Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring in Bloom at the Houston Temple

Back on March 22 we enjoyed a visit to the Houston LDS Temple grounds.  It was a beautiful day and everything was in bloom for Spring.  I love Spring!  Its my favorite time of year to see all the trees and flowers come to life after a cold, dreary winter.  The girls had a great time being outside soaking in the nice weather and sun. Not to mention the temple grounds and gardens are so peaceful.  Its a nice escape from it all.

Houston LDS Temple

Thomas and I
Haley enjoying the water in the fountain


  1. How beautiful the girls are looking lovely and the gardens are very pretty. Hope you are all doing well and that many blessings come your way x

  2. Love your close up of the flowers! would you be interested in reproducing for me to purchase?

    1. Hi Teri! Please email me at stanseljourney@gmail.com regarding the picture you like. Thanks!

  3. I have a granddaughter on an LDS mission in the Houston Texas mission. Her name is Sister Sade Kyles. Maybe you can be on the lookout for her. She gets to the temple once in a while. Right now she is serving right in the town of Houston. Her father is black, her mother is white, and Sade is gorgeous. Of course, I'm her grandmother. She is on facebook under Sade Kyles.


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