Monday, November 2, 2009

Keeping Us On Our Toes!!

The girls are growing bigger by the day. Both girls seem to have had a pretty good day today. Rachel had a little episode as we were coming in to see her this evening. Her heart rate was high and she was upset. Come to find out she had a high temperature of 103.1. She was wearing warm fleece PJ's plus the isolette she is in is covered and it must have gotten too warm for her. She might be moved to an open crib very soon, if this continues. Rachel began to cool down once her clothes were removed and I held her. She eventually got back down to normal temp. She is doing good. Rachel is up to 4 lbs 13 oz and is 17 inches long. Haley had a pretty uneventful day which is a good thing. She seems to be ok since she has had the anti fungal medication. They took another culture today from her and so far it hasn't come back positive for yeast. We will continue to pray that the culture they did stays negative. Dr. Thompson did tell us last night that the cultures can stay positive for several days after the anti fungal med is given. We are praying that it doesn't come back positive because we don't want her to be on that anti-fungal medication (Amphotericin) for a long time as it can effect kidney function. We hope her kidneys do not get any more damaged with the use of this medication. Haley is weighing in at 5 lbs 4 oz. We didn't get her length this evening but we will tomorrow. So over all the girls had a pretty good day today. We continue to be amazed with their fighting spirits. They have a glow about them, that melts our hearts every time we are able to be with them. They are such beautiful little girls. Thomas and I feel the Spirit so strong when we are with them. They are so pure and innocent. I know that they have been sent to earth by a loving Heavenly Father to bless our lives. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for these two precious little girls. The impact they have already had on my life is describable. We feel like the luckiest parents in the world to be able to have and raise Rachel and Haley. We know because of the sacred covenants that Thomas and I have made in the Temple that they can be our daughters for eternity, if we live everyday worthy of those covenants. There is no greater knowledge to me than to know that because of Sacred Temple Covenants, and because of a Savior who gave his life for all, that we can be united as a family with all our precious sons and daughters in the world to come. Thomas and I have to now do our part to be worthy of such wonderful blessings. We love our little girls and are so so happy they are still with us here on earth.


  1. We thinking of your family and keep you in our prayers. you are such a example and inspiration to us. We cant wait for the day your lil girls go home. Love and hugs your way.

  2. Great news, great day! That little Rachel likes to make you crazy huh??!! Thank you for sharing your sweet testimony with us. You will be with all your children again one day; all of this will have been worth it for that great day! Your family is so wonderful, I continue to hope for all the best for you guys!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  3. Well of course Rachel was hot! Those fleece pjs are warm :). Cute girl. She is definitely getting big enough to be in an open crib.
    I'm glad Haley's doing well despite her recent infection. I hope they have a great day!

  4. its good to hear of their weight - at 17 inches, Rachel is almost a chunk! ;-). She does have her own way of letting you know what's up in her world...

    Keep going Haley! fight that bug with all you are worth!

    Thomas and Amanda, keep the faith!

    love to you all. Erma, Midvale, Utah

  5. They are so big! Wow! An open crib...that would be awesome. We'll keep praying for a negative culture!

  6. Amanda and Thomas, I am glad to know that Rachel may soon be in an open crib, and that Haley is doing fine with the medication. I'm so happy with their progress! Thank you for sharing the good news, and inspiring many with your faith. Love and prayers, Claudia

  7. Your faith and strength are amazing. WE continue to pray for your family and that the infections will just stay away!!!


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