Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Kayla turned 6 years old!

Kayla turned 6 years old on December 9th 2017.  It was a Saturday so we had a small party for her with some of her good friends.  We had pizza and cupcakes at our house then we took the girls to the movies by our house and they saw the movie "The Star".  She had a great birthday!  I can't believe she is 6 years old already.  Why do kids have to grow up so fast!!?? 

At 6 years old she liked:
- My little pony
- Monster High dolls
- Barbie
- Watching movies
- Playing with friends.  She loved going to play dates
- Ballet
- Painting her fingernails
- Spending time with her cousins that live 10 minutes away

Pictures from her party:

Kayla's 6 year old photos:


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