Thursday, November 9, 2017

Grandparents day lunch with Kayla

Kayla's school hosted a Grandparents day luncheon on September 22nd. This luncheon was suppose to have happened on September 8th, but due to school starting late on September 7th, the luncheon was held on September 22nd.   Kayla was so excited to have her Grandparents (my parents) there with her.  Her other grandparents couldn't come due to being out of town.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thomas' 40th Birthday

Thomas turned the BIG 40 on September 22nd.  Since this was a big milestone in his life, I set up some surprises for him.  I took him to ifly.  ifly is an indoor skydiving/wind tunnel place.  When I purchased this for him I had NO intentions of doing it with him, but Thomas convinced me to try it out as well.  I'm so glad I did!  It was fun!  Thomas soared into his forty's and he did it well!  Here are some pictures of our adventure together.

Camera phone pictures so not the best:

Thomas flying
Amanda flying
Certificate of completion

After the ifly adventure I surprised him with dinner at Pappasitos with some close friends.  Thomas had a great birthday turning 40!

Happy Birthday being sung to him

My birthday was a week later on September 29.  I turned 41.  My birthday was low key this year, but Thomas surprised me with a one hour massage at my home.  It was a relaxing one hour.  Loved every minute of it!