Friday, November 13, 2009

The Girls

Today was a pretty uneventful day for Rachel. Her cpap settings are slowly being weaned even more in preparation for the transition to nasal cannula. The doctor is going to try her on nasal cannula sometime next week. We are so excited for it! Haley has had an ok day. The doctor put her back on TPN since he decreased her feeding rate in half due to her having too much output (poo) from her ostomy. Haley is also still on the ventilator. She hopefully will be able to go back on her cpap tomorrow depending on her blood gases in the morning. The doctor watching over Haley this evening is Dr. Jen Arnold from TLC's the Little Couple. We were able to meet her and ask her questions. She is very nice. I use to watch her show when I was in the hospital on bed rest so it was neat to see her and meet her in person.


  1. You know, from the day you were admitted to Texas Women's I wondered if you would eventually end up at Texas Chidren's and meet Dr. Arnold. I've been thinking about that for almost 4 months now!

    I am glad she was taking care of your babies. I think she is a wonderful person and I totally trust the babies in her care. She worked really hard to even get into medical school because she was discriminated against, and I think she deserves a huge commendation for her dedication.

    Awesome news for the babies. They are just going to keep heading up and up unti they are right up in your arms, at home, in their nursery. :)

  2. I'm with Emily - I was wondering the same thing about Dr. Arnold! That's so neat that you got to meet her and have her take care of little Haley. She seems like a very caring and sweet Dr. I really hope the girls are able to be put on the cannulas soon because I know that will be a big step toward coming home. You're family will be home together soon!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  3. i too was wondering if Jen Arnold would be one of your Drs. I loved that show over the summer and sometimes would just feel such love from her that I would be teary. In some strange way, I was HOPING you would be with her and look at that... She is helping Haley. How awesome.

    I hope she is doing better and back on the CPAP in the next couple days!

  4. I'm so glad Rachel is having such a good week! I hope little Haley is able to get rid of that vent soon and be back on CPAP and full feeds before too long. And I hope the girls get to be back in the same place soon--I'm sure that just adds to the stress for you guys to be split for now. But, the setbacks are worth it for the chance to save Haley's sight I guess. Hope today is great!

  5. Great news! Have a wonderful day! hugs to the babies.
    Love, Erma

  6. I'm very happy to know that Rachel and Haley continue to make progress. Each one has her own pace; however, both are going in the right direction. They came a long way. Congratulations Thomas and Amanda for enduring so much and standing strong. You will be blessed for your strength and faith. Your behavior is inspiring and you are an amazing couple. All my love, Claudia

  7. I was wondering if your girls would meet Jen. That is so neat! Best wishes to the family. Everyone is being amazingly strong.

  8. I was also wondering if Jen was taking care of Hailey! How awesome! She is an amazing person and the Lord has blessed you by giving you such amazing doctors.


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