Monday, December 28, 2009

Feeding and growing

As the new year approaches the little ones continue to grow and thrive. We are so grateful for the little steps our girls are making each day. We know that the Lord has and continues to help Rachel and Haley along their journey into this world.

This past weekend Rachel had her first bath in her own little bath tub we bought for her. Rachel seems to enjoy her bath time and loves her "spa" time. After her bath, Rachel always falls asleep well. Rachel is still growing, her weight is 7lbs 4oz. Rachel has a little bouncy chair she sits in and loves it. We came in tonight to visit Rachel and she was sound asleep in her bouncer. Rachel is going to have the ENT doctors come look at her again this week and evaluate her airway. We are hoping the ENT doctors will want to try her on a high flow nasal cannula again. Rachel is such a little fighter. She will out grow all the challenges she is facing now. We thank the Lord everyday for her precious life.

Thomas and I giving Rachel a bath

Haley is plugging away like the little champ she has always been since day one. Haley continues her progression after her bowel surgery. She was able to be weaned off her nasal cannula completely two days ago. Haley was also able to feed once again from a bottle today. It was the first time they (occupational therapist) fed her from a bottle since before her bowel surgery. She took 10cc's from the bottle. We look forward to when she can get up to full feeds and get off the TPN. Haley is growing at her own pace. She is up to 6lbs 15oz. Haley has been through so much, but yet she never quits. We are so proud of her and all that she has been able to get through with the help of the Lord. We are also eternally grateful for our little Haley, she is such a beautiful little girl with such a powerful spirit about her.

Aunt MaryAnn holding Haley


  1. The girls are growing so fast and looking so good! I love to see you and Thomas together bathing Rachel, and I'm very happy Haley is off the cannula! I think Haley is about to go home. She can breathe on her own and she can feed from a bottle. Yes, we have to be grateful for the steps the girls are making each day; however, the way you and Thomas care for them plays a huge role in their progress.

    "Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them."

    You are always in my heart and prayers. Love, Claudia

  2. such valiant little warriors! they are so special in EVERY way... so different yet a common bond. how lucky you are to have these adorable babies. how lucky they are to have you awesome parents...

    each step is so important and i know that our Father in Heaven is holding your hands to help every mini or micro step!

    So happy for you all

    Happy New Year..

    love, Erma

  3. It is looking up if the baby comes off the nasual cannula. You both must be very tired going back and forth to the hospital everyday. My family did it for 3 months and I know the feeling of wearing down from the back and forthness. Let's hope their progress continues....

  4. YEAH!! Haley way to go getting rid of the nasual master the feeding and you are home to your mommy and daddy!!!

    Great job Rachel you are getting bigger and stronger everyday. We will continue to pray that you get rid of the CPAP and get to move to the nasal cannula and then maybe home :)

    Happy New Year and may the Lord continue to bless you!!

    Wendi :)

  5. what a nice picture of you both bathing Rachel. I think Haley will be home soon then Rachel will soon follow. Happy New year

  6. This is wonderful news! Just wonderful! Continuing to pray for your family....


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