Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Home For The Girls

Today was move day for the girls. Since birth our babies were in a temporary location until the remodeling of the level 3 NICU was completed. Well is was finished and the girls were moved into it today. Haley and Rachel are finally right next to each other. Before, our babies were not all together. We are so happy to finally have them next to each other. This afternoon Rachel decided to pull her breathing tube out,so the doctor decided to try her on a C-Pap. That experience only lasted an hour or so, because it was a little too much for her. She had to be re-incubated, and she was fine after that. The TPN was discontinued today therefore Rachel is now getting full feeds. We are so happy about her progress with feeding. Haley continues to plug her way along the road to recovery from the surgery she endured five days ago. She has actually done very well with it, she has not had to have medications to support her blood pressure, or suppressors in any way because of the surgery. We are so happy Haley and Rachel are doing well. We continue to adore these two beautiful little girls. We truly love them both more than words can express. They have brought so much joy to Thomas and I. We feel not only blessed but privileged to have them as part of our family for eternity. We would and will do anything for our little Haley and Rachel. We are so grateful to Heavenly Father for allowing these precious daughters of His to come down to earth and to be with us. We know the road ahead is a long one, it will have bumps in the road I am sure, but we are ready and willing to take it head on. We want more than anything to bring both of our remaining children home. I know they will bless our home tremendously. They both have a unique and special spirit about them. We love and admire the strength they have, for they are special little girls to Thomas and I. Thomas and I continue to plow forward in faith, trusting in God. He has and always will bless us as we strive to do his will in all things. It has been extremely painful and heartbreaking to have lost our precious sons and daughters. Each one has brought heartache and sorrow. We find great comfort in the words of the greatest Prophet of this dispensation who once said "when the mother is deprived of the pleasure and joy of rearing her babe to manhood or to womanhood in this life, through the hand of death, that privilege will be renewed to her hereafter, and she will enjoy it to a fuller fruition than it would be possible for her to do here. When she does it there, it will be with the certain knowledge that the results will be without failure; whereas here, the results are unknown until after we have passed the test". We know this to be true, thank God for his matchless love, for it is through His Son Jesus Christ that any of this is possible.

Rachel with her pacifier

Haley with her pacifier

Sign made by someone at the NICU on Oct 12


  1. I am sure the girls are glad to be next to each other. thank you for keeping us updated. The girls are certainly looking like they are gaining weight. Your faith is an inspiration to me daily.
    I think Rachel is going to be your little spitfire Wait for those teenage years.

  2. The pictures are adorable!...If you're not already having this done, I would suggest that you start having the nurses make footprints and handprints for you every couple of weeks. Make sure to date it and write in how much they weigh and their length. We did this with our little 25 weeker and those are some of the most cherished things we have in our son's scrapbook. It's very neat to look at them and see the progression of how he grew from the time he was born, until the time he came home from the hospital.

    Continuing to pray for your family! You are such a wonderful example of strength and unwavering faith!

  3. I'm so happy with the news! The girls are little fighters. The pictures are awsome and they are looking so chubby! Congratulations Thomas and Amanda for your great job! MY thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Love, Claudia

  4. How cute! I love the tiny feet print! I agree, you should have them make you footprints often, those babies are going to be grown in a blink! The girls look great by the way, they're getting so big and strong!

    I love your quote from the prophet! I know this is a hard time, but it's so reasuring to have the gospel and know the full plan for life. Your faith is such an inspiration!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  5. I love the footprints, too! What a wonderful way to track their growth - I agree - keep on taking their footprints! I am amazed at how much weight they've gained. Is that typical for micropreemies to have gained that much weight in just two months? That is pretty impressive!

    Glad to hear the Women's Hospital renovations are coming to a close. I was there recently myself and was a bit annoyed at all that construction! LOL.

    I pray for you every day and know that the Lord is watching over you all. God bless!

  6. What Krissy said above is a great idea. Someone suggested that to us at the end of our NICU stay. I however; only have 1 set of footprints from 1 of our twins. We never did the 2nd set. But a tiny set and a going home set will make the cutest annoucement of their home-coming!!! You are both truely amazing people. I envy your faith and strengh through your journey. Keep your head up your girls are beautiful and will be home with you before you know it then the real challenge begins!! You are in a great place; God and Women's NICU created miracles for me - twin girls born at 26/0 now 15 months and doing GREAT. You are always in our prayers!!!

