Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree

Here is our Christmas tree this year. We actually put this up the day after Thanksgiving. To celebrate all of our precious children, I bought some angel ornaments and wrote each of their names on it and hung them on the tree. All of our beautiful angels will always be remembered during the Christmas season with these ornaments. I wish the girls were home to enjoy the tree. They will for sure be home next Christmas and what a wonderful time it will be. What a wonderful holiday season this is. A time to celebrate the birth of our beloved savior Jesus Christ.

Our Christmas Tree

The angel ornaments with all our children's name on them.

These two cute little ornaments were a gift from Grandma. Rachel and Haley's names are on them.

Now for the update on the girls. Rachel is gaining weight! She is 5 pounds 14oz! She is almost to 6 pounds. We are excited. She had a good day today. Daddy got to hold her tonight. She was so comfortable and enjoyed her pacifier. When she is awake she is becoming more alert and likes to look around. Haley is doing good despite the infection she has. The bug that she has is not a serious one according to the doctors. They are giving her antibiotics to fight it. She is a fighter and doesn't seem to be affected by the infection at all. I held her tonight and she loved it. She also enjoyed her pacifier. She gets upset sometimes when it is taken out of her mouth. Haley has lost some weight. She is 6 pounds even. The doctor put her on a diuretic because her lungs were a little "wet" and she was retaining some fluid. So the weight she lost was just fluid. Haley is off the TPN (IV nutrition) for now. Her feeds have been increased. Once she gets her intestines reconnected she will have to go back on TPN, but for now she gets a break from it. What a blessing these girls are to us. Each and everyday we visit them, we are in awe of their precious spirits. They bring such love to our lives.

Haley wearing her "I love Daddy" onesie. Thank you to Natalie for this cute outfit.

Haley is starting to learn how to hold her pacifier.

Rachel with her eyes open

Rachel enjoying her pacifier


  1. I love these babies so much... They are so precious and beautiful little girls and I can't wait until they come home with you. I want to watch these lucky little girls grow up. :)

  2. Your Christmas tree is so pretty! What a great idea to put up ornaments for each baby! And angels, how perfect :) Your girls are getting so big and are just cuter and cuter each day! I'm glad they are doing well! I know one day soon, we'll be reading about how they're coming home!! I hope little Haley gets better soon and that Rachel can be put back on the cannula. They are such sweet little dolls and so lucky to have great parents, wonderful doctors, and a loving Heavenly Father to watch over them.

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  3. That is a GORGEOUS Christmas tree! And what beautiful, amazing presents you have - and I hope you get to take them home soon! :)

  4. Where'd you get those angel ornaments? I've been looking for some in memory of my children.

  5. Beautiful tree!! Love the ornaments!

  6. Your Christmas tree is so pretty! I love it! The ornaments are wonderful and a great idea.
    I love the pictures. Rachel and Haley are beautiful girls and blessed to have you as parents. Congratulations! I continue to send my love and prayers your way. Claudia

  7. what beautiful girls you have! so nice to see photos of them, you have a beautiful tree and the angel ornaments are a really neat idea! may God continue to bless and keep your little family

  8. oh you beautiful dolls you dear little bitty dolls --

    its so nice to hear how well they are doing - 6 lbs is a 'real' baby!!!

    Love these precious little girl, Haley and Rachel...


  9. Each day a new precious gift is given. We love the updates and pictures and the testimonies you bear. May this Christmas season bring you peace and may you continue in your sure knowledge of life after death and the gospel plan. The ornaments and tree are wonderful. Love from freezing Salt Lake City!

  10. I love to see their eyes - I know you do, too! And I love, love, love the angel ornaments...all your little ones can be together on the tree, celebrating Christmas as a precious.

  11. The pictures of the girls are just so cute and it is fun to see them and hear their stories!! I love the Christmas tree!! Since we have four angels babies we also have ornaments for each of them on our tree each year and they all are of different angels!!

    The girls ornaments are so sweet and they will love them for years to come!!


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