Friday, April 18, 2014

Beeping Easter Egg Hunt 2014

We attended the annual Lighthouse of Houston beeping Easter egg hunt on April 12.  This is our second year to attend this wonderful activity for children who are blind.  Haley hunted the beeping Easter eggs while Rachel and Kayla hunted regular Easter eggs.  The girls had a good time, but they are still learning the concept of hunting for eggs.  Haley enjoyed playing with the large beeping eggs because they made noise (she likes noise).  Rachel learned that there was stuff (candy) inside the eggs and therefore wanted to open the couple of eggs in her basket that daddy helped her get.  Kayla was more interested in watching everyone else scramble for the eggs.  She soon learned there was candy in the eggs as well and wanted to open all her eggs right away to get the candy.
The girls also had the opportunity to sit on the Easter bunnies lap.  Kayla didn't enjoy that one at all.  She wouldn't go near those Easter bunnies.  Funny girl!  She will go up to just about anyone except for someone dressed in a costume.  I guess I don't blame her.  Rachel and Haley didn't mind the bunnies at all.  They are troopers!

Kayla, Haley, Rachel
Haley hunting the beeping eggs
Haley with a basket full with Grandma's help
Haley listening to the beeping egg
Rachel opening her Easter eggs
Kayla found an Easter egg

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