Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hearing Aids

The girls got their hearing aids today.  When the hearing aids were put on their ears, I could tell Rachel and Haley could hear so much better.  They didn't cry or get scared.  Rachel gave some smiles when she was talked to.  Haley acted herself.  They have not worn the hearing aids a whole day yet, but the half day they have worn them they did pull them out some.  It will take some time for them to get used to them.  It will be a little challenge as well with the girls glasses.  Having the glasses and the hearing aids on their ears is somewhat cumbersome.  They will get used to it though.

Rachel wearing her hearing aids

Side view of Rachel's hearing aid
Haley wearing her hearing aids

Side view of Haley with hearing aid and glasses
The girls hearing aids are pink (I just couldn't help it).  To know who's is who's I put stickers on Haley's.  The hearing aids came with a sheet of fun stickers so we can change them out on both girls hearing aids.  The hearing aids are smaller than I expected.  They fit the girls well.  We were told the hearing aid batteries last for approximately 2 weeks.  We have stocked up on the batteries when there was a good sale at Walgreens a couple of weeks ago.  So we have batteries to last us a year and a half.  The girls don't sleep with the hearing aids on so when I take them off before they go to bed I turn the hearing aids off.  This will save battery power.  So now the girls have their hearing aids we hope they will progress in their speech development.  

The pink hearing aids

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The girls are home

Rachel and Haley where discharged home today.  Yea!!!  We are home and the girls are doing well.  Haley is totally back to her normal self.  She loved being back in her jumper.  Rachel is almost back to herself.  She has been a little less active than normal for her.  She is just worn out from it all, and I am sure still a little uncomfortable. Rachel is getting Tylenol to help her feel better.  I'm sure she will be back to normal tomorrow.  Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers! 

Rachel and Haley leaving the hospital
Haley in her jumper at home

Rachel happy to be home

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post Surgery Update

A day late on this post, but we have been busy with the girls after their surgery.  Both Rachel and Haley are doing well.  They both have had to stay in the hospital after the surgery on Friday (March 25).  We are still here in the hospital.  They are expected to come home Sunday (March 27).  There were a couple of complications that have kept them in the hospital.  Rachel's surgery went well.  She had her tonsils and adenoids removed without any problems.  After the surgery in the recovery room, Rachel had some difficulty breathing and was in pain.  The doctors decided that Rachel needed a higher level of care due to this and admitted her to the pediatric ICU.  Rachel started breathing better after she got pain medications and some rest.  She was moved out of the ICU this morning and is now a couple of rooms away from Haley.  Haley's surgery to remove her adenoids went well, but the ENT was not able to get ear tubes in her ears after all.  Her ear canals are still so tiny.  That's my Haley - tiny, but so cute.  The ENT did remove some fluid behind her eardrums and she had the ABR hearing test while still sedated.  We finally got the results needed from that to proceed with the hearing aids.  It looks like Haley had mild hearing loss in her right ear and severe to moderate in the left ear.  Somewhat of an improvement due to getting some fluid out.  Haley is still in the hospital due to her having a reaction to the anesthesia and pain medications.  She had some low blood pressures and low heart rates.  They did an EKG which was normal, but the doctors wanted to monitor her EKG for 24 hours.  She is wearing a holster till tomorrow morning.  I anticipate the 24 hour EKG to be normal.  Haley sure was acting her normal self today - wanting to jump around and play.
We are happy the girls are doing well despite the little complications that came up.  Thank you for all the prayers! 

Grandma Stansel with the girls before the surgery
Rachel in the ICU after the surgery
Haley after her surgery
Haley playing - she's back to her normal self
Haley and Rachel going for a ride around the hospital floor

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Upcoming Surgery

The girls surgery is tomorrow, March 25.  Rachel is having her tonsils and possibly her adenoids removed as well as replacing one missing ear tube.  Haley is having her adenoids removed, getting ear tubes and is also having an ABR (auditory brain response) hearing test done while she is under anesthesia.  I'm glad to get all these procedures done at one time.  I hope and pray the girls get through the surgery well.  Rachel will be staying in the hospital for hopefully only one night.  Haley will most likely be able to come home after her surgery.  We will post an update after the surgery.
I want to thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and nice comments the past (almost) 2 years we have been on blogger! 



Haley and Rachel

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello Spring!

We had a great weekend.  Grandma and Grandpa Benedict came to visit us.  On Friday all of us went to the Houston Rodeo.  It was great warm sunny weather.  It's definitely spring time here in Houston, Texas.  We had a great time seeing the animals and the attractions at the rodeo.  We (mostly me) enjoyed a oh so yummy funnel cake.  I don't eat those, but maybe once a year if that so it was definitely a treat.  The girls enjoyed getting out in the nice weather and experiencing the rodeo for the first time.

