Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween!!!

Our Halloween fun started Friday October 25 with our church Trunk or Treat:

The girls in their Minnie Mouse costumes.  This picture was taken before the Trunk or Treat
The girls mode of transportation at the Trunk or Treat.  They love this wagon!

The next day (Saturday October 26) we went to Old McDonald's Farm, a carnival at the Lighthouse of Houston and Trick or treating in the Suites (Toyota Center - Home of the Houston Rockets Basketball Team).  Three fun activities in one day!!  It was a busy Saturday, but the girls enjoyed it.  They sure were worn out by the end of the day!

Old McDonald's Farm:

Rachel really liked petting this goat.
Kayla sliding down a big tunnel slide.
Haley having fun in the tunnel at the playground
Haley and Kayla checking out the pumpkins.
Lighthouse of Houston (An organization dedicated to the blind and visually impaired):

The girls in costume ready for the next festival (Lighthouse of Houston Carnival)

Rahel having fun with a hula hoop
My girls!
Trick or Treating in the Suites (At Toyota center - home of the Houston Rockets):

Rachel trick or treating with daddy
Haley and Kayla playing in one of the suites at the Toyota center
Rachel made a friend.  She really liked this little boy's costume.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

We went to a pumpkin patch and here are the pictures.  Enjoy!

Kayla. Rachel, Haley
Kayla checking out a pumpkin
Rachel (making a face because of the sun)
This one makes me laugh, especially the look on Haley's face

Thursday, October 24, 2013

First set of Fall Pictures

With the Fall season upon us comes the opportunity for new pictures!  Fall provides great pictures in pumpkin patches, Halloween costumes and the colorful falling leaves.  Well not so much the colorful falling leaves here in Houston.  It just doesn't really happen here.  Anyway, I recently took the first set of Fall pictures of my girls at a garden.  We are headed to a pumpkin patch and a couple of Fall/Halloween festivals soon so more pictures to come!

Rachel, Haley, Kayla

Rachel, Kayla, Haley

Rachel, Kayla, Haley

Rachel.  I love her smile!

Monday, October 21, 2013

All about Haley

Its time for an update on Haley!  Haley is doing well.  Back in September she went to her yearly visit at the NOVA clinic at the University of Houston eye institute.  At this clinic they test her functional vision and try as much as possible to determine how much she is seeing in her right eye.  The vision in her right eye (with glasses on) is 20/1400.  This looks really bad, but its much better than was expected when she had all those eye surgeries back in 2009.  Her vision has actually improved in just one year.  Last year at the NOVA clinic her vision in her right eye (no glasses on) was 20/2700.  Overall, her vision has improved with the glasses they had prescribed for her and she is also learning to use the limited vision she has.  We are so grateful that the glasses are helping her!  Haley also saw her retinal specialist earlier this month.  The doctor said her right eye is stable and the retina is settling down.  This is great news!  We are thankful that her right eye is doing good and grateful for the small amount of retina she does have that allows her to have some vision.

Haley is a trooper and has no fear.  She gets around fairly well in familiar surroundings.  She loves to climb on just about anything.  I'm amazed at how much she gets around and all the climbing she does.  Haley continues with therapy (occupational, speech and physical).  She is making progress, but she is still behind developmentally.  Haley progresses at her own pace.  She is not talking, but she does communicate with us.  She makes different sounds and sometimes it almost sounds like a word or two.  She wears her hearing aids fairly well and we can tell she is hearing.  She will stop and listen.  Haley is using a little bit of sign language.  She has learned how to sign "more" and sometimes she signs "stop".  She is getting there.  She has come a long way in just one year.  As I think about how things were just one year ago, I'm amazed at how far she has come.   

Haley is still small.  She weighs 27 pounds and wears 2T size clothing.  Its a struggle to get her to eat well.  She prefers junk foods like chips.  She loves the chips as well as cereal and graham crackers.  She is a very picky girl!  Its most likely due to her limited vision.  Kids who are blind tend to be afraid of foods since they can't see them.  Haley does smell her food and she determines if she wants to eat it based on how it smells.  She doesn't like the smell and texture of most foods.  

Haley is a sweet girl.  She loves to be held and will go up to just about anybody wanting to be held.  Haley also has a mind of her own and usually only wants to do what she wants to do.  She sometimes listens and obeys my requests.  Haley is a special little girl and we love her very much!

