Sunday, October 18, 2009

She did it again!

Well Rachel did it again - she pulled her tube out! She has done this 3 times this week. It looks like the problem is that she likes to lift her head up while laying on her tummy and when she does that it yanks the tube out despite being taped down. The doctor did start her on some IV antibiotics (yes she has a new IV - no longer IV free). The doctor suspects she may have aspirated some breast milk due to her breathing tube being pulled out so many times. The doctor started the antibiotics as a preventive precaution. She will be fine. Rachel is so feisty! Thomas held Rachel today and he got nervous because she was much more awake than usual and she was also not very happy. Thomas was more nervous than I have seem him with the girls. He got nervous about her heart rate going high as she got angry. Thomas and I have a lot to learn when the girls come home as there will be many times the girls will be unhappy. Rachel is just so content laying on her tummy. It was so nice to see Rachel so awake with our visit with her today. She had her eyes wide open. Rachel has mommy's eyes. She is so adorable. Haley our calm princess is doing well. She doesn't get to lay on her tummy right now due to her bowel surgery, but she is content laying on her back. Haley still has not had any poop. The doctor's don't seem concerned yet, but we are always worried about our little girls. We just want them to be well and happy. We know with time our little miracles will be strong enough and well enough to come to the comfort of their own home with mommy and daddy. We just love these little girls so much. Each time we visit them it is harder and harder to leave. We are so attached to them. We hate to leave the NICU every time we are there, it is just so hard to say good night to our daughters and not be able to have them in the comfort of their own home. We will get there, the Lord has been so good to us. He has carried us through the rough nights, He has pushed us along when the road seemed to be a dead end. We have truly witnessed the tender mercies of the Lord in our lives these past few months. While the journey has been long, hard and down right difficult at times, We have experienced the true tender mercies of a loving Heavenly Father. We owe everything to him and His Holy Son Jesus Christ.

Rachel in her favorite position - on her tummy.


  1. What a CUTIE! She looks so chubby now.

  2. your girls are so blessed to have such a special mommy and daddy. more than anything you deserve to be a mommy amanda. there is something so strong and beautiful about the way you write and therefore must think, what an amazing woman you are...........
    kindest thoughts and strongest of prayers.....

  3. Haley and Rachel should be proud of her parents. You and Thomas love and care so much about them! I love to see the way you are actively involved. You make a difference in the lives of your precious babies. All your dedication will pay back and soon you will be together at home. Thank you for keeping us posted. You are amazing people! May God continue to bless you. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Claudia

  4. That's so awesome that she's trying to lift her head! Not so awesome that she pulls her tube out, mabye she thinks she doesn't need it anymore :o) I agree with Rachel, she does look chubby! I'm so happy to hear such wonderful news for your little family. Tell those girls to keep up the good work!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  5. Just when we thought the name calling judgemental trespassers to your beautiful blog had disappeared. they're back. Glenn Beck has written a very interesting book called Arguing with Idiots. you can't - same with these party poopers (pun intended!). their lives must be pretty empty. we should hope for their happiness?

    a thought from my daddy - he's been gone for years, but his words echo in my mind - "There is no waste in God's economy.." our Celestial babes are A-Okay! we gave them what they needed and that was enough...

    Little Rachel has a very special calling in this world - its called keeping mom alert!:-) Haley has a more calming effect - don't you just love it! They are each so precious and in their own way.

    Love to you from Midvale Utah and Erma

  6. Shame on you Dana and Maidson.
    For choosing this blog to get on your soapbox.
    Amanda and Thomas..I dont often comment but I do check on your precious babies every morning.
    Soon these little ones will be home with you
    Prayers going up for you and Thomas and the girls

  7. It breaks my heart to see that some people are making such negative comments to you & Thomas during this trying period in your lives. Lucky for them, our Jesus is the same as always and loves them too...we can only pray for them. Amanda & Thomas, keep your head up, you have made good decisions and all you need to think about is getting those girls better. God Bless you all.

  8. Wow! Didn't expect to read posts like these!
    Last night my hubs and I visited his sister. Our conversation turned to her youngest daughter, who died almost 10 years ago at age 19. She was born 9 days before our own daughter. Julie never crawled, never spoke,never did many things that even a 7 month old baby can do. She was a huge financial and emotional burden- when you look at just the "facts". But "facts" don't tell the whole story. Julie brought love into that home. A love that wasn't there before.You could feel it when you walked in the door. Her family called her their barometer. If they got fractious and contentious, Julie would start fussing and wouldn't stop until all hard feeling were set aside. She was a wonderful blessing to that home. I truly believe she saved that family from divorce. The older 3 children could talk to her and share their problems. The stresses would fade as they gave their love to her and felt her sweet spirit. She taught my own children how to "be" around handicapped children. They loved her and would run up to her and try to make her laugh. She loved my husband because he would tease her and let her pull his hair. Julie's life may seem wasted to those with poor vision, but for those of us who know the purpose of life and the life to come, her life was perfect. Ignore those who would belittle the precious things in your life. Your decisions are between those who matter and God. The others who would mock you should seeks other posts to feel better about themselves.
    Best wishes to you and your little family. You will be stronger and more loving and more compassionate because of your challenges and blessings.

  9. Like someone else said I check your blog every morning to see what happened with your girls the day before. I'm excited for the day you bring them home, pictures of their first birthday, seeing videos of them walking, running and so forth. No they aren't mine, but through your journey many of us have taken them as our own. We are cheering them on and praying for God to hold you up in the moments you don't feel you can go on.

    I'm so thankful to hear your gorgeous girls are doing so well. Keep up the good work Haley and Rachel.

    Rachel, be a good girl and stop pulling your tube out.
    Haley, don't worry about your sister getting breast milk and sleeping on her tummy without you. Soon you will be doing it too.

  10. I LOVE Rachel's fiesty endearing! What precious daughters of God and what strong, faithful parents you are! Our daughter, Ayla, also liked to pull on her breathing tube and keep the RN's busy...Heavenly Father loves you and your family- His guiding hand is evident in your life.
    There are some wonderful resources on micro-preemie multiples so when you are ready, would be happy to share some links with you!
    Much Love!


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