A picture we had taken at the Rodeo
We and the girls enjoyed spending time with grandma and grandpa.  We did some shopping and spent some time relaxing and having fun.

Haley and Grandma

Grandma tickling Haley.  Haley is very ticklish.
Me and my girls

Rachel wearing daddy's hat

Haley wearing daddy's hat
Rachel and Haley
 The girls are getting more and more active each day.  Rachel has been venturing (army crawling) out of the living room more and more.  We are going to have to get some baby gates sooner than later.  Haley our little mover and shaker has been doing well at transitioning from laying to sitting. 

Rachel venturing out of the living room to the back door

Rachel at our back door window

Haley doing her gymnast moves

It was such a beautiful day this first day of Spring.  We took a walk and enjoyed the weather with a temp in the high 70's.  I love Spring weather!  It's so nice to say goodbye to Winter.

The girls in the stroller ready for a relaxing walk

Rachel and Haley in their cute Spring dresses they wore to church today

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Sitters

It has been another somewhat uneventful past week for us.  The girls did get some immunizations last week at their pediatricians office.  Rachel saw Dr. Coats (ophthalmologist) who changed her eye glass prescription.  She needs stronger eye glasses.  Her near sightedness has gotten worse and she does have issues with crossed eyes.  Her new glasses should hopefully help that, but we struggle with getting her to keep her glasses on.  Rachel is also doing so well with sitting independently.  It's nice to see both Rachel and Haley sitting up together.

Rachel and Haley
Rachel sitting so well
Rachel crawled under the exersaucer
Haley chewing on her toy

Saturday, March 5, 2011

19 months old

I am a day late with this post.  Yesterday, March 4, the girls turned 19 months old.  They just continue to make progress.  Rachel is sort of sitting on her own.  She still topples over most of the time, but I have seen some real progress the past couple of weeks.  We are able to get her to sit for a short amount of time.  She is also doing great at creeping (sort of crawling).  Haley has learned how to go from laying to sitting.  She also can go from sitting to standing with some assistance. We are also happy Haley has finally hit 17 pounds.  Haley has a hard time gaining weight.  We feed her as much as we can get into her.  I even add calories to the food she does eat, but her rate of weight gain is slow.  For being so little, she sure is an active, feisty girl.

Haley and Rachel
Rachel falling over on Haley

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good and unexpected news

This week started out busy again with doctor's appointments.  Monday they were seen by the pediatrician, Tuesday Haley was seen by her retinal specialist and on Wednesday the girls were both seen by the ENT.

Monday at the pediatrician, the girls got their last Snyagis shot to protect them from RSV.  Thank goodness they are done with getting those shots.  They have been getting them every month since November 2010.  We are grateful the girls got them and they have stayed free from RSV this season.  The girls were weighed.  Rachel was 20 pounds 4 oz and Haley was 16 pounds 12 oz.  Report from the pediatrician was good.

Tuesday, Haley was seen by her retinal specialist, Dr. Carvounis.  Haley got a very good report at this appointment.  The doctor looked into her right eye and was surprised to see some retina.  This is very good!  Haley has scar tissue in her right eye from past surgeries, so for the doctor to see some retina is awesome news.  This means that Haley does have some vision.  We still don't know how much though.  Like I said before, she sees lights and reaches out for objects we present in front of her.  We are so thankful Haley got this great report!

Today (Wednesday), the girls were seen by their ENT specialist, Dr. Albright to discuss their hearing test results from last week.  I was just expecting to discuss the hearing test results and the next step in the process to getting the hearing aids, but was surprised both girls need surgery.  Haley's adenoid's are enlarged and need to be removed.  Also it looks like Dr. Albright will be able to get ear tubes in Haley's eardrums.  I was glad to hear this as this may help her hearing.  Now we don't have to wait 3 months for Haley's next ABR because the audiologist will do the ABR after Dr. Albright does the surgery and while Haley is still sedated under general anesthesia.  Her being under general anesthesia for the ABR guarantees they will get all the results they need to proceed with the hearing aids.  Rachel also needs surgery.  Her tonsils are large and need to be removed.  Also the ear tube in her right ear came out and needs to be replaced.  She has fluid built back up in that right ear and needs that tube in to let it drain.  We were doing so well with staying out of the hospital, but Rachel and maybe Haley will have to be admitted for one night after the surgery.  Well its a good thing we are getting these issues taken care of all at the same time.  The surgery for both girls is scheduled for March 25.

Rachel and Haley not looking too happy about needing surgery