Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The girls are getting bigger everyday. The girls are weighed in the evening and tonight Rachel weighed 6 pounds 9 oz!!! Wow she is just gaining weight so well now. Haley still weighs 6 pounds 6oz. Her weight gain seems to have slowed down. Once her bowels get reconnected and she gets back to full feeds, I'm sure she will gain weight much better. Haley drank 12.5cc's of formula from the bottle today. She seems to like it and is getting the hang of it really well. Haley also had a follow up eye exam and her right eye is stable and the retina is attached. Her left eye the retina is not attached. The eye doctor said there was nothing else that can be done to fix it. We are sad that she won't be able to see out of her left eye, but are very grateful that her right eye will be ok. I'm hoping that she will be able to see her mommy and daddy and know what we look like.

Here are more pictures of the girls. We take so many pictures of them everyday. I think we have over 1,000 pictures. So enjoy!

Haley looking pretty in pink

Haley without the nasal cannula

Rachel loving her pacifier

Grandma holding Rachel


  1. Awww!! A grandma picture! I bet grandma sure loves her sweet baby girl!

  2. How cute! I love their little hats and hair bows :) It's sad that Haley will have limited sight, but it's so wonderful to know that it's not gone completely. It's so great that she's doing so well with her bottle feeding! I know that's a big step in her being able to come home! I'm sure Rachel will do just as well with feeding when she's able to try. I hope they can continue on this path to getting better and going home soon!!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  3. Love, love, love seeing their cute faces! Thanks for the update!

  4. They are so cute & getting so fat!!Just love those cheeks!!!

  5. The photo of Rachel is so adorable. Loving seeing those pretty eyes!

    Tatum MacNaughton (Fellow KAMOM)

  6. I love the pictures! Rachel and Haley are so cute! I'm very happy to follow their growth and development, thank you for sharing. We all would like Haley to have perfect eyes; however, I'm very happy that her right retina is attached. She can have a normal life. I'm praying for her surgery today.

    Little Rachel is gaining so much weight! I'm impressed with her growth! Soon she will be able to go back to the canula. She is slowly maturing, and this is what she needs to outgrow her problems. I'm praying for her to mature even more.

    Love, Claudia

  7. so grateful for Haley's good eye.. these babies are so precious... i love the pictures espeecially with gramma... we grammas stick together...
    So happy to hear they are gaining weight as they should. pray for Haley today as she has her sugery.

  8. I am so sorry that they can do no more for Haley's eye. I will continue to pray that she is able to see the world through her good eye. Praying for both she and Rachel...

  9. Oh goodness! LOVE THE CHUNKY!! Haley & Rachel are looking so awesome and excited they are gaining weight! Thank you for posting pictures- they are such precious girls!


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