Sunday, March 23, 2014

Visit to the Houston Rodeo

Sorry for the absence and lack of blog posts.  I didn't really have anything the past couple of weeks to blog about plus I have been busy with some photo shoots and lots of picture editing.  

The Houston Rodeo and carnival is a big thing here in Houston.  We finally made it this year (March 21) a couple of days before the end of it.  We enjoyed the food, sights and sounds!  The girls saw some of the animals (Kayla didn't like the animals) and watched the pig races.  At one of the pig races, Haley was chosen to be the team leader for our section of the bleachers.  We were the section cheering on the pig with the orange bandanna and the orange pig won!!!  Haley won a prize (plastic pig nose) for that race.  Fun times!

Rodeo grounds at Reliant Stadium
Rachel not wanting to look at the camera
Kayla and I (Kayla not happy about picture taking either)
Rachel checking out the animals
Kayla looking at the baby chicks
Kayla waiting for the pig races to start
Haley rooting for the orange team/pig
Haley with her piggy nose prize

Monday, March 3, 2014

Rachel's white dress

This past Sunday (March 2nd), we attended Thomas's brother's baby blessing at our church.  I happened to have my camera so I took Rachel out for a little walk and took some pictures of her in this beautiful white dress that I got for $13!  I just love when I find great deals like that!  I wish I would have been able to get this dress for all of my girls, but they only had Rachel's size.  Rachel is so beautiful and this dress just complements her beauty.