Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Progress and Uncertainties

Today was pretty good for Rachel and Ashlyn, but Haley had a rough day. The MD'S did some cultures and two of them came back positive for infection. They think it is coming from the central line that was surgically placed two weeks or so ago. She seems to be doing a little better this evening. As for the possible obstruction, we are still waiting for a report from the doctor. The surgeon is looking into it as well. Her doctor does know for sure that she doesn't have NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis). What a relief! NEC is one thing for sure we don't wish for. One of our favorite nurses Kodi is taking care of Haley tonight. I always feel so comfortable leaving my children in her hands. She is a great nurse, she knows what she is doing, and we are grateful for her and all she has done for our beautiful little girls. Ashlyn continues to struggle with the edema. It seems like she has had an extremely hard time getting all the extra fluid off. Her urine output is good, but the extra fluid just seems to hang on. Good news - Rachel had 2 good poops today! We are proud of her. Rachel is doing good respiratory wise as well and seems to be getting closer and closer each day to getting off the ventilator and going on the c-pap. Her last chest x-ray looked good and she has been able to go down to as low as 35% on her oxygen. The doctors have not said anything about changing to the c-pap yet, but we are hopeful for it plus each day that passes the closer they are to getting off the ventilator. We are thankful for every little progression. There still will be the set backs, but our little girls are definitely fighters and will get through them. Pressing forward through the good and the not so good is our goal everyday.


  1. Keep hanging in there! Your girls are precious and are definitely little fighters. As a mother of preemies I know first hand the rollercoaster ride that you involuntarily have been riding all of this time. I am praying for the day they are all off of the ventilator and you are all taking them home. Praying hard for the infection to go away, the edema to subside, and for the track to level out to just good days from here on out.

    If you ever need anything, feel free to contact me, even if it is just an ear to vent to. My micro preemie is now 3, and is doing fantastic. His brother had many of the problems your girls are facing or have faced, and he is now 5 and thriving-we never thought we'd see the day he'd breathe on his own!

    Take care of yourselves and continue to be strong-sending many prayers and hugs from west Texas.

    The Powell Family

  2. Thanks for your updates; I look forward to them every day. All we can do as parents is love and support our children through thick and thin. Mine are now adults and we love and support each other! Make sure you guys are taking care of yourselves and each other and getting lots of rest.

  3. I immagine you are very busy; however, you still manage to post something every day. Checking your blog became part of my routine and I appreciate the daily news! Your love and faith make a big difference in the lives of your babies. Keep up with the great work, and don't worry too much. The girls are now at a point where the problems are less difficult to address. They will be 2 months old on Sunday and that's very exciting! I'm very happy for you and I can't wait to see them going home. Rachel, Haley, and Ashlyn, are blessed to have you as parents. You and Thomas will not have to teach them much, all they will have to do is observe you!
    Love, Claudia

  4. Good girl Rachel! Keep pooping! Sorry to hear that Haley is having a hard time now and Ashlyn is still struggling with edema. Keep going pee pee Ashlyn!

  5. Awwwe!!! Your 3 girls are such fighters! It seems that the central line is one thing that usually gets/causes infections in our micro preemies. Thank God it's not NEC! When Kenny had his infection...the first thing they did was remove the PIC line. he has a heart shaped/supermanish scar there now...right on his little chest. You watch...your girls will come out of this with the strength, courage and feistiness that is needed....for that will both of you! LOL!
    We here at the Tomecko house are praying for you all every night...that's a lot of prayers! ;)
    Yay for Rachel for doing so well!!! I am sorry about Ashlyn with her edema...but am very happy she is peeing! and you tell that little Haley to stop scaring you! You are thought of daily! Thanks for keeping all of us updated.

  6. thanks for keeping us posted.. your little ones are singing a song for you - i know there is a saying about taking the rocks from the river removes its song - you've climbed mountains, hills, rocks, pebbles and soon they will all be ground down to sand... what a song! it will be priceless... i hope that makes sense - i know what i mean. sometimes we have to go through some pretty tough places to get to the beauty, but you will, i'm sure that you in many ways you already are!


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