Sunday, August 15, 2010

Helmets, baby food and glasses

Rachel got her cranial shaping helmet (starband) a week and a half ago. She wears it 23 hours a day and is adjusting to it ok. Rachel will be wearing this helmet for about 4-5 months. As long as that is, I am focusing on the outcome - a round head. We decided to get Haley a cranial shaping helmet as well. We want her to have a round head as well so we decided this was the time to get it. If we didn't get it now, there was no turning back. Haley should get her helmet in a couple of weeks.

Of course we got Rachel a pink helmet

Getting the girls to eat more by mouth has been challenging. Rachel is very slowly accepting tastes of baby foods. We work with her everyday, but its going to take a lot of time and patience. She still requires the use of her g-tube to be fed. As for Haley, she is doing ok with the baby foods. She is still a little hesitant when we feed her, but she is catching on and getting better each day. She is still not consistent with her bottle, so we are still having to use the feeding tube off and on.
The girls sure do get messy with their baby food feedings. Gotta love sweet potatoes!

Another challenge we have is trying to keep Haley's glasses on her face! She likes to pull them down and put them in her mouth and chew on them. The frames on her glasses have little teeth marks where she chews. We know when she is quiet, she is chewing on her glasses. We just keep putting her glasses back on in hopes they will stay on longer than a couple of seconds.


  1. I can imagine keeping glasses on a baby is quite challenging! keep up the good work!

  2. Well glad that BOTH girls get a helmet. I know it must be a pain in the butt to have to keep a helmet on their heads, but it will be nice that they will have normal-shaped skulls. I am sure they will appreciate that one day.

  3. I love the pictures of Haley chewing on her glasses. I can't imagine trying to keep glasses on a baby!

    Once the girls both have their helmets, I think you should stage pictures of them playing football. :)

  4. Your girls are so precious!

    I recently asked a sister in my ward if she had trouble keeping her 19 month old's glasses on, she said "No because he would rather be able to see, though he does yank them off when he gets mad"! So hopefully soon, Haley will realize it is much better to keep her glasses on than chewing on them!

  5. The pictures are so cute (as usual)! I love to see them eating baby food. Soon they will adapt and like it. I'm glad Haley will have a helmet too. The girls are beautiful and precious no matter what, but I'm glad you are doing everything you can to help them. I belive Rachel and Haley were given to you because our Heavenly Father knows each one of us. He knows how capable you are to love, to reflect His goodness, and to share His wisdom. As long as you continue to reach for His help, He will continue to send the help you need. Rachel and Haley are blessed to have you as parents!

  6. My nephew was 8 weeks early. His head was misshapened by his NICU stay. After the helmet, his head is perfect. My sister said that if he had been a girl, there would have been a bow for every day of the week. The end result is worth it.

  7. I'm glad that you were able to get helmets for both girls. Now they'll have pretty heads to match their pretty faces.

  8. i second Claudia! our Heavenly Father did know where those little girls would be best loved and cared for in every way. they are lucky, and you are all blessed.

    i love the sweet potato face! adorable and i think Haley is chewing on the lens that she isn't using -- ;-) and pink helmet is so much fun, if you've get to do it, do it in matching PINK!! love it!


  9. I promise the 4-5 months in the helmet won't seem as long once it's behind you! Becca had 4 months in hers, and looking back now, 8 months later, it really seems like it was only a few weeks. Rachel looks so cute in hers!

  10. Miss Rachel with her helmet is so cute...even though I know it seems like forever that she will have the helmet it will pass quickly.

    Miss Haley and her glasses...huuummm what a silly girl. Obviously she is decideing for herself these days and has a strong opinion....

    Avery struggled with different types of food for a long time. But she finally reached a point where we tried everything and she found things she liked and would work for her. I am sure the girls will be the same over time!!!

    Once again you have beautiful children!!!

  11. Haley is a little monkey - eating her glasses. I wonder if they taste like pink cotton candy?! They both look so darling covered in sweet potatoes. It is fun to see their growth and progress. They are such precious little angels. Love from Susan in Salt Lake City

  12. My daughter did the same thing with her glasses. She completely scratched up the first set of lenses by chewing on them! Although it's hard to believe, she finally got to the point where she hardly ever touches them! We just kept putting them back on her, all the time!


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