Monday, August 29, 2011

22 Week Update

How many weeks?  I am 22 weeks.

How am I feeling?  I'm feeling good.  I'm sleeping ok though the last couple of nights I have been waking up at 3:30am or 4am for no reason at all.  I love my sleep so it's annoying.  Thank goodness I am able to go back to sleep.  Maybe my body is getting me prepared to getting up with a newborn baby.

Weight gain?  I've gained 12-13 pounds total.

Doctors appointment?  I saw the high risk doctor today and all looked great with the baby and my cervix.  My cervix is nice and thick at 4.5 cm.  The doctor looked at the baby's anatomy and did measurements.  She is growing on target and all else looks great.  I will also see my regular OB later this week.  Below are the ultrasound pictures from my appointment with the high risk doctor.  Its kind of hard to tell, but these pictures are showing her face.  

22 weeks, 1 day
22 weeks, 1 day

Baby preparation?  We bought a crib this past weekend.  I found on a beautiful crib at a good price.  It would have been expensive if bought new so I was happy to have found it.  I love this crib.  I felt a little hesitant at getting a crib with me being only 22 weeks, but I couldn't pass up this crib.  I still worry as I am nearing the time when I had the sextuplets (at 22 weeks 6 days).  I know once I pass 22 weeks and 6 days I will feel better.

Name?  We have picked out a name for her.  It wasn't too hard as we both liked it.  Her name will be Kayla Amanda Stansel. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rachel & Haley

Its been a while since I've posted anything about the girls.  Rachel and Haley are doing well.  They definitely keep me busy.  They are active little girls, but they bring such joy to Thomas and I.  I love seeing their little personalities.  They make me smile and laugh.  They are such precious little girls to Thomas and I.  Here are some new pictures of the girls over the past 3 weeks. 

Haley & Rachel after church

Rachel & Haley wearing cute matching outfits from their Aunt
The girls with Grandpa Stansel
Daddy playing with his girls
Haley & Rachel after waking up one morning
Haley & her cute smile

Rachel & her cute smile

Sunday, August 21, 2011

21 Week Update

How many weeks?  I'm 21 weeks.  Lately I've been feeling the baby kick more and more.  It's such an amazing feeling.  I really didn't get to experience feeling the kicks so much with the sextuplets because they were so tightly packed in my uterus.  I would feel some movements, but not like the kicks I'm feeling now.  I have been waiting for so long to feel this.  Its so exciting!  

How am I feeling?  Feeling good overall.  I'm definitely hungry a lot!  I'm trying not to eat too much.  I'm trying to keep my weight gain in the target of 25-30 pounds by the end.  I've had to remember that I'm not carrying multiples this time and can't just eat all I want or the highest calorie foods.  Sleeping is still going well for me.  I just don't get enough of it.  

Weight gain?  I've gained 12-13 pounds so far.

Doctors appointment?  None this week.  I saw my regular OB last week and all looked good (see ultrasound picture below).  I was suppose to see the high risk doctor for a high level ultrasound, but had to reschedule my appointment since the doctor was not able to make it into the office due to a delivery.   

20 weeks, 4 days

Sunday, August 14, 2011

20 Week Update

How many weeks?  I'm 20 weeks!  I'm halfway there!  I have to admit that I am getting more nervous as I get further along.  I want so badly to make it to full term and so far I'm doing great, but as I get further along who knows if a problem will arise that will land me on bed rest or in the hospital.  I will just keep praying that all will continue to go well.   I have been feeling more and more of her tiny little kicks.  It's so exciting!  According to babycenter she weighs approximately 10 1/2 ounces.

How am I feeling?  I have been feeling well and have not been feeling nauseous anymore.  Yea!!!  I'm still sleeping well.  I hope that continues.  I do have an appetite and am hungry most of the time. 

Weight gain?  I have gained 11 pounds so far. 

Doctors appointment?  Yes I have 2 this week.  I see my regular OB and the high risk doctor.  I will be getting another high level ultrasound with the high risk doctor as well as a regular ultrasound with my OB.  I look forward to seeing our little girl!

Cravings?  Not really.  I haven't experienced any strange cravings.  I do tend to want fast food which of course is not the healthiest.  I just try to keep it to a moderation.  I'm a dietitian so I shouldn't eat too terribly.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

19 Week Update / It's a Girl!

Yep we are having another girl!!!  Rachel and Haley are going to have a little sister.  How exciting to have 3 girls.  They will have fun growing up together.  We were hoping for a boy, but really I'm happy.  The baby is healthy and growing well so that is what's most important.  I'm excited to get to use some of the cute girly clothes again that Rachel and Haley have outgrown.  I'm glad I've keep the clothes they have outgrown.  To say the least we are prepared. 

