Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our three beautiful girls

Well it looks like Haley is going to have the surgery to fix the obstruction in her bowels sooner than later. It's planned for Thursday. We are hopeful it will all go well. Haley is a strong one. I can tell this about her whenever I see her. She has a don't mess with me attitude. Rachel is still going strong. I got to hold her tonight. She just slept soundly in my arms. Rachel also is getting more breast milk. Her feeds were increased to 5 ml every hour. The breast milk she is getting is now being fortified with the human milk fortifier. Her TPN (IV nutrition) is being weaned. I'm so happy with her progress. She amazes me. She is such a miracle. Ashlyn is doing about the same. She is just not improving. Our heart breaks for her. We love her so very much and wish she could be doing as well as her sisters. We continue to hope for the very best for all our girls. The Lord has blessed our little family through all that has happened. Looking back we have been through a lot, but he has carried us when we felt we couldn't go on. He has been there for us at all times. We are grateful to Him for all that we have been blessed with. I know He is in control, He will only do what is best for our family.


  1. Great news for Haley and Rachel! These are some fiesty kids you're raising! Little Ashlyn will soon catch up. I think of yall often throughout my day and hope for the best for you and your little ones. I think you're doing everything you can for them right now, the rest is up to the will of the Lord. As always, thank you for taking the time to let us know how you're all doing!! (Tell those girls we demand nothing but GOOD news for your next post!)

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  2. Praying for your precious family.

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  4. I am happy to know about the progress of the girls. Haley will "take-off-and-go" after the surgery. She is so cute! Rachel is strong as can be and soon she will go home. Precious little Ashlyn is moving at her own pace, and I trust the Lord has a special plan for each one of them. Your family is in my prayers and I am here to help you. You can count on me.

    Love, Claudia

  5. interesting that these three little girls are already defining themselves as 'persons'. they grow at their own speed.
    wonderful to know Rachel and Haley are doing well. Ashlyn will be right along. Our Lord knows each of them by name and will provide what they need to do their work here on earth!
    Love to you all! Erma

  6. That is so sweet that the girls are already showing their different personalities!! We pray for your family nightly and look forward to hearing your posts and seeing the pictures of the beautiful girls. May the Lord continue to bless you.

  7. I hope the surgery goes well. Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers! Thanks for keeping us all updated :)

  8. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying that all goes well for Hayley.

    You are doing the best thing you can for little Ashlyn right now, putting it all in God's hands. We did the same with our kiddos and as hard as it still is to go thru it all, doing so provides a sense of peace that you can't explain. Only He knows what is best for her. My family will continue to pray for your girls everyday.

    Hugs for Ashlyn, Haley, and Rachel from Annabel, Madelyn, and Johnathan

  9. You are in our prayers!! We love you guys!!

  10. Thinking of you all today - broke my heart to hear the latest post about Ashlyn, praying for all your girls and your family. Hope surgery went ok today for Hayley.

    Michele Wallace


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