Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Stansel's after Hurricane Harvey

I had a reader email me asking how we are doing after Hurricane Harvey.  So here is our blog post about how the hurricane affected us.  Luckily we are good!!  Safe and dry!  We didn't get any flooding in our neighborhood or our home.  We also didn't lose any power.  We are so blessed and grateful for the location we live in (Humble - Northeast of Houston).  We were scared and nervous through out the storm.  It was nerve wracking not knowing if our area/neighborhood was going to flood or not.  We survived and the girls did well through the storm.  We are so heartbroken for all the devastation throughout Houston and other areas outside of Houston.  It is estimated we got 30+ inches of rain in our area.  Some parts of Houston got 50+ inches of rain.  We ventured out yesterday and took a couple of pictures.  Just north of us in Kingwood, people were flooded due to the rising water from the San Jacinto river.  Lots of people were flooded and had to evacuate. There is just so much destruction.  Thank goodness, today the sun is poking its head through the clouds a little and we are so glad to see it.  Thanks for the concern.  Much appreciated!  We are well!

Our house after the hurricane. Thankful no damage

This flooded creek is about a mile from our house
US 59 North.  Flooded.  
 Lots of utility trucks ready to fix electrical lines as needed


  1. so glad your ok and not flooded. So tragic seeing all the devastation from it.

  2. So happy to hear you are all safe and well Amanda, thanks for updating. Thoughts are with all those affected x


  3. I'm glad you guys got lucky. I was stuck at work for four days, but in the end we are all blessed here too.


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