  7. To NationalStoic,
    Not opting for selective reduction has nothing to do with not wanting to go against nature--it's about not wanting to murder your own children. Plenty of multiple pregnancies go to term, just like a naturally conceived, "singleton" baby can be born premature and have to go on life support. What a jerk you are, and shame on you for posting these sort of comments to a family going through what they've been through.

  8. Its about LIFE! life is a series of great and small experiences. these little ones are having and giving a lot of experiences and i doubt anyone would change that! it would have been wonderful to have them go closer to term, they didn't. but they ARE here, they ARE loved and wanted and we are all grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who chose to send these six valient spirits into the tiny bodies prepared for them.

    i read somewhere that knowledge without wisdom isn't of much value. i agree. judging others without total insight of their minds and hearts, their beliefs and purposes shows neither wisdom or knowledge.

    Amanda, Thomas, what we do know is that you are prayerful, faithful and dedicated parents. You just keep up the good work, the naysayers will find some other 'project' to go on to. lets hope they show a little more sensitivity.

    That Rachel! she is going to keep you young! Haley will probably keep right up with her. it is so wonderful to see how they are growing.
    now that they are closer to one another they'll be happier. i just love it!!

    thanks again for letting us peek into your wonderful world and these treasured little girls...

    love from Erma

  9. let's keep our opinions to ourselves...if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.....

  10. Congrats on the new digs! I hope they are more comfortable for all of you. It was always a little traumatic for me when they moved my daughter - as I got accustomed to her "nursery," and then they uprooted her, but it usually ended up for the better. I'm so glad they girls are next to each other now - one less way for y'all to have to split your time - and your hearts! All the best!

  11. Dear Stansels,
    I am so glad to hear that the 2 girls are improving everyday. I am also sorry for the loss of your other 4 babies. You made the right choices and decisions in every aspect of this pregnancy. You both have such strong testmonies. It is good to know that even though that you will be with your other babies in the Eternities. Many prayers for you and your families.

  12. Heather- How can you say you are Mormon when Mormons are Christians and you are acting opposite to the way that Christ would? You being hateful, spiteful and judging where it is not your place to judge. Christ would not act that way.

  13. I cannot believe the hateful comments left on this blog. I cannot believe anyone feels so justified in saying such ugly things. I cannot stay silent because of how horrified I am that there are people out there who think its ok to leave such evil comments on this blog. Heavenly Father gave us science. Infertility is a trial given to some, not a predestined condition. If someone cannot have children, that is not automatically a "permanent condition." Heavenly Father made it possible for people to triumph over infertility by putting that science on the earth. I feel inspired by this blog,I pray for this family every day. I too believe in the doctrine that some spirits just needed bodies before going on to their eternal exaltation. Stansel Family, I will comment on all of your blogs that I am inspired by your faith as long as I can, but maybe you should turn off the comment feature. If numerous horrible horrible people cannot keep their ugly, evil thoughts confined to their dark minds and off your beautiful blog, you dont need that negativity. You just need all of our love and prayers and support for your celestial family.
    With tons of love and prayers,
    Melanie Segalla

  14. I am so sorry!! I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through having lost so many of your children. You truly are so strong. Heavenly Father chose you to be the parents to these perfect spirits. What a great honor!! I am so sorry for all of your losses. A friend of mine posted this on her blog after her daughter passed away. I thought you might like it.
    Lots of love and prayers,
    Michelle in Egl. Mt.

