Friday, January 22, 2010

First full day with Haley at home

Our first night with little Haley at home was a sleepless one, but we didn't care because we were so excited to have her with us in her own home. Haley has truly blessed our home thus far. She has such a beautiful spirit about her. She is such a beautiful little girl, we love and cherish her so very much. She has brought the spirit into our home more fully. She is such a peaceful little thing. Haley slept fine from about 4pm yesterday until 4 am this morning. So yes we have had a lack of sleep, but that is ok it was worth every minute of it. Haley is being fed by a feeding pump through her nose into her tummy. She will have to be on this until she can complete a full bottle by mouth on her own. She is having a difficult time with it, but has made some improvement in that area. We hope she masters the art of bottle feeding soon. She is being fed every 3 hours over an hour by the pump. It feels like we are constantly feeding her. It will be tough to keep her on her feeding schedule when she will be out seeing doctors. Haley will have many doctors appointments with many different specialists within the next two to three weeks. She continues forward and we hope her progress will look up and not back.

Haley at home in her bed

Our sweet Rachel is doing really well since her surgery on Wednesday. She seems to be so much more relaxed since Dr. Bloss placed the gtube/fundo. Her reflux must not be bothering her nearly as bad a it was. Rachel decided she was tired of being intubated, so early this morning she pulled her IV and she exacerbated herself. She is now back on her nasal cannula and is fighting on. We hope more than anything else that this surgery will help her to come home sooner than later. We long for the day to make our family complete at home. I know that Haley is waiting patiently for her sister to get home. I think Haley and Rachel will be the best of friends one day. I know that the good Lord has watched over and blessed both our girls, and it is our prayer that he will continue to protect our beautiful children.



  1. I remember those first few sleepless nights! They are so tiring, but I wouldn't trade them for anything!! Once you settle into a routine, things will be better. I can't believe she slept for 12 hours straight! Now if you could only get her to do that at night, you'd be all set :) I'm so happy for yall that you are able to have part of your little family at home. I hope that Rachel is able to join you very soon!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  2. Glad you have little Haley home to enjoy, and I hope Rachel is able to follow soon. I'm glad little Rachel seems to be more comfortable. I hope she didn't hurt herself taking out the IV.

  3. I'm so glad that Haley is home. Rachel will follow soon. Good luck getting home sleep. You are in my prayers always.

    Hayley Locke

  4. Aw I love the pics of Rachel w/ her makes me smile everytime. SO SWEET!! Its so wonderful that both girls are doing so well.

  5. Thanks for continuing to blog. We all care about you so much!


  6. YAY! I am smiling! What a lovely update!

  7. you msy have missed a little sleep just watching Haley sleep....:-)She is so beautiful.

    Rachel isn't far behind, when she comes home it will be more than wonderful! she is a strong willed little gal!

    thank you for letting us share the adventures of the Stansel girls and their folks!

    We LOVE you all, so very much..

    Erma, Micvale Utah

  8. what great pictures !! delighted your first night went so well :) rachel is looking SO cute and shall i pray be home with her little sister very soon....

  9. You've already figured out something so many first time parents don't appreciate...that sleeplessness is a gift, an exhausting gift, but to watch them, hold them, kiss on them while they sleep..there's nothing better!! Hopefully once Rachel comes home, Haley will have a great schedule, and you'll feel a bit more rested up, for your sleepless nights with her!

  10. Wow! I get butterflies of joy in my stomach just looking at the pictures of her in her carseat going home and in her bed! WE are SO SO happy for you! Now its Rachy's turn!
    Much Love,

    The Halls - KW1 (w,e,w & b)

  11. I have been following your story from the beginning and am compelled to write and tell you that your attitude through it all is truly a beautiful thing to behold. I know God is blessed by you and the way you rely on Him is so evident. We faced some of the same trials you have. You have so much to look forward to. God Bless you.

  12. It must be so wonderful having Haley home with you now. It sounds like a lot of work, but (like you said) totally worth it. I'll keep the girls in my prayers. I can't wait to see Rachael home with you as well. Enjoy these moments!

  13. Thw pictures are beautiful and Haley seems very confortable at home! I'm impressed that she slept 12 hours! Good for you! Littel Rachel is cutest than ever and soon will be home too. I'm so happy! What a blessing!
    Love, Claudia

  14. We didnt sleep the first night Bobby came home. We just took turns on the couch, watching him sleep! of course, that changed when he realized Maya wasnt with him and he wouldnt sleep or eat! She came home 4 days later, but the only time he would sleep/eat was when we took him to the hospital to see her. It is amazing the bond they have.

    Sending hugs and love. Praise Jesus!!!

  15. I love the picture of Miss Haley asleep, she looks so sweet and peaceful!!! The picture of Rachel holding her binkie is precious!!! That is impressive about sleeping 12 hours, she probably knew she was home and it felt good :)


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