Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleep is a wonderful thing

Whew, it's amazing how one little baby can keep us busy all day everyday! Haley is such a joy, but also keeps us hopping. She loves to be held (all the time) and loves to wake mommy and daddy up at night. Haley has already pulled out her NG tube since being at home. It happened at 4am a couple of nights ago and so mommy had to put it back in no matter how tired she was. We are hoping that as time goes on she will get into a routine at home. Actually the night before she slept through the night. We hope that continues. It's so amazing to look at Haley and see how far she has come along. It's hard to go back and imagine how tiny she was when she was born. Over time she has grown and her last weight measured, she weighed 8 pounds 12 oz. She is getting so chunky. She's got the rolls to prove it.

Haley all ready for bed

Haley lounging/sleeping

Rachel continues to progress. The other day an OT therapist worked with her on bottle feeding and she took 4 cc's of water without any problems. They will try her on formula soon. Also Rachel's feeds are being transitioned from continuous to intermittent. They will get her on a feeding schedule ready for home. Rachel is also down to 1/4 liter of oxygen and doing well. Rachel's updated weight is 8 pounds 12 oz. She has been sleeping good at night as well despite being in the NICU. Thomas and I have been alternating days on when we go see her so that everyday she gets to see her mommy or daddy. It's hard to not get to see her every day, but soon we will as her coming home date is getting closer. Rachel's doctor said that she is considered "level 2 NICU" even though she is still in the same bed in level 3. She is so well known by the nurses and doctors there that they decided to just keep her where she is until she goes home.

The many faces of Rachel

Rachel and Haley are so special to us. We are so blessed to have Haley home and to soon have Rachel home. Our lives have changed forever for good since our precious children have come into our lives.

On a side note: Rachel and Haley are fraternal. They do have many similar features, but they are not identical. All 6 of the babies were fraternal.


  1. I love that although you're still having to parent Rachel via NICU, there's an excitement of what the future holds for you when she does come home. I really love reading your parenting of a newborn, who doesn't sleep all night, keeps you exhausted, and has you doing things that when they were growing inside of you, you never probably truly imagined you'd be doing! (NG tube back in at 4 AM!!)We continue to pray for the girls as they continue to grow, become stronger, and you as you adjust to Haley being home and preparing for Rachel to come home!

  2. Hehe, I love Rachels faces!! My daughter has started making faces similar to that when she sees the camera. They are both so beautiful! I *soooo* remember those middle of the night feedings and being so tired that in the morning, sometimes I couldn't remember if I'd even slept at all!! It will get better soon!! I really hope that little Rachel is able to pick up the bottle skills she needs quickly! It will be so great to see them both at home together!!

  3. Good Morning Amanda,
    I love those cute photos of your girls. I can't wait until Rachel can come home to be with you all. I was wondering if you print your daily blogs or have it back up on file? Just a thought because you have so many memories that I would hate for it to be lost. I remember times when I use to type of a college report and didn't back up my file just to find out it was gone. In a second all my hard work was gone because I didn't back it up.

    Hang in there re: sleep. You will one day enjoy continuous sleep, it just takes time. Ask any mom, hee hee. Take care and can't wait for another update.

    Nicole from Rosemead, CA

  4. I love Rachel's many faces and Haley's pink glasses. These pictures are so funny! The girls are sure growing fast and it's amazing to see how far they came along. From a little bit over a pound to chunky babies with rolls! I can't wait so see a picture of Rachel and Haley side by side at home! It's getting closer and closer. I'm excited!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey. I feel blessed to witness these miracles. Amanda and Thomas, you so much deserve the wonderful life that is just now starting. Congratulations!

    Love, Claudia

  5. such a little ham!!! Rachel will be a giggle a minute! love those dear little pink glasses on Haley. they are each so lovely in their OWN ways!
    my mama always told me, when the baby sleeps you do too, if at all possible. housework and other stuff will still be there when they are grown... she was right!
    You are amazing and i love you for your enthusiasm. R & H are lucky little girls - so are their parents!


  6. I just love the pictures and those cute cute faces. They are amazing as are the two of you. What a wonderful family you have! All the best!

  7. I love Haley's glasses, too cute! Rachel is soooo adorable with her many faces! I can't believe she is so close to coming home!

  8. What wonderful news that Rachel is now Level II! I'm glad that you're transitioning from the emotionally exhausting phase of the NICU experience to the physically exhausting phase of micropreemie parenting at home. Thank you for continuing to keep us updated on your family's journey.

  9. That is good Rachel is keeping her same nurses! We were sad when they moved us b/c my twins had one nurse in particular who really knew them. GL sleeping. Being home is such a wonderful but exhausting blessing!

  10. Haley is just precious with her glasses! They are both getting so chubby! So glad to see them doing so well!

  11. Sounds like you are settling into life at home with Haley, you both will have it all figured out real soon. They are both so precious and Rachel is so funny with all her little faces. Thanks for taking the time in your busy life to update your blog.

  12. I LOVE Haley's glasses. Although they are a pain now, she will soon appreciate having them.

    Grow, girls!

    Virginia and Frank

  13. They are gorgeous! I am so glad they are both doing so well! I cant wait until you have them both at home. I know you cant wait other.

  14. Rachel cracks me up!!! Haley looks sooooo good. I know that they will both be home with you very soon.

  15. I always love seeing the pictures of the girls. I love all Rachel's silly faces.


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