Monday, October 26, 2009


It's always the highlight of our day to go to the NICU and see our beautiful girls. They were looking so cute in their little outfits today. Unfortunately we were not able to take any pictures because we accidentally left the camera at home. The girls are doing well. Rachel's vent settings were decreased more today. She will be tried on the CPAP again later this week. We hope she will be able to do it this time. She really doesn't like the breathing tube anymore and its getting harder and harder to keep her from pulling at it. Haley is having her eye surgery tomorrow morning. I held Haley tonight. She just snoozed away in my arms. I love to just hold and gently rock my little girls. They are my everything. I am so grateful for them and am so blessed that we were chosen to be their parents. Our little girls are such miracles. I can say that I have witnessed miracles in my life - Haley, Rachel and our angels Dallin, Kaitlyn, Braden and Ashlyn. These miracles will be forever treasured and remembered.

Tonight we had good friends come over to visit with us. They are great people. We truly love and admire them. They have a beautiful little two year old girl. Thomas had a great time playing with her and making her laugh. I can see that Thomas will be a wonderful father to his daughters. He loves and cherishes them so much. He gives them many kisses when he holds them. Thomas mentioned to me that it was so awesome to play with her, not only because he has a great love for her and all kids, but it brought him comfort and hope knowing he will be able to do the very same with Rachel and Haley when they come home. We look forward to that day when we are able to bring Rachel and Haley home and to have their precious lives in our home. It just doesn't feel complete in our home right now, simply because our girls aren't here with us. We know that they will bless our home beyond measure.


  1. Your family is beautiful and soon the gilrs will go home. I can imagine the joy and happyness that will be. The girl's progress is amazing and they are miracle babies. You deserve all the happiness in the world and soon your home will feel complete. My love and preyers continue to be with you. Claudia

  2. I'll have little Haley in my thoughts and prayers today! I hope her eye surgery goes well. I really hope little Rachel is able to be put onto the CPAP soon, that would be such a huge step! Your girls have fought so hard, it's wonderful to see these tiny steps of progress! I appreciate you taking the time to keep us all updated on your sweet family. Your posts are always such a joy to read, they are full of such a wonderful spirit!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  3. Love all the pictures and the videos. They are beautiful and just watching them in their isolates reminded me again how precious life is. They all truly are miracles! Thanks for keeping us all updated. You are both amazing parents. :)


    The Halls (KW1)

  4. Amanda,
    I'm not exactly sure how I ran accross your blog but I've been reading for awhile now! Your faith inspires me! I continue to pray for your beautiful daughters every day!

    My husband and I just went through a similiar situation losing one of our triplet girls. Our two daughters also had a rough few months in the NICU, but are home now and doing great!! I know it's so hard to stay strong when there are days that you feel like your babies are hanging on by a thread. But know that it WILL get easier! God works in mysterious ways and he has brought these girls into your life for a reason!! I have faith that they will be home before you know it!! Eventually these days in the NICU will become a blur in your memory.

    I know your life is very chaotic right now, but if you ever need someone to chat with that has been through the NICU roller coaster feel free to email me at

    Big hugs to you, Haley & Rachel!!
    In my thoughts and prayers!


  5. Those sweet moments are what make life worth living. We continue to pray for you and your family and look forward to when the girls are home with you in your arms.

    Your faith is truly a blessing to us!!

  6. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but can't remember if I've commented. I just wanted to tell y'all that I've been praying for all of you for several months, and cheering for each happy moment you are able to have.


  7. i thank you for every post! they are so uplifting and positive! i am so grateful to have found your blog and hope you will have time to keeep it up when the babies are home!

    thinking of you today with loving thoughts.
    Erma from Midvale, Utah

  8. Hope all went well with Haley's surgery. You and your little sweethearts are a blessing to all of us who are following your story. We send our love from snowy Salt Lake City!

  9. Thomas and Amanda,
    I am praying for each of you and your precious little angels. They are so amazing as you both are too. Heavenly Father must be so proud of you, you have given me a glimpse into heaven as I have felt the closeness of the spirit as you share you great testimonies. I love your sweet little children, and pray for the day I can hold precious Haley and Rachel. I hope you know I will continue you pray for your family. Call me if you ever need anything, we want to help in any way.


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