Thursday, December 17, 2009

Haley's Surgery

Haley finally had her surgery today to have her bowels reconnected. She came through it like the little fighter she has always been. After Dr. Bloss performed her surgery she was able to come off the vent before she left the recovery room. She didn't have to have any help with her breathing at all nor did she need any extra oxygen. Before her surgery as we walked with her down to the surgical suites she was wide awake looking as cute as ever. She didn't have a clue that she was going to go through her 6th surgery, but she did very well and is resting tonight. We love this little girl so very much, we hope and pray this is the last time she will have to go under for surgery. We are starting to sense that her time in the hospital is coming to an end. We do not know when she will be home, but we are starting to feel it will be sooner than later.

Rachel has had a pretty good day today as well. We weren't able to spend as much time with her today due to her sister Haley's surgery. Thomas was able to spend some time with her and hold her this afternoon. She continues to plug along on her cpap. She seems to be a little more comfortable on the cpap prongs she is currently on. She is such an active little girl. She loves to sit in her bouncy chair and just look around. The nurse was telling us that she loves to look out her window when she is sitting in her bouncer. She is getting bigger by the day. She weighed 6 pounds 12oz tonight. Her growth has really picked up. We continue to pray for her to out grow the floppy airway and reflux.

We are grateful for our beautiful little girls. They both bring so much happiness to Thomas and I. We hope that all will work out for them both, and that they both will be home with us as soon as possible. Thanks to all the physicians and nurses for their help and loving care with our little girls.

Haley after her surgery


  1. Have the girls started nippling yet? I would guess not. Usually babies have to learn to take a bottle before going home. Have the doctors said this is a requirement or will they just let them go home on ng tubes?

  2. Glad to hear your happy news. Haley is one tough cookie (in a good way). Hope those girls are home with you very soon!

  3. Im so happy that Haley did good during her surgery and after. Hope Both Babies can come home soon! Praying for your Family.

  4. Thanks for the great news. You are right, Haley's time in the hospital is coming to an end. She is breathing on her own and using a bottle. What else does she need?

    Rachel continues to impress me with her weight gain. I am confident that soon she will outgrow the floppy airway and reflux. Rachel and Haley are soooo cute! I can't wait to see them at home. What a beautiful family you have!

    Always praying for you. Love, Claudia

  5. I 'm glad that all went well with the surgery. I just read your entry from yesterday and I just wanted to say that one of our daughters only has vision in one eye and she has been fine. The doctor said she would have trouble in school and not be able to read well. She graduated from high school this June in the top 10% of her class, is attending BYUI and is doing well, drives just doesn't like to at night, has played sports. As far as sports we didn't let her play until junior high when they started a LaCrosse team and they wear really good eye protection. She really will be o.k. I often think it's at times harder on us parents then the little ones that don't know any different. If you have any questions please email me at Have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. I agree with pp - the kids really dont know any better - my daughter is completley blind from ROP and is happy is can be - she is delayed yes - but is happy. Its definatley harder on us as parents. Im so happy Haley had her bowel surgery - that was all my lil Noel needed plus eating out of a bottle too - to go home - so it seems like very soon - you will atleast have one at home - an easier transition. Good Luck to you and your family your always in my prayers

  7. Way to go, Haley! You are such a champ!
    And Rachel, you are growing like a weed!
    Mom and Dad, you are awesome!

  8. PRAISE GOD!!! I have no better words than that. Praise God.

  9. You are my hero, amanda and Haley is amazing. I love reading about her. She is just such a strong, strong baby. I think she gets it from her mommy.

    I have been praying for Rachel and her airway/reflux too. I am hoping the next couple weeks show great improvements for her.

  10. I'm so glad that Haley's surgery went so well! You have special little girls.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Such wonderful gifts these babies are. Merry Christmas to all the Stansels!

  12. Bless your hearts! i am so happy for Haley, that she did so well. she is going to be hard to keep up with, and hopefully will be in the nest with mom and dad very soon. Rachel isn't about to be left out! remember, she's the fiesty one - she'll be comin' home soon, even if its not for Christmas...
    Love you all so much i think i'm gonna pop!


  13. How can she be so cute even after she came out of surgery?! What a trooper!

  14. I didn't see anything that said the girls were taking bottles. That's why I asked. They clearly still have NG tubes in the pictures which are still in their mouths (and not their noses which I think is where they would be if they were nippling). I don't think you can nipple a bottle while on CPAP and definitely not on the vent. Also, if they were considering a g-tube at one point, it means the baby isn't taking feeds by mouth - either can't or won't. Reflux also seems to be an issue and if the doctors are fearful the babies are aspirating (milk going into lungs), they won't let them bottle feed. I think when Amanda says they are receiving feeds and breast milk, she means through the ng tubes, which go directly into their stomachs.

    I was wondering because taking feeds by mouth IS usually a requirement to go home and there has been discussion of the babies going home "soon". Soon could be a relative term, as in, sooner than as long as they have been here already. From what I can tell, I would suspect the girls have at least another two months in the NICU.

    However, if the doctors aren't pushing oral feeding and are going to go the g-tube or ng route just to get them home, it could be sooner. That's what I was trying to discover, if Amanda or a family member could address it.



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