Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bluebonnets 2015

Spring time is here!  And with the arrival of Spring so are the Texas Bluebonnets!  I really enjoy seeing the bluebonnets each year.  Its a common thing in Texas to take pictures among the bluebonnets.  So we did just that on April 4th.

Kayla, Haley, Rachel


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter came and went so fast this year.  We attended the annual beeping Easter egg hunt for children with blindness and low vision.  Unfortunately we were late and missed the Easter egg hunt.  But we did get a picture with the Easter bunnies and played some games.  Haley didn't have a good time.  She was scared of the loud music that was being played and Kayla was scared of the Easter bunnies.  We also went to our neighborhood Easter party that afternoon but I didn't take any pictures.   

Haley and Rachel
Kayla and Grandma

Rachel and Haley as well as Kayla had little Easter activities at school.  I didn't get to attend Rachel and Haley's so I don't have any pictures.  But I do know that they along with the Kindergarten classes had an Easter Egg hunt.  Kayla went to an Easter party through her preschool. They had lots of food and an Easter egg hunt.  We had to do a modified Easter egg hunt since she had her cast on.  She had fun despite it.

Kayla about to do egg hunt in her stroller
Enjoying the food

Easter day we went to Thomas's brother's house for dinner.   Here is a picture of the girls with their Easter baskets and gifts Easter morning. 

Rachel, Kayla, Haley

We are so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and for the sacrifice he went through for us.  He lives!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kayla and the pink cast

These days Kayla is sporting a bright pink cast on her right leg.  Unfortunately she broke her leg jumping on the trampoline with two of her older cousins back on March 18th.  I have to say Kayla is doing very well tolerating the cast and has adapted to it very well.  The first week of wearing it she didn't want to move much but by the second week she starting crawling and scooting around on the floor to get around.  But now she is walking on it.  It doesn't seem to phase her much at all.  She doesn't really complain about it either.  She did mention one time that she is tired of having to walk with it on, but that is it.  We are counting down to the day she gets it off which will be April 27th!  My sweet baby girl is such a trooper.  And she has had such a good attitude about it all despite not being able to do some things.  She is a wonderful example on how to handle and deal with life's challenges.

After getting her cast put on (March 20th)

Standing and walking with the cast

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Childrens' Museum field trip

This post is late!  Always seem to be playing catch up on my blog lately!  Well back on February 27th, Rachel and Haley went on a field trip with their school's kindergarten classes to the Children's Museum.  There is so much to look at and touch at the Houston Children's museum.  They enjoyed it!

Rachel & Haley checking out the Asian display

Rachel dancing to a music video on a big screen TV

Haley checking out a game

Rachel playing the game
Rachel playing doctor on the play ambulance
Haley shopping at the play grocery store