Monday, November 16, 2009

Nasal Cannula!!

What a wonderful day! Rachel is officially off her cpap and on nasal cannula. We are so thrilled with the progress she has made the past few weeks. Thomas and I were both able to hold her this evening and feel of her absolute purity and her beautiful little spirit. She had her eyes open a lot more this evening than she has had. She just seemed more alert and more comfortable in general. She has done extremely well on her nasal cannula. In fact one of the nurses told us that she is doing much better on the nasal cannula than she did on the cpap. We are so excited about this huge step forward for Rachel.

How precious!!!

Rachel on her nasal cannula

Little Haley continues to plow forward as well. I was a little worried today about Haley because she has had a few more apneas than she has ever had. When she has these apneas her heart rate drops pretty low. I discussed with the neonatologist at Texas Children's this morning my concerns regarding this issue. My intuition says she has another infection. The Doctors decided to do some tests to rule things out. We should get some of the results in the morning. We hope and pray there isn't another infection going on.

Haley's cute bow

Haley with her pacifier

We are thankful to Rustic Falls out of Grantsville Utah for doing these beautiful custom engravings for our family. What generous and kind people to provide such beautiful work. Please except our sincere thanks for the time and energy put into these beautiful engravings. Here are pictures of what they sent to us.


  1. oh amanda and thomas !!! i am SO SO SO delighted that little rachel is on nasal cannula !! she has progressed so well !!!
    what a beautiful little girl she is !! its amazing to see her perfectly stunning little face!!! the hugest of congratulations !!
    the engravings are just so special and a wonderful gift !
    i shall be praying for little haley, that all goes well and she recovers fully from her surgery and that there is no infection brewing.
    kindest thoughts and once again congratulations baby rachel !!
    the williams-webster family

  2. Praise God! So glad to hear that Rachel is on the nasal cannula and handling it well. Praying that Haley does not have another infection and that she is well on her to a full recovery!

  3. Hooray for Rachel! What a big step! My babies also did better on the canula than on the CPAP - they were just so much more comfortable on it. I hope Haley perks back up and you have no infection to worry about. She's be chugging along as fast as her sister soon, I'm sure!

  4. How great! I was hoping to read good news about Rachel's switch over to the cannula today!! I'm sorry to hear that Haley is having problems, I hope that it turns out to be something minor, or nothing at all!!! Your girls are so beautiful! I love the engravings, those will be a beautiful addition to your home. I hope all goes well today with Haley's tests, I'll be thinking about you guys!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  5. YEAH RACHEL!! Look how adorable her cute little face is!! I can't tell if she looks like Mommy or Daddy? Isn't it so great to hold her without all those annoying c-pap tubes draping all over you? Sending you a big hug and many prayers that your girls continue to thrive!

  6. To all of you wonderful people I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and love you have shown to my dear children and grandchildren. How blessed we are to have such good friends who care.

  7. Oh such wonderful news on Rachel!!!!!
    Prayers for little Miss Haley that she doesnt have an infection .
    The engravings are beautiful . How thoughtful of them.
    As always you are all in my prayers

  8. Rachel looks so cute, I love that you can see her face better!! How wonderful!! I LOVE those engravings!! So precious!! The picture on the I am a child of God one is the same one we have on Conner's headstone. I love that picture and that song!! Could you possibly put me in contact with them? I would love to order one of those. My email is
    Michelle in Egl. Mt.

  9. I am very happy with the news. Rachel is definitely making amazing progress, and Haley will go right behind her. I love the pictures. Rachel looks great with her eyes open, and Haley’s bow is precious! I was not able to open the videos :-(
    The engravings are beautiful and very touching. I am sure they will look great in your house. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. what a beautiful post! Rachel is so perfect! so happy to be rid of cpap. cannula lots easier to deal with. maybe Haley just needs to be closer to sister.. i pray no infection and that her apnea will leave her alone!
    the engravings are so beautiful. what a kind and thoughtful thing for them to do -- you will probably never in this lifetime know how many people you and your family have touched.
    love from the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, Erma, Midvale, Utah

  11. what a wonderful post, thank you for sharing The girls are beautiful. Way to go Rachel. Haley keep up the good work you will be back with you sis in no time

  12. What a thrill to read all the good news and see the darling pictures. What special little girls you have. I agree with Gram - Haley needs to be back with her sister! We continue to pray for all of you and especially that Haley will sprint forward from here and catch up with Rachel. The engravings are amazing and such a gift of love. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Season. All our love from Salt Lake City.

  13. What a cute face Rachel has! I remember thinking that about my guy when he was finally on the nasal cannula. I am hoping Miss Haley gets all better soon. She is very strong and so are her parents.

  14. The pictures are great, the girls are getting so big! That's great news about Rachel, hopefully Haley doesn't have an infection and will be joining her sister on the cannula soon! And the engravings are just lovely, that was so incredibly generous and thoughtful of them. They are progressing so wonderfully, will be praying that they'll be able to come home before Christmas!


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