Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy 1st Thanksgiving

The girls first Thanksgiving was good. It would have been nice for them to have been at home, but in time that will come and next year they will be home for Thanksgiving. Rachel unfortunately had to go back on the CPAP yesterday. She is just not strong enough to breath without the extra pressure the CPAP gives. She will have an ENT doctor come and check her out on Monday. Neonatologists are thinking maybe her airways are somewhat narrow that she isn't getting the air flow through when she is on just the nasal cannula. That is why they have called in an ear nose and throat doctor. In time we think as she grows, she will be able to go back on the nasal cannula. Rachel had some tests (Echo, EKG) done to check her heart and all the tests were good. She has gained weight and she is now 5 pounds 4 oz. Rachel is starting to catch up with Haley who is 5 pounds 7 oz. Haley didn't have her eye exam on Wednesday. The eye doctor said he will check her Sunday afternoon. Haley is doing well on the nasal cannula. So overall the girls are doing well. This Thanksgiving we are so very grateful for our precious daughters. They have been such a blessing in our life. We love and cherish our little Haley and Rachel. We give thanks to the Lord for these two beautiful little girls.

Rachel laying on daddy's belly

Rachel just chilling in her crib

Haley without the pacifier

Haley and that pacifier


  1. Amanda and Thomas, the girls are not at home yet, but I consider this to be a very special Thanksgiving. Rachel and Haley are miracle babies and they are here with us because of His love and blessings. How wonderful that is! They are looking so cute! I love the pictures and the videos. Now, we just have to wait until they are mature enough. They are getting there. Keeping all of you in my prayers and in my heart. Love, Claudia

  2. every time i read your post i think "those blessed, beautiful babies" i am so grateful to be allowed to follow their adventures --

    the yo-yo string isn't so long now and soon the girls will be on top! every little advancement is wonderful.. rocks in road turning into tiny pebbles then sand...

    Rachel will tough it out on cpap, even though she doesn't like it, she's got a lot of stickity tootity - (thats straight from the Undaunted) i think Haley will love her pacifier till she's 3 or so - then she'll give it to you! and you may need it!!! ;-)

    love to you all, Erma

  3. I do hope the girls are back together at the same hospital soon. My twin girls (26.1 weeks) were also separated for a while and I know how difficult it is to go between hospitals. Keep reminding and pushing the doctors to get them back together.

    I'm sorry the girls are having such a hard time still with their breathing. I know that is discouraging at 37ish weeks. I can imagine that it would feel like they will never get it enough to come home. But, remember, children can and do come home on oxygen, nasal canulas, and even trachs so try not to be too discouraged.

    I remember that I was very patient until the girls hit their due date and then I was ready for them to come home. It took a little longer, as I'm sure it will for Haley and Rachel. Hang in there. They will make it home as soon as they can.

    Bless you.

  4. Haley & Rachel are beautiful. i loved watching the videos of both of them. happy thanksgiving to all of you.

  5. Looks like Haley is up to the big girl paci! That's exciting! I can't wait for the 4 of you to be able to be all together again - even if it is at the hospital! My daughter went back and forth from cannula to vapotherm (similar to CPAP) a million times, or so it felt, and it can be discouraging...but it sounds like they are getting stronger and stronger every day!

  6. It brings tears to my eyes to see video of the girls. They look WONDERFUL. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. I love seeing pictures! I'm sad that Rachel is still having trouble. She's come this far, I'm sure this is another hurdle she'll make it over with time. Those binkies are so tiny and cute! It's funny how attatched to it Haley is! I hope the coming weeks bring many more steps forward for the girls!!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  8. I am sorry that at times it seems like "one step forward" and two steps back. The girls are just getting more and more beautiful everyday!! We pray that in the next couple of weeks many more steps are taken that will bring your precious little girls home to your arms all of the time!!

    With continued prayers!!!


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