I did a little photo shoot of my sweet girl in our backyard...


Friday, October 11, 2013

Kayla is 22 months

Kayla is 22 months already!  Didn't I just do an update on her turning 21 months?!  Well here she is at 22 months.  I am so thankful for her and love her so very much.  She is the BEST little sister ever to her amazing BIG sisters.  I couldn't imagine life without her or her sisters.

On October 9, Kayla weighed 23 lbs, 3 oz.  She's now wearing 18 month size clothing.  She is petite, but makes up for that with her personality!  She is outgoing, loving, social, sweet and wild.  When she is 2, better watch out!!!  She already has the two year old personality going on.

Kayla continues to progress with talking.  Her vocabulary is expanding and she is really trying to repeat words she hears.  She is going to be a talker.  She is also putting two words together.  She likes to say "No momma".  "No" is one of her favorite words right now.

Some of Kayla's favorite things right now are music, being read to, her mommy and her "be be".  Her 'be be" are burp clothes that I used all the time when she was a baby since she would spit up so much.  She has grown an attachment to them and has to have one with her almost always.

Kayla loves oranges (clementines).  She can eat 3 small ones at one sitting.  Kayla continues to enjoy eating though she can be picky.  She prefers the not so healthy junk foods, of course.  She likes her fork and spoon, but I still find her using her fingers to pick up her food a lot.  It's quicker for her to use her fingers to get the food in her mouth.  Smart girl!

Kayla also loves to play.  She thinks its so funny when I chase after her after she has grabbed something she is not suppose to have.  She runs and laughs the whole time. She can run fast despite her short legs.

Kayla and I have started going to a playgroup from our church on Wednesday mornings.  She really enjoys the play time and being around the other kids.

Kayla loves to go "bye, bye".  She gets so excited and squeals in excitement when we go somewhere.  She also knows to get her shoes to go bye, bye.

Naptime and bedtime are a challenge.  Kayla just doesn't want to take naps, but once I put her down and she fusses some, she falls asleep and sleeps for 1 1/2 hours.  At bedtime I do the same routine with her every night - brush teeth, read books, say prayer and then into bed.  She knows when I tell her its time to brush her teeth that bedtime is near.  She fights me with teeth brushing, but then enjoys the books once I start reading to her.  Kayla sleeps well and will sleep for 11 hours at night.

Kayla is so loving!  She gives hugs and kisses freely (most of the time) and makes everyone smile.  She is a precious little girl that has blessed our lives so richly.  I thank Heavenly Father for her and her sisters every day.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Thomas and I both have birthdays in September.  His is on September 22 and mine is on September 29.  To celebrate we went out for dinner together by ourselves or with friends/family four times between our two birthdays.  It was nice having date nights to celebrate our birthdays.

On September 20, we went to a restaurant that we have not been to before - Papa Mio.   It's recommended here in Houston and it was good.  I would like to go back again soon.

After dinner we went for ice cream at Amy's ice cream.  I love their ice cream.  The mexican vanilla is the BEST!  So good!

Thomas enjoying some mexican vanilla ice cream
After the ice cream we went to the Downtown Aquarium to ride the rides and see the exhibits.  Unfortunately the rides were closed due to the stormy, rainy weather that evening.  We still enjoyed our time together and saw the really neat fish and exhibits.

September 21, we went out to dinner with some friends from Church.  We ate at Pappasito's.  Again had a great time with friends.

On Thomas's actual birthday (22nd), I made him dinner and dessert.  It was a low key day seeing that it was a Sunday.

For my birthday, we went out to dinner on September 27 with my parents at Longhorn steakhouse.  I also got my traditional birthday cookie cake.  I have been getting these cakes almost every year for years now.  I love them!

On September 29, Thomas made me dinner.  He can make some really good cheese enchiladas!  I have a wonderful husband who is willing to cook for me.  He did a great job!  Then the next day (30th) we went out again to a restaurant that was recommended by a friend - The White Flamingo.  Again we enjoyed the food and time out together.

Overall we had a blast getting to go out to dinner together so many times.  This hasn't happened in several years!!  We are so grateful to the babysitters who watched our girls while we got a nice break celebrating our birthdays.