Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ups and Downs

The last couple of days the girls have had some ups and downs. Haley had to go back on the nasal cannula for a little bit of extra oxygen. Haley's abdomen also got really distended. She had some x-rays to determine the cause and the x-rays showed a lot of gas/air in her intestines. The doctor was concerned that she had another obstruction. Dr. Bloss (surgeon) looked at the x-rays as well and he said that there was some swelling where he re-connected her bowels and that swelling was preventing the air from moving through the intestines. Today her abdomen looked better and she was more comfortable. We were pleased with that. We are also happy to announce that she pooped! This means things are starting to move along in her bowels. Haley also had a follow up eye exam this evening and unfortunately the Doctor is concerned about her right eye and there fore she will have to go under general anesthesia again for a more in depth look into her right eye. She will also most likely have some surgery done on that eye, but we will see what tomorrow brings. We pray that her right eye will be ok and she will be able to have some vision. I feel terrible that she has to go through another surgery and especially on Christmas eve. Rachel had her gastric emptying scan this afternoon. We don't have the results of this scan yet, but Rachel tolerated the procedure well. Rachel had her follow up eye exam on Tuesday and her eyes are doing well. She now doesn't have to have another exam for a month. We continue to trust in the Lord for our two little girls. We know that He has taken care of them, and will continue to. We hope more than anything that Haley will have some sight, but if not we will except what happens and move forward in life. We know with surety God can perform miracles, our two beautiful little girls are living proof of that. The Lord can heal Haley's eyes if He sees that that is what is best for her. We only can see a piece of the picture but God sees the whole picture. He will do what is best for Haley, there is no question in my mind that He will. We are trying to except his will with out questioning or resistance. Thanks be to God for all that he has done for Rachel, Haley, Thomas and I. We truly have been blessed. We owe all that we have to our Heavenly Father, for through him and our Savior all things are possible.

Haley with her cute Christmas hat

Rachel wide awake. Look at those beautiful eyes.


  1. Wow, so sorry to hear of all these setbacks. But just know that many people live blind and excel in life. It is not an end-all to what she can achieve - and her blindness won't define her. And maybe she will retain some sight in her one eye - but even if she doesn't, know that she will be able to succeed anyway!

    I love the picture of Rachel - she looks very bright-eyed!

  2. I have been following your blog since the babies were a few weeks old and i have to say it has been a joy to watch them progress and continue to move toward being able to come home.

    It has also given me a sort of inside look of sorts at what i went through when i was born. I was born at 26 weeks and although i have heard from my parents what i went through it is interesting to see it first hand in a way, although i wish none of this on anyone.

    I just thought i would thank you for being so open about what your girls are going through and i will continue to pray that they make improvements each day and one day will be able to lead happy, healthy, prosperous lives.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. I check in daily on your blog. I'm so excited to see the girls progressing. Those little guts can sure cause some problems for our little ones. I'm glad that the swelling was down and yay for poop!!!

    I look forward to hearing the news on the gastric emptying scan. I hope that it brings good news.

    As always, y'all are in my prayers and thoughts. *hugs*

  4. It's Christmas Eve in Australia. I just thought I'd check in on your beautiful girls. Thanks for the update. With prayers for miracles.

  5. Who knew something as little as a poop could be a huge milestone! Yeah for that! Your faith continues to inspire me! I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays!

  6. It's sad that the girls have to go through so many procedures :( Fortunatly, they will have no memories of the things they are going through right now...and one day, when they are happy, healthy, and home with you it will all be worth it. They are such troopers! I love the Christmas tree hat and the photo of Rachel's big eyes!! Such little cuties!! I hope that all goes well with Haley today. I think whether she has vision or not, she's going to be an amazing person!! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas with your sweet girls!! They are so lucky to have such amazing and faithful parents!! Merry Christmas!!!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  7. Merry Christmas & God bless your family!

  8. as Christina said! They are SO amazing and are so blessed to have such parents as they do!

    Haley will be fine and she will have much influence upon others in her life - never doubting, we continue, with you, to know that GOD does indeed see the whole picture and the lessons learned, or to be learned.

    Rachel will also do well. in the day, we'd have called that picture of Rachel 'bright eyed and bushy tailed!' you have a couple of extra special little girls - don't know of many who are loved so much by so many!

    Merry Christmas dear Stansel family - when i pray, its for 'my Stansel family -

    Much love, prayers and hope....

  9. I truly believe God has a plan for us, our living children, and our heavenly ones.

    Praying for your girls...

  10. we are praying so hard for your little princess's ...... especially for haley at the moment and her sight.....
    Happy Christmas dearest Haley and Rachel !! you truely are examples of the miracles that God performs here on earth...... please Lord spare these girls any further obstacles, pain or suffering, please....
    lots of love to the two most beautiful babies in all the world, shirley, joshua, finn and francesca.......

  11. Just have to say - YAY FOR POOP! :)


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