How many weeks?  I'm 19 weeks.

How am I feeling?  I'm feeling good most days.  I'm finding that I'm hungry a lot!  When I get really hungry and my blood sugar gets low then I will feel nauseous.  I think I'm probably going to have to get used to having nausea here and there through out this pregnancy.  I'm still sleeping well, though I still get tired earlier than before I got pregnant.

Weight gain?  11 pounds total.

Doctor's appointment?  No not this week.  At my appointment last week my doctor said my cervix is still looking good and the baby is looking good on the ultrasound.  She is growing.  My doctor also said that I needed to be drinking more water.  I have never been a good water drinker so I'm really trying to get more water down.  Any tips? 

Baby preparation?  We are working at getting the room ready.  The room she will be in was our office so we have moved out the desk and bookcase to our dinning room.  I don't have a dinning room table so the dinning room is perfect for our office.  That is about all we have done to get ready for her.  We still have to get a crib and dresser.    

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rachel and Haley's 2nd Birthday Party

We had family over to our house today for the girls 2nd birthday party.  It was nice to have family together and enjoy some birthday cake.  The girls had a good time and got some great gifts.  They also enjoyed spending some time with their cousins. 

Here are some pictures from the party:
Their birthday cake

Ready to blow out the candle

Haley and Rachel

Rachel and Haley admiring some of their gifts
Ready to open gifts
Haley and Rachel trying to open a gift
Haley and Rachel playing with their cousins

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Rachel and Haley!!!

Rachel and Haley
The girls turned 2 today!  I can't believe my baby girls are 2!  Happy Birthday!  They are growing up so fast and making good progress in their development.  They have come a long way the past year.  They still have a lot of catching up to do, but lately we have seen some good progress.   They are approximately a year behind in their development.  Here is an update on each girl.

Rachel:  Rachel is getting closer to walking, but not sure when she will do it by herself.  She's a little apprehensive.  She is pulling up using anything she can and is cruising along the furniture.  She is also walking holding on to a push toy.  She is getting around well even though she is not fully walking yet.  Rachel is also making some progress in her fine motor skills.  She is inquisitive and studies things well.  She loves exploring new things around her.  She is not saying any words yet.  We have speech therapy, but Rachel is behind in language skills due to her hearing loss.  We have been working on getting her to wear her hearing aids more often.  It has been a challenge getting her to wear them as well as her glasses.  As for Rachel's eating, we are still working on that with the OT.  The progress has been slow, but Rachel does like to put Cheetos Puffs and beef jerky in her mouth.  She will spit some of it out, but does swallow some.  Rachel is still getting fed through her g-button.  Rachel weighs 24 pounds.

Haley:  Haley is walking.  Haley has also been trying to climb on things.  She has good coordination.  Despite her low vision she is able to get around well.  As for her vision, we don't know exactly what or how much she sees, but she does see something.  We present objects and toys in front of her and she will reach for them.  She will walk towards me when I'm near.  She loves looking at lights and the light coming in the windows.  Haley loves lots of attention and loves to be held.  Haley is also behind in her speech and not saying any words.  She is making some new sounds as well.  Haley is drinking from a sippy cup well, but we are still working on getting her to eat more table foods with texture.  She prefers soft baby food.  Haley still has not made it to 19 pounds yet.  She weighs 18 pounds 14 oz.        

The girls had a good birthday today.  They got some gifts and balloons.  We are having a family party this Saturday with cake and ice cream.  

On this day we also remember our angels - Braden, Dallin, Ashlyn and Kaitlyn.  We love and miss you very much. 

Birthday pictures from today:

Rachel and Haley
Rachel and Haley

Rachel and Haley
Haley and Rachel

Haley and Rachel
Rachel playing with the balloons

Rachel and Haley opening a gift

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sisters playing together

Rachel and Haley are interacting with each other better and playing together more and more.  They are so cute when they do interact with each other.  Rachel still likes to take toys away from Haley.  Haley doesn't seem to mind, but she is getting smart and learning to take the toy back from Rachel.  I caught a cute moment on video of the girls playing with an empty water bottle.  It makes me laugh every time I watch it.  Its moments like this that are priceless.  I know the girls will be good friends as they grow up.  I'm so glad they have each other.  They are so precious and share a special bond.

Here is the video of the girls playing with the water bottle:

Below are pictures of the girls playing together: 

Haley and Rachel playing together
Haley and Rachel

Rachel tickling Haley.  Haley was giggling.

Haley and Rachel playing in the tunnel
Rachel and Haley