Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today was the girls first Halloween. No trick or treating and candy for them today,, but that is ok because their day will come for that. It won't be long until next Halloween rolls around, and they will be out with mommy and daddy enjoying all the good stuffs that comes along with it. We held both girls tonight, that was mommy and daddy's treat this Halloween. I held Rachel and Thomas held Haley. The girls for the most part seem to enjoy us holding them. We truly love these beautiful little girls. They just seem to have a way of lighting up the room with their purity and the closeness they are to our Savior. I know He is there with them, helping them through these challenging times. I can feel that as I am able to hold them. He does love them and He has blessed them so much. I am in awe with all that a kind loving Heaven Father has done for my little family. He continues to lift our spirits, in times of doubt and worry. We do not know the long term effects that come from being born so prematurely, we do not know how developmentally challenged our girls will be, but one thing I do know is that We will love and cherish every moment we have with our beautiful daughters. They are daughters of an all loving Heavenly Father and He has entrusted them to us, we will do all with in our power to raise them and to love them the way he has intended for us to. Thomas and I are so blessed to have Rachel and Haley in our lives, they are our everything.

Haley wearing her Halloween hat. It didn't fit on her well due to the cpap tubes.

Rachel wore her Halloween hat over her feet/legs. We couldn't get hers on due to the cpap tubes.

Daddy holding Haley

Mommy holding Rachel

Rachel at Her post

Haley at Her post


  1. What sweet pictures! I love them! I think those girls get cuter everyday!!! Thank you for sharing such sweet thoughts with us. I believe that the Lord has and will continue to bless and watch over your little family.

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  2. They look so big in the pictures of them by themselves and then you post a pic of you guys holding them and you can see how tiny they really are! So sweet!

  3. SO Sweet. I am so happy to hear how big they are both getting! So exciting. The day you get to take them home is getting closer and closer! I'm so happy that things are going so well for these two special angels. Their brothers and sisters are on the sidelines cheering them on! Good luck you guys!

  4. Amanda - when was their 'birthdate'? Full gestational? they are about there now! it is so wonderful to see these sweet babies as they grow - thank you for sharing this time with us!
    love and blessings always.
    love, Erma

  5. Those hats are really adorable on them!

  6. The pictures are precious! I love to see every day how cute they are in their new outfits. I'm sure next year they will enjoy halloween in a very special way with a lot of fun and candies! Don't worry too much about possible long term effects that may result from prematurity. Rachel and Haley are blessed to be part of a special family. I am confident that they will be just fine. They have great parents, a loving Father, and several angels looking after them. My prayers and love continue to go your way. Claudia

  7. I can picture you both pulling them around in a little wagon next week. Thank you for sharing this important part of your lives with us.

  8. I was HOPING to see pictures like these! Thank you!! They are precious, Amanda. I know I have posted before, but my very dear friend has a son born at 25 weeks and he is a perfect (very active) little 3 year old now. I am hoping you will have the same, but I know how the worry will be. It may be questionable for a couple years, but you know very well that Heavenly Father- who loves them and you- is very much in charge.


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