Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Haley had her eye surgery today by Dr. Coats. He's a fantastic doctor and does a great job with laser surgery. Haley's surgery went "smooth" according to Dr. Coats. He will check back in a week to see exactly how well it went. We are hoping for the very best for her eyes. Rachel had her first eye exam since her eye surgery last week, and Dr. Coats said it looked really good. He said usually if the eyes start to do better after the surgery it will continue to improve. He said almost always, but there are a few instances that proved untrue. So we were encouraged by that news. Dr. Coats will exam both girls eyes in a week to see how they are doing. He will do weekly eye exams at first to make sure they are OK. Then He will decided how often to check them if they are doing well. So the big news of the day is Haley's surgery and Rachel's eye exam and both seemed to go very well according to the doctor. We are grateful for the many prayers by so many people. We really appreciate them and we do know that they are heard and answered.


  1. Thank you for the great news! I am sure the girls will continue to improve. They are so precious! Good job! Love and prayers, Claudia

  2. I am so glad to read such great news this AM!!!

  3. I am hoping for great eyesight in your two little sweeties and that the continue to grow and thrive so that they can come home soon.

  4. Great news! I'm glad you have such wonderful medical staff to care for your sweet girls. I hope all their major issues are behind them and now they can just grow bigger and stronger!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  5. Hurray for the second eye surgery being done. It really is amazing that the surgery can save those little ones from blindness. I hope they both continue to have improving eye exams! Hope you are having a nice quiet week.

  6. Bless that Doctor! so glad to hear good news. hopefully - prayerfully! all will continue to go well with their eyes!

    i feel your calmness! i know where you put your faith -- we all should.

    Have a beautiful day! kisses for the babies and hugs to their parents!

    Love, Erma, Midvale, Utah

  7. Glad to hear the girls are doing so good!


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