Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our two little fighters

The girls both had a good day today. We are splitting our time at Texas Children's Hospital and Woman's Hospital of Texas. Haley continues to recover from her eye surgery yesterday. She was more awake and active today. She even opened her eyes for us. Her left eye that had surgery wasn't swollen today. It looked good. You couldn't even tell she had eye surgery a day ago. She was started back on feeds today. She is still intubated and on the vent, but the settings have been lowered. Her oxygen needs have been as low as 21% (room air) so she should be able to be extubated tomorrow (Friday). We look forward to her being back on cpap.

Little Rachel is just that, she is having a difficult time gaining weight. She can't get above the 4lbs 12oz. The MD'S are working on a solution for that. Thomas and I both were able to hold her tonight. She seems to be more of a mommas girl than a daddy's girl. Thomas held her for a brief time because she wouldn't settle down, but as soon as I got her she calmed down and did just fine. We also were able to give her a sponge bath this evening. Rachel is such a wiggle worm. She wouldn't stay still at all during her bath. It took Thomas and I both to get her bathed. The funny thing is while we were bathing her, she decided to go poo. She didn't have a diaper on at this point so it got every where. We had to get her cleaned up from that. It was quite funny! I have a feeling that won't be the last time that happens to us.

Haley at Texas Children's Hospital

Haley the sleeping beauty

Rachel sucking on her pacifier. She had a hold of my fingers. She has a strong grip.

Rachel settling down after her bath


  1. I love to see that first line, "the girls both had a good day today" I always have such a sigh of relief! Hopefully your girls will be back together soon, I'm sure it's hard to go back and forth between the two. Sounds like both your girls are working hard on coming home! Yall just need to give little Rachel some pie or maybe Bluebell, that will pack on those pounds!! :) Hope you and your girls have another great day today and that Haley is able to be extubated without a problem.
    (Just a side note, my 13 month old LOVES when there are pictures of the girls! She's sitting in my lap right now saying and signing "baby" over and over!!!)

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  2. Rachel & Haley, you are starting to get so big. It is so great of your Mommy and Daddy to journal for everyone your progress. It has been amazing to watch you grow. Keep the good days coming. God Bless you and your family. Sherri

  3. It won't be long momma, and they'll be home keepin you up all night. As far as Rachel's weight gain, can they add micro-lipids or MCT oil to her breastmilk. All those are is extra calories. My son(former 23 weeker) was on them for a while in and out of the hospital, and pediasure when he turned one. He's still little bitty (20 pounds at almost 2yrs), but that doesn't stop him from loving life. I hope and pray that your girls will continue to progress, they are doing so AWESOME!

  4. I imagine how hard it is to be divided between two hospitals. I hope Haley goes back to be with Rachel as soon as possible. The pictures and videos are so precious! Thanks for sharing. I am glad to know that Haley’s eye is doing better. She is looking so much like Thomas! Rachel is so cute; I think she will be just fine with her weight. I am confident that she will slowly gain some pounds. Warmest wishes for good health and healing! Love, Claudia

  5. Bless your hearts! i love the cute little double chins on Rachel. Haley is such a sweet sleeping beauty. be sure to tell Rachel when she is thinking of dieting - at age ??? - to cut it out! you worked hard getting those pounds. they are just fine, perfect in every way.
    thanks for sharing good news. love, Erma

  6. They are SO sweet and YEs those double chins are to die for! I loved seeing Rachel's little eyes peeking open. I am happy they both had a great day. They look beautiful!


    THe Halls (KW1)


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