Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Brandon is 6 months old

Brandon turned 6 months old on the 14th.  He had his 6 month check up the same day.  Here are his stats:

Wt: 16 lbs, 5 oz (25th %ile)
Length: 25.75 inches (10-25th %ile)
Wt/Lt: 50%ile
Head circumference: 44.5 cm (75-90th %ile)

He is growing well.  His head circumference is coming down on the growth chart.  It appears he will be on the shorter side for a boy.  Thomas is short so it appears Brandon got a lot of daddy's genetics.
Brandon sure has been working on getting his teeth in.  He got two teeth last month, but now he has has 6 more coming in!  He now has all 4 in on the bottom and all 4 are coming in on the top.  He doesn't seem to mind all those teeth coming in.  He's not fussy.  He has been chewing on anything he can a lot lately and that is why.

We started Brandon on baby foods on the 17th.  I started him on baby food squash first, but he didn't really seem to like it much.  I have tried carrots and rice cereal and he seems to like those better.

Brandon had a follow up bladder function test on June 6th.  At that appointment it was discovered that he had a bladder infection.  The test was not done due to the infection.  Brandon was put on an antibiotic and on June 9th the test was done.  Unfortunately the bladder function test did not show a good result.  It was found that Brandon was not emptying his bladder completely and that is what most likely caused his bladder infection.  We didn't get to talk to the doctor due to he was in surgery.  We were sent home having to cath him every 4 hours (4 times a day).  We were devastated with this news as we thought his bladder was working normally and that there would not be any issues with that later.  Well we were wrong.  Things changed and we are not sure why.  I was so upset and still am.  It breaks my heart that my son now has to go through cathing everyday.  I'm also upset that we didn't get to talk to the doctor.  I felt we were just thrown into cathing with no explanation.  We did as we were told and started cathing him 4 times a day, but due to the cathing,  Brandon ended up getting a second bladder infection two weeks later.  We are trying to determine if he can be cathed 3 times a day or if we have to continue with 4 times a day.  The least amount of cathing we can do the better since Brandon is prone to bladder infections.

Despite all he has been going through the past month, he is such a happy guy!  He is making progress, but he has yet to roll over.  He is getting physical therapy once a week and she is working on getting him to roll over.  He will roll over and he will continue to make progress, but it will be a bit slower and on his own time. We love our handsome little guy!  He is a special little boy!

June 14th happened to be flag day so that is why I took pictures of Brandon with the American flag.

These pictures are in honor of Father's day.

Looking up at daddy

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last Day of school and preschool pictures

Rachel and Haley's last day of 1st grade was on June 2.  They had a great school year in 1st grade!  Haley's teacher is leaving so Haley will have a new teacher for 2nd grade.  Rachel will have the same teacher.  Both Rachel and Haley will be going to Summer school this Summer to help them with continued progress in life skills.  They have grown since their first day of 1st grade!

Rachel's 1st and last day picture

Haley's 1st and last day picture

Kayla finished another year of preschool as well.  She has one more year of preschool since she doesn't turn 5 until December.  She is looking forward to going to Kindergarten, but she's going to have to wait one more year.  My baby girl sure has grown as well!

Kayla's 1st and last day picture