Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More progress - Bottle feeding!

We are so proud of Haley! For the first time today, she drank formula from a bottle. She took 7 cc's and did really well for doing this for the first time. The occupational therapist will continue to help her as she progresses to being able to take all her formula by a bottle. The other big news of the day is that the MD's took Haley off the nasal cannula today, and she has done just fine thus far without any extra oxygen. Haley's surgery is still scheduled for Thursday and she will be intubated for that of course, but we hope she will be able to get back to where she is now soon after the surgery. Haley's weight today was 6 pounds 6oz. Haley is such a sweetheart. She does so well with all the challenges she has been facing. We love Haley so very much and are so grateful to be able to enjoy everyday with her and to see her progress so well.

Haley before her nasal cannula was taken off

Haley the chunky monkey

Rachel has had a great day today as well. She continues to move forward with her progression. Tonight I was able to hold Rachel and almost the whole time her CPAP prongs were not in her nose. Surprisingly she did well and her oxygen sats stayed up in the 90's for a good 45 minutes, but then she had to get back on her CPAP as her oxygen sats started to drop. We will give Rachel about another month to see if she can gain enough weight to where she out grows the floppy airway, and see what her reflux situation is. We will make a decision then about the trach and a g-tube/fundo. We hope more than anything else that she just needs a little longer to out grow these issues. We will implore the Lord for his help and guidance. Rachel is growing. She is up to 6lbs 7oz. She has passed Haley up by 1 oz. Rachel has such a strong feisty spirit about her. She is a fighter and we know she will get through these challenges she is facing as well. We love her so very much!

Mommy holding Rachel without her CPAP on

Rachel getting a break from the CPAP. She is loving it!!


  1. WOW...that is great! Before you know it the'll be drinking a whole 8 oz bottle! I recall when Tessa got her first 10cc's!!

  2. WOOHOO Haley for bottle feeding!! What a great milestone! A chunky monkey indeed!!

    Rachel hopefully those breaks from Cpap can become longer and closer together. You're doing good lil one!

  3. YES!!! This is wonderful news.

    Our Maya had to have eye surgery and had to be intubated. She had never been intubated before so we didnt expect any issues, but coming off of it her trachea swelled close. We had a week of hell. I suggest talking with your neonatologist about starting a round of steroids before Haley is extubated after the surgery, just to make sure her throat doesnt swell up after the extubation.

    I am just so happy for your news!!!!

  4. I can't believe Haley is drinking from a bottle and breathing on her own! These are wonderful news! After she recovers from the surgery, I think she will be ready to go home. I'm excited with that possibility. Soon, Rachel will get there too! I can imagine how happy she was when getting a break from the CPAP. Now that she is gaining weight so fast, I'm confident that she will outgrow the reflux and floppy airway. The pictures are beautiful as usual. Congratulations!
    Love, Claudia

  5. wow! That is great about the bottle feeding! She is totally a chunky monkey! It's funny but I can really start to see the family resemblence in the two of them. (I mainly see Thomas since I've known him a lot longer) They are so gorgeous! We are continuing to pray for them everyday! Have a wonderful holiday with your two precious angels!

  6. Wow, what WONDERFUL news about bottle feeding! I am so happy for you and your girls!

  7. Wow, amazing progress! We'll keep praying for more progress, and for your energy, too - you've been at this a long time, right?! :)

  8. What wonderful progression! This is great news! Grow girls! Grow!

  9. What a milestone for Miss Haley!! She's trying so hard to come home with you guys! I can't believe that "tiny" Rachel passed Haley in weight, that's awesome! Your girls get more beautiful every day. They need to keep up all this great progress and come home soon!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  10. YAY Haley and Rachel are getting so big. They are absolutely beautiful and have 4 wonderful Angels watching over them.

    Once my surviving quads started bottles time seemed to go so fast and before I knew it they were home.

    Haley and Rachel are in our continued prayers, praying for Rachels flap and reflux to subside on thier own and for her to strengthen enough not to need the trach. Prayers for Haley for her upcomming surgery and her to continue to progress and for both to get to come home soon.

    Praise be to God!!



  11. Great news Haley keep up the great work. Rachel keep putting on that weight you will soon catch up to your sister.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  12. missed you yesterday! such happy news! love all those cute little rolls-- keep up the good work girls - you'll be home with mama and daddy soon.


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