Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beautiful Eyes

Today the girls had their follow up eye exam. They get their exams every Tuesday until the doctor is satisfied that they are in the clear. Rachel's eyes are doing good and are progressing as they should. Haley had her's checked by the eye surgeon who did surgery on her last week. He said her right eye is looking good, but he couldn't get a clear look at her left eye since Haley was very fussy and mad and wouldn't stay still. He is going to check her again on Friday. We hope and pray he will be able to get a good look at her left eye and she will be able to be transferred back to Woman's to be with Rachel. If he can't get a good look then Haley will have to be intubated and sedated again. Rachel is still doing well on the nasal cannula. She is growing as well. She is now 4 pounds 15 oz. We are so glad to finally see her gain some weight. As for Haley so far the blood cultures that were done yesterday have come back negative for an infection. We are happy about that. She did good on the cpap today without any apneas or bradycardia's. It seems she just needed to get used to the cpap again after being on the vent again. We are so eternally grateful for our two precious little daughters. They are so adorable and we can't help but to feel their special spirits. We continue to pray for their safety and health. I know I have felt the tender mercies of an all knowing and wise Heavenly Father through out this whole experience. While there have been difficult and often times I felt I could not bare any more, our Savior has been there to lift me up and push me forward. We love Rachel and Haley so very much, we feel blessed to be called their parents. Thanks be to God for such beautiful and precious children. We know that we will be accountable to Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ for our little girls. We have no greater desire than to raise our girls the way Heavenly Father would have us raise them. I know he will help us along the way because I know we will need all the help we can get.


  1. just checking in before bed and what great news!! Rachel is so close to the big 5 pounds!
    Happy Day! little Ashlyn will do better now - hope for good news Friday!
    you are so close to our Father in Heaven - how grateful we all are for his tender mercies!
    love to you all! Erma Carlisle, Midvale, Utah

  2. Soon you will be able to take your precious girls home, and they won't remember all of this "hospital stuff" they've been going through. That will be so awesome! Norma, W. Houston

  3. No infection! Great news! I'd so glad to hear that Rachel is finally gaining weight! She'll be 5 pounds in no time. I'm sure adjusting to yet another breathing device is hard, I'm glad she's handling it so well. Before too long, she won't need anything at all! What a wonderful day that will be! They are so close to being home with you guys. Such sweet little angles, I can't wait till your able to bring them into the loving home you have waiting for them.

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  4. I'm happy to know that Haley has no infection and her right eye is looking good. Soon, her left eye will be as good as the right one. I understand your concern about Rachel not gaining all the weight you would like her to. Don’t worry, Rachel will be 5 pounds in a few days; I think she is just lucky and will never have to worry about her weight. Good for her! Soon she will be at home with her loving parents.
    Love, Claudia

  5. sounds like a pretty good news day for the girls. Heres hoping he gets a great look at Haley's other eye on Friday. What a beautiful post thanks for sharing.


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