Friday, October 2, 2009

Hanging On...

The past two days have been extremely hectic with all that has been going on. Rachel is doing better than the other two girls. We are happy that she is pooping very well and that her bowels are working as they should. I got to change my first poopy diaper a couple of nights ago! I loved it! She did a good job making a dirty diaper for mommy. Rachel is consistently down on the oxygen and the nitric oxide has been discontinued. This means her lungs are doing well. We are hoping within the next few weeks she will be able to go onto the C-pap. It will be so nice to see her off the vent. Our constant worry and fear is that any of our girls will get an infection that will interfere with their progress. They have all had their fair share of infections and we just don't want to see any more of them. Haley is doing fairly well thus far despite some issues that are going on. Her central Line will have to come out because it's infected. We hope she will be able to get a new line in a few days. There needs to be 2 days in a row of no positive blood cultures before she can get a new line. She will also need surgery on her small bowl to fix the obstruction. They will hopefully take care of that within the next two weeks. They have to wait that long because they want her to get ten days of antibiotics to help fight any infections. A GI doctor from my work looked at her yesterday and he said she will be fine with the surgery. Little Ashlyn continues to fight on despite the fact she has been really beat down by this nasty yeast pneumonia she experienced almost a month ago. She seems to be having a difficult time fighting back completely from this illness. Only time will tell with her. We continue to rely on an all knowing and all loving Heavenly Father, who continues to bless us. We feel he has lifted us up when we have felt we can't go on. God does live and does love us. He will not allow my family to endure any more trials than is necessary for our growth and our learning. We will move forward and continue to do what is best for our precious little miracles.


  1. I continue to be amazed by your faith and maturity and also by the strength and pluck of your sweet little girls. Happy Birthday (late) Amanda. That is a great day - my granddaughter and your father-in-law's good friend from Michigan Avenue days daughter shares that day with you. Prayers continue for all of you. Keep being strong.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about more "downs" than "ups" with the girls :( Sounds like you need to have Miss Rachel tell her sisters to get with the program! Just hang in there and this too shall pass.

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  3. Please keep your head up and and keep the faith. Most of the stuff you are writing about happened to Tessa and she is 14 months old now and healthy as can be! Still sending prayers your way!

  4. You are right; our loving Heavenly Father will not allow anybody to endure more trials than is necessary for our growth and learning. I admire you a lot for your love, strength, and faith. I imagine you are being pushed to your limit; however, your attitude and testimony continue to be remarkable. Know that whatever the outcome is, you are doing your part beautifully and lots of blessings will come as a result of all this. Your family is in my heart and I continue to pray as hard as I can. Love, Claudia

  5. Phew. This does sound hectic, with the good and the not so good. Your girls are so strong! We will continue to pray for them - and for you!

  6. looks like your daughters are doing pretty good regarding other little ones born at the same n° of weeks!
    Yes even rather good!
    I come by and pray for your family every day.
    My triplets are going to be 24 years old and I am so thankfull to God for their lives!

  7. remember when you said Rachel was a little feisty? that is a good thing! Haley and Ashlyn will be coming right along. Our Heavenly Father is so aware of each of them and will bless each in her needs. i do love to read about the girls and hear of you faith and love. you are so very special in my life. i think that everyone i talk to i tell about the babies. i realized the other day as i was unwrapping a square of butter - 4 oz. that one of the babies was only three times that at birth. Wow.. Take Care, God bless, Love, Erma

  8. We've been away on holidays for a few days. After feeding the children and bringing in our bags, the first thing I did was check your website for an update on your Tremendous Trio. I'm so pleased they are continuing on Fight On and gain strength.

    Au Revoir from Australia!


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