Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Continued progress

We were able to hold little Rachel this evening before she went to bed for the night. This is always the highlight of our day. We have not been able to hold Haley just yet due to her surgery. We will be able to hold her very soon. Rachel and Haley seem to be adjusted to there new home away from home. Hopefully they will be here in their real home soon enough. It is so much nicer to have the girls across from each other, than going into different nurseries to visit. The girls continue to make progress. Rachel is IV free! Her PICC line was removed today since she is no longer getting the TPN. She is now getting all her nutrition from breast milk + human milk fortifier. Haley's ventilator settings have been weaned down more today. She is still not getting breast milk since her bowel surgery was not quite a week ago. She should be getting fed breast milk within the next couple of days. Haley and Rachel continue to grow, progress and amaze us everyday!


  1. No IV, how wonderful! Every little step they make is just one more closer to coming home with you! And snuggling babies is so great :)
    I hope Haley gets to start on breast milk soon, that stuff is magical! Thank you for sharing their progress each day!

    You are both truly an inspiration!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your story is an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work girls You will be home with Mommy and
    Daddy soon.

  3. So glad to hear the girls are doing so great - No more IV is such a huge step. Bet it makes you feel better and sleep better when you get to hold the girls! Thinking of your family often.

    Michele Wallace

  4. I'm SO glad to hear such a tremendously wonderful update! Big congrats on Rachel's being on full feeds! That's awesome! I hope Haley is healing up well enough to be with her on the full feeds soon! Props to you for providing them the best possible nutrition!

  5. What wonderful news. Enjoy reading your post daily. Prayers to your family from Kansas.

  6. I think things are going to move fast (in the positive) for your little family now. Before you know it, the sweet angel baby girls will be home in their new crib. I am so blessed to read this blog every time it is updated, you are a regal, noble, wonderful woman, Amanda.

    I am still saying prayers for you and your family.

  7. What a wonderful post to read before bed tonight! i can almost imagine how wonderful to hold little Rachel and to visit with Haley. i am so happy for them and you!
    Bless your hearts! you are so dear to all of us out her in computerland!
    Love and hugs to you both and the girls - i feel like you are mine!
    Erma, Midvale, Utah

  8. I hope you find the time to work on their nursery... No IV, what a huge step! Soon Haley will be there too. I am very happy with their progress and I look forward to their "home coming." Congratulations on their progress! Love, Claudia

  9. WOOHOO great progress!! Keep it up girls!!!

  10. That is the best news I have heard today! Keep it up sweet girls, we are all rooting for you!!!

  11. I am so happy for you and your little ones. Each tiny step is such a blessing. Soon they will be home in that beautiful crib. Keep hanging in there. All our love from Salt Lake.

  12. That is fantastic news!!! They will be home before you know it!! Congrats!


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