Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pressing Forward

Haley has had a pretty good weekend and is recovering well after her surgery. She is starting to have some good bowel sounds which is very good and we are happy they have returned so soon after the surgery. Dr. Abrams told us that he will most likely restart her feeds on Monday. I have some breast milk stored in the deep freezer for Haley. I saved some for when she restarted feeds after her surgery. Breast milk is so much gentler for her sensitive tummy. I'm glad I was able to save some for her. She has done really well considering she had surgery only three days ago. She did have to go back on the nasal cannula for just a little flow of oxygen. She was having some desaturations and needed some extra oxygen. She will be off the oxygen again in the near future. We can tell Haley is feeling better. She is acting more alert and awake. We hope and pray that this surgery was the last hurdle for her to come home. We also look forward to her getting back to taking a bottle again. We hope that she will be home with us sooner rather than later. She is such a precious little girl. We love and cherish her very much. Haley's updated weight is 6 pounds 8oz.

Haley with her Santa hat

Little Rachel is no longer smaller than Haley, in fact she is about four to five ounces bigger than Haley. Rachel will have a busy week coming up. On Wednesday, she will be having a gastric emptying scan and a test to check her reflux. She will be transported to Texas Children's Hospital for these tests and then transported back to Woman's Hospital. A gastrointestinal doctor will determine if she needs a g-tube or fundo and also be able to help us get a better idea about the trach. So the girls are pressing forward. We are so thankful for their progressions. For being so little they sure are strong. We love them very much!



  1. they are so sweet in thier hats. i pray that Haley will do really well and be home with mommy and daddy soon... what a great day that will be.
    praying also that Rachel will do well with her tests and get a thumbs up!
    These adorable little ones really need to be home with you, Thomas and Amanda, having a boring, & completely normal ? babyhood. how wonderful that will be for all of you. you've all been through sooo much..
    Thank you for sharing a peek into your lives with us. We have grown to love you as if you were our own...
    Erma in Midvale, Utah

  2. I am praying for your girls and family! I am so happy they are doing much better!


  3. It's so nice to see their progress! Now it is just a matter of time before they are home with you. Haley's Santa hat is so cute, and look at all those rolls! Rachel and her pacifier make me smile every time I see it. She holds that pacifier and likes it so much! Thank you for taking the time to share such special moments! Love, Claudia

  4. Wonderful news for both girls!! Their photos are so cute :) I *love* the santa hat. I hope all goes well for little Rachel's procedure on Wednesday. I think yall are right, they'll be home soon!!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  5. the hats are so adorable and so are your growing girls. ALL God's blessings to you this very special first Christmas!

  6. Such cuties! Why is it that Haley has so many rolls, though? She appears so much chunkier than Rachel but is significantly smaller in weight. Both are definitely cuties, though. Can't wait to hear that they have been released to go home!!!!!!!!

  7. I did just notice a post about about Haley taking a bottle! Somehow I missed it before. That really is good news and very exciting.

  8. PRAISE GOD!!! This is wonderful news!!!

  9. I lOVE their little hats so cute!! Haley is so sweet with all of her little rolls and I am so glad that all is going well with her after her surgery.

    We will continue to pray for Rachel. Our daughter Avery had these scans done and still has severe Reflux. But we had her on a feeding tube for about 6 months on and off and special elemental formula and then some other medicines and we did not have to have a g-tube. Here's hoping all goes well with her as well!!


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