Saturday, November 28, 2009


Rachel and Haley both have seemed to have had a great day today. Haley continues to plug away on her nasal cannula. She seems to tolerate the nasal cannula much better than the cpap. She seems more relaxed on the cannula. The MD's have mentioned moving Haley to level 2 NICU which brings music to our ears. Haley will have her eye exam tomorrow to see how her left eye is progressing. If it looks good hopefully they will let her return to woman's next week, if not they said they would move her to the level 2 NICU nursery. We are just waiting to see where she will go. We are so grateful for Haley's progress thus far, she is growing and now weighs 6 pounds 1 oz. She is such a beautiful little girl.

Rachel is still fighting the CPAP. She doesn't like it at all. I think Rachel would love to throw that cpap out the window, but we know it is what she needs right now until they figure out why she can't tolerate the nasal cannula. Rachel will be examined on Monday by an ENT doctor (Ear, Nose, and Throat MD)to see what is going on. They will do a bronchoscopy which is a technique of visualizing the inside of the airways. We hope and pray that it won't show an obstruction or show she is micro-aspirating due to her reflux. If there is an obstruction that means she would have to have a tracheotomy. If it shows that she is aspirating due to her acid reflux then they would probably have to do a G-Tube and Fundo. We will pray that all will go smooth with this procedure and she won't have any of these problems. We would invite all to pray on her behalf. We are so grateful for both of our little girls. Rachel and Haley seem to posses such a strong will to live. They continue to progress and develop and grow. Rachel seems to be a little behind on her growth than Haley but she will get there. Rachel weighs 5 pounds 5oz. We love and admire both our girls who continue to amaze us each day. They are our little miracles.


  1. Praying for both the sweeties. I am especially praying for no more procedures for miss Rachel. I am betting by New Year's one (or both!) of your babies will be celebrating AT HOME with you.

  2. Will be praying for good news for both girls. My little girl almost had a G-tube and a Fundo, but she worked things out just barely in time to avoid them...but now we might have to get a G-tube at 17 months old, so maybe it would have been better to have it to begin with! So confusing...but a problem I don't mind having in the end. Does Rachel's hospital use Vapotherm? It's like CPAP, but actually goes through a cannula. It might be worth asking about, since she hates the CPAP so much.

  3. Poor little Rachel! I hope that no more surgeries are necessary for her!! I saw 6lbs, 1 oz and I was thinking to myself that Haley was really getting big...then I realized that in a few more ounces, she'll weigh the same as my daughter did at birth...which is still so small!! But she has really come a long way and that's so great to see :) Both girls are such strong little fighters. I'm always in awe of them when I open your page to see how they are doing!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  4. Praying for both of your girls and giving thanks to all of the blessings they have recieved thus far.

  5. I am so sorry to here that Miss Rachel is still struggling. Our prayers will continue to be with her that her body will become stronger and her challenges fewer!!

    Yeah!! for Miss Haley moving doing to step 2 NICU. We will hope that it is back at the same hospital as Miss Rachel. She is getting so big!! These little girls are fighters and such a blessing to your family!!

  6. both your girls will be in my prayers even more than ever this week, especially little rachel.....
    lots of love all the way from ireland, shirley

  7. sweet babies! its wonderful that they are growing so well.. sad that Rachel has more stuff to go through. hope that Haley gets back with Rachel and keeps up good work.

    Rachel is expending energy fighting that cpap while Haley is using hers to grow.

    how i hope all is well with them both - i love the little girls as if i knew them personally.

    thank you for sharing them with all of us.

    love and prayers, Erma

  8. We will be praying for them, I love reading about all the progress they have made, they do seem so strong for such little people.

  9. Gorgeousness. I follow you almost every day. The girls really are lokoing good. I dearly hope that perhaps...perhaps they can be home by Christmas? Anyway thank you so much for sharing! XXX

  10. I hope Rachel doesn't need anything done. I pray that it is just a matter of growing and maturing a bit more. Rachel and Haley have been trough so much, I can't imagine anything else.

    I'm very happy to know that Haley is over 6 pounds! I hope she makes it to the level 2 NICU as soon as possible. I'm excited! Congratulations!

    I always pray for all of you but now I will pray even harder for Rachel. I keep all of you in my heart. Love, Claudia

  11. I am so glad to hear that both girls are thriving and fighting hard every day. I pray that both will be home soon!

    I was wondering - Haley is in Level 3 NICU at Texas Children's - is one of her doctors Dr. Jen Arnold from "The Little Couple" on TLC? I know that she works as a neonatologist in Level 3 - so was just curious!

    Sending all my prayers and best wishes.

  12. I'm happy to hear about the girls' progress. I hope that they're home soon.

  13. I would suggest doing some significant research on the fundo before proceeding - if it become necessary. I know a number of parents whose children have them and have problems with them. You can have a g-tube WITHOUT a fundo.

    I would recommend seeking a yahoo group on feeding or preemies and get some first hand info there. My understanding is that doctors kind of push the fundo with the g-tube, but it may not always be necessary.

    I certainly hope you can avoid the trach - and the g-tube. On the plus side, if Rachel gets the g-tube it will eliminate the need for her to need to learn to nipple, before she goes home ,which can add weeks, if not months to a NICU stay, and will be one less hurdle to homecoming.

    Oh - and moving down to level II - or up - as it really is, is a wonderful step. I called it the "Baby Garden" - for feeding and growing. I hope at least Haley is able to start nippling soon and get started on the road home.


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