Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I was able to hold Haley skin to skin (Kangaroo) for the first time. It's so special to be able to have their little bodies against mine. I can't explain the emotions and the feelings that I get from holding my precious daughters skin to skin.

Mommy holding Haley skin to skin

The girls have had a great weekend. Both girls have been able to be weaned down on the cpap pressures from six to five and both have tolerated it well. Both Rachel and Haley have also been able to come down a little bit on their O2 requirements. Rachel got her immunizations today. Haley will get hers when her infection has cleared. Haley will have to be on Amphotericin for a full 28 days. She has already had it for 7 days now. Haley did have to be changed over to continuous feeds as she is now having too much poo coming out of her ostomy. She continues to get breast milk, but if her output doesn't decrease she will be switched to a special formula. I hope the output will decrease and she will still be able to get my breast milk. We continue to thank an all knowing and all loving Heavenly Father, it is only through him that our little girls and Thomas and I have been able to get through this experience in life.

Rachel Just Being Herself


  1. While God does have a lot to do with Haley and Rachel improving, please pay tribute to the doctors and nurses in the NICU. They are working so hard to help your children heal, develop and prosper.

  2. Sounds like all the prayers for poo worked a little too well! :) I love that yall get to do kangaroo holds with the girls. It's such a special bonding moment that you guys get to share with them. And what a long road it took to get there!!! You're family is so amazing! Everything you have overcome to get to this point is a great testament to the power of the Lord in our lives! I hope Haley is able to stay on the breastmilk and that the continuous feeds help with her problems. And way to go with the O2 and CPAP being lowered!!! Such strong girls!!!!!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  3. May God continue to bless your family! I am very pleased to follow the girls' development. You and Thomas are doing a great job and the girls are very close to going home. I continue to pray for all of you. Love, Claudia

  4. hunterofserenity, Amanda and Thomas have expressed gratitude many, many times for the teams who take care of and work with their girls. They haven't forgotten the NICU staff, and I'm sure they share their appreciation for the staff with them every time they're in there.

  5. such good news! a little concern for immunizations at such a young age and small size, but i'm sure the Dr. knows what he is doing.
    Snuggle those babes every chance you get!!
    love and hugs,
    Erma Carlisle, Midvale, Utah

  6. Sweet little girls. My baby has that same pacifier and loves it! Before you know it, they will fill up your whole lap, they already have grown so fast, they look great!!
    Michelle Egl. Mt.

  7. Isn't it so fun to get to dress your sweet ones in clothes? If you would like I have many preemie clothes sitting in a box looking for a home. Some of them we were even able to use with the ostomy bag. If you would like them, you can email me at

  8. no news is good news? i know, you are just loving holding the babies! good for you - and them!
    love, Erma

  9. I hope all is well, I've been checking all day for an update...I know u all are busy, but just a bit concerned here. :)


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