Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ashlyn Laid to Rest

Today was both a sad and happy day. This afternoon at 1:00PM we laid to rest our precious little Ashlyn Louise Stansel. She was buried next to her three siblings in Pflugerville Texas, about twenty minutes north of Austin. It was very hard to say good bye and we will miss her very much. We know where she is, we know who she is with, and that alone brings extreme comfort to Thomas and I. Ashlyn does not have to endure this world. She is a perfect little girl. All she needed was to gain a physical body and return home to that God who gave her life. She has touched our lives for good. She is such a beautiful little girl. We love her and cherish her life more than words can express. We are deeply sadden by the separation from her, but we know that we will see her and her siblings again someday. It is occasions like this that my feelings turn to our Saviour Jesus Christ. Without our Saviour we would never be able to be reunited as a family one day. Families are Forever! We owe everything to him because of the love he had and continues to have for us. Thomas and I will strive each day to be a little better, to be all that we can be, so that we will be worthy to be with our six beautiful children again one day.


  1. Much love to you all. I think of ya'll all the time. Many positive thoughts coming your way.

  2. I am sending you a BIG hug right now. You all have been so strong, a true inspiration and testimate to God's will!

  3. I have been thinking of Miss Ashlyn a lot today (yesterday, I have not been asleep yet). What amazing parents show has! What a sweet reunion, a long, long time (seemingly) it will be one day.

  4. Your sweet testimony is always such a joy to read. I hate to see you suffer through the loss of yet another sweet angel, but your strength in doing do is very inspiring. Reading of your faith through adversity each day has made me try harder to remember the little things I am blessed with every day and also to try not to get weighed down by the trials I am currently facing. You are both such amazing people and amazing parents! We are so blessed to have an understanding of the gospel, but I know that this is still painful time for your family. May you have the strength you need to endure this time. I hope you guys return home safely and that those positive updates on Haley and Rachel keep comin' in! They are so blessed to have you as their parents.

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  5. Such a hard thing to go thru
    (((Hugs))) and prayers for your family
    You will all be reunited someday

  6. A big hug and lots of love for you. Yesterday I thought a lot about your family. Only people as good as you can bring such perfect spirits to this world. Not many people would be able to endure all this. You are special, and many blessings will result from these difficult times. Love, Claudia

  7. To all those who bring negativity to this site, please remeber what the purpose of blogs are. It is to share daily goings on, pictures and thoughts with friends and family who are not there to experience them with you. If you don't want to be considered a part of Thomas and Amanda's extended family, then don't come to this blog. The internet is full of chat rooms, discussion boards and websites where you can go to debate fertility treatments, selective reduction or whatever gets you all worked up. Please choose to go there instead.
    Thomas and Amanda, thank you for allowing those of us, who truly do want to be a part of your circle, access into your world. Like yourselves, I understand the plan of salvation and I know that through this plan, and our saviors sacrafice, you will be an eternal family one day. Your faith and testimony of our Father in Heaven truly does inspire and I feel a closeness with you and the others on this blog, through that faith. I hope and pray that Heavely Father will continue to bless your little family with health and strength. Thank you also for sharing the pictures of sweet Ashlyns casket. They are sad, but a definate reminder that this is not the end of the road for any of us. I know you draw comfort from that knowledge as well which is why your sweet smiles shone through the saddness.
    Sending lots of love from Brigham City, Utah!

  8. First time to comment, long time reader.
    I can tell you not only believe in Jesus Christ but you 'believe' him as well when he says "come unto me all that are heavy laden and I will give you rest".
    Keep smiling.
    It is the very least you can give to Him that has done so much for us.
    You are a strenght to all.

  9. We continue to send our love to you and all your family. Thomas, you are a rock to go through this without your Mom and Dad at your side. We know they are serving the Lord and that you and Amanda are also by bearing your testimonies of the eternal nature of the gospel plan. You are loved by so many - especially your Heavenly Father and Savior. Always remember that and let the peace you feel from their love keep you moving forward. Our prayers continue for you and your precious Rachel and Haley. I am keeping our family in Salt Lake and Texas up to date and I know their prayers are also with you.

  10. You are in our prayers. I hope you feel them carrying you on difficult days like this.

  11. I think that the LDS faith has a uniquely positive perspective of death that others may not fully understand.
    I, too, find the Stansel's faith inspiring. How great that day will be when they are reunited with their six children who have passed on.
    I love reading about Rachel and Haley's progress each day. Thomas and Amanda's journey has touched my life forever.

  12. Amanda and Thomas I can see what a difficult time this is for you all but I can also see the love of your Heavenly Father surrond you. I know it must be difficult to write these blogs but thank you again for taking the time to share with us, some of us who have not even met you or your family. May God continue to bless your family.

  13. Such a sad hard to see such a small coffin. Lots of hugs!

  14. sending the kindest of thoughts and strongest of prayers to your family....

  15. I'm sending my love to you.
    My birthday is next Thursday(November 5)
    I am going to be 13. I would love it if the girls could come home on my birthday but unfortunately they are still a little young. Could you tell the girls that What I want is for them to do The best they have ever done and make the doctors *THINK* they're ready to come home :) That is what I want for my birthday and If you can tell them to do that for me.
    Also I just want you to know that between
    my cousin and your kids I have decided that when I'm older I want to be a neonatologist. And every day I will think of your kids and remember your story and I will make sure those babies are strong and keep fighting.
    with love,
    Lindsey Johnson

  16. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I can't imagine how hard it is to go through the process of funeral arrangements again. The casket is so beautiful, though. When we buried our little girl we only had 2 choices and neither were as pretty as Ashlyn's. A beautiful casket for a beautiful baby. :) So happy to hear Rachel and Haley are doing well. I think about you a lot. Thanks for your testimony. It seems too much for one family to bear, but I am inspired by your faith.

  17. May God be with you. You are such good people. An inspiration to all.
    Love, The Halls (KW1)

  18. Thanks you for always sharing your amazing testimony.

  19. i am so grateful to read your post of yesterday - we just got home from the mountains, and this is my first stop! you have inspired a great many people my dears - keep up the good work!
    If Lindsey Johnson gets back to this site, i have to tell you, you are an amazing 13 year old and you can become whatever you WANT and work towards you CAN become! cheers!

    all went well for you with Ashlyn, she's fine.
    loving thoughts to 'my' Stansel Family!!
    Erma -- Midvale, Utah

  20. Thinking of you and your family!

  21. I so remember those tiny caskets and the ache and pain in our hearts as we said goodbye. Your strength and faith is such a blessing and I know that one day you will hold those beautiful children once again.

    I know with our children that have passed on they help us remember as a family what our ultimate goal is to spend eternity together an that helps get us through the rough times.

    May the Lord continue to guide and bless you!!


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