family.  Brandon is our last baby and he is going through a lot of firsts that I want to document and to be able to look back on.  So with that said, Brandon got his first haircut back on January 18th.  He wasn't happy during the haircut but he looked so cute after it was done!

Before picture.  His hair was so long.
Not happy about the haircut

After picture.  Looks so much better

I took more after pictures of Brandon's new haircut a few days after.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Brandon at 13 months and 1 year old pictures

I thought I better get this post done before he turns 14 months.  Brandon turned 13 months back on January 14.  He weighed 20 pounds, 2 oz.  Since it has been a month, I can't remember all the little things he has done, but he has been saying ma, ma and da, da.  He started this mid to late January.  He can wave bye, bye and he also started clapping his hands (end of January).  He is a little behind on starting these things, but I am so happy he is making progress.  He is such an attentive and alert little boy.  He likes to watch all that is going on and he especially likes people.  He is a little flirt and loves to smile at people.

Physically, he is still army crawling, but is getting faster.  He still isn't sitting up.  It is discouraging but I know he will be able to do it eventually.  I have to continue to be patient and continue to have faith....  

So I was late with getting his one year old pictures taken but I did get them taken when he turned 13 months.  So these pictures are his 13 month/1 year old photos.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Family Pictures

After posting about our 10 year wedding anniversary, I realized I never posted our most recent family pictures that were taken back in October 2016.  So here they are....

Kayla 4 years, Brandon 10 months, Haley & Rachel 7 years

The pictures below are additional pictures I took on a different day.  The photographer wasn't able to get individual pictures of the kids due to a lack of cooperation.  I'm thankful for the ones above that he did get.

Rachel and Brandon
Haley and Rachel

Sunday, February 5, 2017

10th year Wedding Anniversary

So I will be trying to catch up on these blog posts from the past month.  To start it off Thomas and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on January 12th!!!  We have gone through quite a bit the past 10 years together.  Our biggest is that we had 10 kids in 10 years!!  That is amazing and we are so grateful for eternal families and that we will see our other children again.  We look forward to that reunion.  We have also gone through excitement, heartache, joy, sorrow, miracles, death, pain, amazement, happiness and so much more.  We have gone through several jobs, the opening of two businesses and have lived in the same city and house since getting married.  Its been a journey, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Here's to more years of marriage ahead.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 has come and gone.  It was a good Christmas for our family.  We stayed home this Christmas.  We did go to my husband's brothers house (which is near by) for Christmas eve dinner and then Christmas day lunch.  Kayla enjoys spending time with her cousins.  We are so thankful this Christmas that Brandon was home.  It was his second Christmas, but his first one at home.  Thinking back a year ago when he was in the NICU, I am so glad we have all that past us and that he was home with us this Christmas.  Rachel and Haley enjoyed opening their gifts and are getting a break from school for 2 1/2 weeks.

We are grateful for our family and that we got to spend Christmas all together this year.  We are also so very grateful for the birth of our Savior.  We wouldn't be where we are today with out him.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas:

Pictures in front of the tree.  Couldn't get one with Rachel smiling
Our Christmas tree with all the gifts
Girls opening gifts

Brandon playing with a new toy
All dressed for church

Rachel not in this picture due to a lack of cooperation
The picture below was taken a couple of weeks before Christmas.  I was planning to take one of Rachel and Haley but just ran out of time.  So here is Kayla modeling for mommy.  I had seen others doing pictures like this and I wanted to try it.  I think it turned out ok.