Sunday, July 31, 2011

18 Week Update

How many weeks?  I've made it to 18 weeks!  Being 18 weeks brings back many memories for me.  I was 18 weeks when I lost our precious twins (Brian and Brendan) back on September 24, 2008 due to an incompetent cervix.  I was at 18 weeks with the sextuplets when I was admitted to the hospital in July 2009.  With this pregnancy, I'm so happy to be at home with my family and doing normal everyday stuff.

How am I feeling?  I caught a mild cold from the girls so I'm getting through some congestion and sneezing.  Other than that, I'm feeling good.  I do still have a touch of nausea here and there, but it has definitely decreased this past week.

Weight gain?  I have gained a total of 10 pounds.

Doctors appointment?  Yes I see my doctor this week.  I look forward to another ultrasound.  I'm happy to report that the last time I saw my doctor, I had blood work done to screen for genetic disorders.  All the tests came back normal.  I'm so happy about the normal results!  It puts some ease to my mind.

Maternity clothes?  I have finally started wearing maternity tops with maternity bottoms.  My belly is just getting too big for most of my non maternity tops.      

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haley is WALKING!!!

Haley is walking!!!  Haley actually started walking a couple of weeks ago.  I'm a little late on announcing it, but I wanted to get some video of her walking for you all to see.  She is so cute when she walks.  She's still wobbly and falls down on her rear end, but she is getting better at it each day.  She's so little, but her strength is great!  Haley amazes me.  I think back to the day she and her siblings were born (almost two years ago now).  She was so little and to see her now after all she has endured, its just amazing!  We were not sure if Haley would be able to walk since she did have a grade 4 brain bleed at birth, but she has beat the odds and is doing so well.  We are so proud of her!  Way to go Haley! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

17 Week Update

How many weeks?  I'm 17 weeks.  I can't believe I'm this far along already!  The weeks seem to go by fast!  This pregnancy has definitely been different this time around.  I'm not as stressed or as worried.  I'm definitely still worried some because of my history, but I do have the cerclage in and so far everything has been going so well with this pregnancy.  I'm always going to worry because I want to go full term and want to have a healthy baby.  So far so good!  I think I have felt the baby move.  I sometimes feel light flutters.  Its very light and quick though.  I'm sure it is the baby moving.  Its so exciting to start feeling the baby!

How am I feeling?  Feeling better everyday.  I don't have the nausea as much anymore.  It mostly hits me when I haven't eaten something in a while or my blood sugar gets low.  I have type 1 diabetes so I've been monitoring my blood sugars very closely.  I've been able to keep my blood sugars under good control with this pregnancy and I'm so thankful for that.

Weight gain?  I've gained 8-9 pounds total.

Doctors appointment?  Not this week.  My doctor did say last week that all was well and that he couldn't find anything wrong.  That's good news!!

Maternity Clothes?  I'm wearing maternity bottoms.  I haven't needed to wear maternity tops just yet.  They are still a little big.  The picture of me above is my first maternity dress.  I love it!  It's lightweight and so comfortable.  I did go shopping this past weekend with my mom while she was visiting and I got some cute new maternity clothes. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Catching up on the latest

 I have not been very good at updating our blog on the latest with the girls.  So I'm catching up on the latest happenings at the Stansel home.

This past week has gone by fast!  Thomas was on a business trip in San Francisco all week.  My mom came to stay with me to help out while Thomas was away.  We had a great time together and she enjoyed spending time with the girls.  Today she flew back home.  We will miss her, but she will be back again soon for the girls upcoming birthday.  Thomas also arrived home.  The girls were happy to see their daddy.

Grandma with Rachel and Haley
Daddy loving his girls after being away for a week

Also this past week, Rachel had a small minor day surgery to fix an area around her g-button.  A very small part of her stomach lining was protruding out around her g-button site so it was removed.  She got through the surgery well and is doing well.

Rachel has also graduated out of the rear facing car seat to a forward facing car seat.  She met the requirements for weight and length to switch over.  She met the requirements a while ago, but we had to get her out of the rear facing car seat because she is just to big for it.  She was scared at first in the forward facing car seat, but now likes it and enjoys looking out the windows.

Rachel in her forward facing car seat

Haley is still in the rear facing car seat since she has not met the weight and length requirements.  Haley is still so small.  She is almost to 19 pounds now.  Her appetite seems to have picked up and is eating more.

Haley so cute in her car seat

Sunday, July 17, 2011

16 Week Update

How many weeks?  I'm 16 weeks.  I've read that starting at 16 weeks I may be able to feel the baby move.  So far I don't think I can feel any movements yet.  The baby is approximately the size of an avocado.

How am I feeling?  The nausea is starting to decrease.  It comes and goes instead of being constantly there.  Other than that I'm feeling OK.  I'm definitely feeling bigger.

Weight gain?  I have gained approximately 7-8 pounds total.