    The Brave Little Soul
    By: John Alessi

    Not too long ago in Heaven, there was a little soul who took wonder in observing the world. She especially enjoyed the love she saw there, and often expressed this joy with God. One day, however, the little soul was sad, for on this day she saw suffering in the world. She approached God and sadly asked, “Why do bad things happen; why is there suffering in the world?” God paused for a moment and replied, "Little soul, do not be sad, for the suffering you see unlocks the love in people’s hearts.” The little soul was confused. “What do you mean?” she asked. God replied, “Have you not noticed the goodness and love that is the offspring of that suffering? Look at how people come together, drop their differences and show their love and compassion for those who suffer. All their other motivations disappear and they become motivated by love alone.” The little soul began to understand and listened attentively as God continued, “The suffering soul unlocks the love in people’s hearts much like the sun and the rain unlock the flower within the seed. I created everyone with endless love in their heart, but unfortunately most people keep it locked up and hardly share it with anyone. They are afraid to let their love shine freely, because they are afraid of being hurt. But a suffering soul unlocks that love. I tell you this - it is the greatest miracle of all. Many souls have bravely chosen to go into the world and suffer - to unlock this love – to create this miracle - for the good of all humanity." Just then the little soul got a wonderful idea and could hardly contain herself. With her wings fluttering, bouncing up and down, the little soul excitedly replied, "I am brave; let me go! I would like to go into the world and suffer so that I can unlock the goodness and love in people’s hearts! I want to create that miracle!" God smiled and said, "You are a brave soul, I know, and thus I will grant your request. But even though you are very brave you will not be able to do this alone. I have known since the beginning of time that you would ask for this and so I have carefully selected many souls to care for you on your journey. Those souls will help you create your miracle; however they will also share in your suffering. Two of these souls are most special and will care for you, help you, and suffer along with you, far beyond the others. They have already chosen a name for you.” God and the brave little soul shared a smile, and then embraced. In parting, God said, “Do not forget little soul that I will be with you always. Although you have agreed to bear the pain, you will do so through my strength. And if the time should come when you feel that you have suffered enough, just say the word, think the thought, and you will be healed.” Thus, at that moment, the brave little soul was born into the world, and through her suffering and God’s strength, she unlocked the goodness and love in people’s hearts. For so many people dropped their differences and came together to show their love. Priorities became properly aligned. People gave from their hearts. Those that were always too busy found time. Many began new spiritual journeys – some regained lost faith – many came back to God. Parents hugged their children tighter. Friends and family grew closer. Old friends got together and new friendships were made. Distant family reunited, and every family spent more time together. Everyone prayed. Peace and love reigned. Lives changed forever. It was good. The world was a better place. The miracle had happened. God was pleased.

  15. sorry it's kind of all jumbled, It was separated into paragraphs when I copied it, but I guess they didn't stick...

  16. To Peppypen--I correct myself: I did not mean that plenty of multiple pregnancies go to "term" of 40 weeks. I meant that they can go far enough ahead for the babies to survive and do well. My sister's quadruplets are proof of this. Also, where do you know a place who does IVF for "a couple thousand?" As for IUI, when doctors do it, they do not plan on a conception of any more than one or two eggs. It can happen that more than those are fertilized; it's just not completely foreseeable. In vitro fertilization can also produce a high-order pregnancy--all it takes is for one or more embryos to split, even if you try to be conservative with the number that you have transferred at one time (as happened to me).
    To users of the terms "selective reduction," "termination" or whatever euphemism you use for murdering a child, there is nothing to say that doing so would have been less traumatic to these parents than losing the babies afterward.
    To Momma Bear, none of the reasons you listed mean that Amanda can't carry a baby to term.
    Now I will ask everyone, what is the point of these questions to these parents? Doesn't everyone live with the consequences of the decisions that they make?

  17. Cute pictures of the girls! They are beautiful. Thats a cute card with Rachel's handprints.

  18. Thomas and Amanda SHUT DOWN THIS BLOG!!! Lead your lives privately. Yes you opened up your lives to the public and now the public is speaking very negatively toward the both of you due to the decision you have made. It really is not anyone's business about the things that you do and decide for your babies. END THIS DEBACLE and live your lives with your two babies. Ending this blog would eliminate horrible posts and without them you maybe at peace.

  19. Yeah, because all if this is exactly what Thomas and Amanda need to read after spending all day in the NICU with their precious babies... I cannot believe some people. Seriously.
    Please don't shut down your blog. Your story is an inspiration. But please do delete all these negative and hurtful comments.

  20. I hope you don't shut down the blog because some of us love reading your updates and reading your testimony but maybe the comments need to be turned off for a little while at least.
    Amanda and Thomas you know we support you and we can continue to support you without writing a comment.

  21. Much love to you both. Your babies are precious and adorable and again, lucky to have you as parents. Keep strong in your faith as you have been. 3 lbs 7 oz is the smallest my little guy was so now you are in familiar territory. Those girls are strong and fighters!

  22. Yes, Amanda and Thomas have an inspirational story. The reason I am suggesting that they shut this blog is because I truly beleive that they need some sense of peace to focus on and not to constantly have so much negativity that this blog is creating. I agree with the poster who said that they should continue with the daily blogs but close the comment section for a while. JMO.

  23. I hope that Thomas and Amanda just ignore the negative comments. Honestly, if the trolls are ignored, they tend to go away. I know it's hard to not take things personally, but considering that people do not know you personally, well, it's obviously about their own agenda and has nothing to do with you. I'm thrilled to read that Haley and Rachel are doing so well. I hope that they come home soon. And, of course, I'm sad for the babies that are gone, but I do believe that they will see them in the next life.


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