Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love that CPAP

This morning Rachel made another big step in her progression - she was moved into an open crib. She was moved to the crib since she was getting too hot in the isolette. She is so little in her new big crib. Rachel also decided to take a step back in her progression. She had to be put back on the CPAP. After we arrived and was about to hold her she dropped her oxygen saturations. She didn't come back up so the doctor ordered to put her back on the CPAP. Rachel won't stay on the CPAP for long she will go back on the nasal cannula, but like the doctor said she just needs to get a bit bigger and stronger. She tried and just like the couple of times she tried the CPAP at first, she finally got it.

Rachel in her big crib and before going back on CPAP

Rachel back on CPAP

Haley continues to plug along, she has been down to room air at times (21%) and seems to be doing great that way. She loves her pacifier. I think it is her security blanket so to speak. She goes to town on it when she is angry or bothered. She has gained a little weight, she is now up to 5lbs 6oz. We continue to pray that her up coming eye exam on friday goes well and that they will not have to put her under anesthesia again just to check how the surgery worked. We continue to pray that her eye is doing better and that no more surgeries are necessary.

Haley Doing Her Thing!!


  1. They look great! Sending love and prayers!

  2. Only a tiny step back for Rachel, but I'm sure she'll bouce back quick once she gets used to her open crib. I'm sure for them, even the smallest change seems HUGE and can disrupt everything. Haley sure is getting big!! I hope that she and Rachel will be able to be together again soon. As always, thank you for sharing your sweet family with us! I love the photos!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  3. Rachel will soon go back to the canula. She has been progressing so much; she looks great in that big crib! I'm confident Haley's eye will be just fine. I love her double chin and rolls! Well, the "big" day is getting closer and closer. I imagine how excited you are preparing your house for the arrival of the girls. They are lucky to have you as parens!
    Love, Claudia

  4. such excitement! i love to see how they are growing! i imagine it is hard to go home at night... soon - really soon now, you will all be together AT home!
    Erma Carlisle, Midvale, Utah

  5. It is so good and fun to see Rachel in her big girl bed! We are praying that Haley will be back with her sister very soon. This Thanksgiving we are grateful to have you and Thomas as examples for us to follow concerning trust and faith. Keep on being strong. Love from Salt Lake City.

  6. Rachel looks so cute in that big bed. Good luck to Haley on her eye test. Hoping the Dr can get a good view this time.

  7. I am so happy for you all - I do hope and pray that the girls both come home within the next month or two. Who knows, maybe you will have at least one of them home for Christmas?

    Good to see that Rachel is so big and healthy in her big girl crib. When do they expect Haley to make it to a crib?

    So Haley is 5 1/2 pounds? That seems really big! Is some of that water weight? Just wondering why she, too, hasn't made it to a crib. I know each baby progresses differently - just curious.

    Both girls are blessings, I am sure you realize. I will pray for their safety and health!

  8. I just wanted to say that i LOVE rachels little hat she has on in the picture. You guys are in our prayes, we love to see how they keep progressing!


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