Doctors appointment?  Yes I'm seeing my OB this week.  I look forward to seeing the baby on ultrasound.  Maybe we will be able to find out the gender???

Maternity Clothes?  I've definitely been wearing maternity bottoms, but have not gotten the maternity tops out yet.  I have some non-maternity tops that are roomy and are working just fine.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

15 Week Update

How many weeks?  I am 15 weeks.  The baby weighs approximately 4oz and is the size of an apple.  From the ultrasound I had this past week the baby is growing well and everything looks good.  We still don't know 100% what the gender is yet. 

How am I feeling?  Still with some nausea, but I'm making it.  Hoping the nausea will start to decrease now that I'm 15 weeks.  I'm still tired, but I'm busy most days with the girls.  The tiredness is partly due to the pregnancy.

Doctors appointment?  No not this week.  I went to 2 appointments last week (my OB and a perinatologist for a higher level ultrasound).  See the ultrasound pictures below.

Weight gain?  Yes I have gained approximately 6 pounds.

Cravings?  Not really.  I usually eat what I'm in the mood for.   

Ultrasound pictures:
I had 2 ultrasounds this past week.  My OB does an ultrasound every time I see him.  I love seeing our baby move.  We were able to see the baby sucking its thumb and moving/waving its hand.  It was so wonderful to see our little miracle on ultrasound.

Waving hand

Sucking thumb
Full body profile

Close up

Monday, July 4, 2011

23 Months old and Happy Fourth of July!

Haley and Rachel

Rachel and Haley are 23 months old!  Only one more month and they will be 2!  I can't believe my little girls are growing up.  They have come a long way...

Rachel:  Rachel is getting stronger and we are seeing less low muscle tone.  She is standing up using the furniture and is cruising along the sofa and other furniture.  Rachel is also crawling well (up on her hands and knees).  Progress with overcoming her oral aversion has been slow.  We have an OT come everyday to work on getting her to eat, but Rachel is just scared or just doesn't know how to swallow.  She continues to be fed thru her g-tube.  Rachel is a smart girl.  She is very determined and when she wants something, she won't give up until she gets it.  Rachel loves to explore and get into everything.  Rachel also likes to "meet" and be around people.  She isn't scared of strangers.  Rachel currently weighs 23 1/2 pounds.

Video of Rachel:

Haley:  Haley is getting closer to walking on her own.  She is taking a couple of steps on her own.  She is still a bit unsteady and falls on her bottom.  She doesn't give up and continues to get back up and try again.  Haley is doing well with eating.  She is eating baby foods (stage 3) and is drinking her Pediasure with a sippy cup.  Haley is a fun loving little girl and loves to be cuddled and held.  She is very ticklish and she has the cutest laugh when she is tickled.  Haley has a lot of energy and still loves to be bounced.  Despite her low vision, she is able to get around and find things to get into in the house.  Haley also loves to be near people.  She is friendly.  Haley currently weighs 18 1/2 pounds.

Video of Haley:

For the fourth of July we spent time with family and enjoyed good food.  Happy 4th of July to you all!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

14 Week Update

 How many weeks?  I'm 14 weeks.  I'm officially in the second trimester!  The baby is approximately the size of a lemon.  Looking back 2 years ago, I was pregnant with the sextuplets and July 3, 2009 is when I was admitted to the hospital for hospital bed rest.  That was a scary time for me not knowing what was going to happen.  I was only 18 weeks at that point.  I'm somewhat more calm with this pregnancy since I'm only carrying one baby and I've had the cerclage done so my cervix is closed tight.  I'm still trying to take things easy and not exert myself too much. 

How am I feeling?  I'm still feeling some nausea, but I have been able to eat well since the beginning.  I feel more nauseous if I go many hours without eating.  I'm lucky and have not had any vomiting.  I'm still having headaches and feeling tired though.  I'm so looking forward to getting that burst of energy the second trimester brings.  Also can't wait to not feel queasy anymore. 

Doctors appointment?  Yes this Thursday.  I am so happy with the doctor (Dr. Pinell) that I have for this pregnancy.  He is not the same one I had with the sextuplets, but he was there for me in the delivery room helping.  He was actually holding my hand during the delivery.  This doctor is the most caring, compassionate, friendly doctor I know.  You don't find that with most doctors.

Weight gain?  I have gained 4 pounds so far.

Maternity clothes?  I am wearing maternity bottoms because they are just so much more comfortable.  I have been wearing some of my non pregnancy bottoms, but I can't button them anymore.  I have not started wearing maternity tops yet.  I'm glad I kept my maternity clothes from my previous pregnancies.  I look forward to wearing these maternity clothes since I didn't get to wear most of them that much when I was pregnant with the sextuplets.

Baby preparation?  No not yet since we don't know if its a boy or a girl.  Plus I'm just now getting into the 2nd trimester so I want to get further along before making any plans.