Monday, December 7, 2009

Anxiously Awaiting

The girls both had a good day today. There was not a whole lot that went on today with either of them. Rachel continues to plug away on her cpap. She fights it everyday. The bronchoscopy is tomorrow at 8:30 am. We are nervous but feel strongly all will be ok with her. Please say a special prayer for her.

Rachel Wide Awake

Rachel Smiling at Mommy and Daddy

Haley is doing relatively well. There was some talk today about her going into surgery on Wednesday to reconnect her bowel. We hope they will follow through with this, so that she can have that behind her. Haley had yet another eye exam this evening from the pediatric ophthalmologist surgeon. He said the left eye's retina appears to be attached since he reattached it last week during her surgery. We are grateful for the positive news. She won't have good vision in that eye as we were told by the doctor. He said if her retina stays attached she might be able to see shadows or light. The right eye they are monitoring very closely because it is starting to build up scar tissue which can either heal on its own or can detach the retina. They will continue to monitor it closely. So we continue to wait and Haley will stay at TCH. Please have a special prayer for her as well, so that in her right eye her retina will not detach. We will continue to trust in the Lord. He will do what is best for our family. I know that Heavenly Father will continue to help our family. He has always been there for Thomas and I and the girls. I know with absolute knowledge that God can heal Haley's eyes and Rachel's breathing struggles. Does that mean he will heal them from these infirmities - no, but he can if it is his will. I will except and never question the Lord's will. He is in charge if Haley is to see and if Rachel is to avoid a trach or a G-Tube / Fundo. I have complete and absolute trust in God our Eternal Father. I know that what will come will be for our good and we will get through the challenges that lie ahead. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and His beloved Son Jesus Christ, for it is through them that I can carry on and continue to move forward in such difficult times as these.

Haley With One Eye Open

Haley laying On Daddy's Shoulder


  1. Continued prayers for you and the girls. You are correct, all we can do is pray for the outcomes we desire, knowing that He will provide what is right for our families, even if it's not what we initially desired. I have certainly learned that His will is not always our will but in the end it all works out and no matter what we love our children with all our hearts and nothing will change that.



  2. Amanda and Thomas, I will start to pray exactly 8:30 for Rachel and during the day for Haley every time I have a chance. Please tell Haley what you want to happen. Whisper in her ear with a soft voice. Tell her that her retina can heal and be healthy. Use her breathing to get into her own personal rhythm. Say it slowly every time she exhales. Say it over and over. Her body may be immature to understand what you are saying, but her spirit is not. Lots of prayers and love. Claudia

  3. I will be praying for you that Haley's eyes will heal and that Rachel will continue to progress with her breathing. God bless!

  4. what faith promoting testimony i gain from your blog and from the comments made here. i am so grateful that you them share with us.

    by this time of day Rachel has had her bronchoscopy - with all my heart i pray you have received good news from her doctors.. that she will continue to improve and soon be rid of the cpap.. i know i don't understand all that is going on with her, but i pray all will be well with her and her sister Haley.

    Haley will see, if not with her eyes, with her heart. she will be blessed in all ways. Our Father in Heaven is so aware of these little ones. we are all praying for good things for these miracle babies.

    its really cold here in Midvale, Utah, but my heart is warm thinking of you and your babies and your love and testimony.

    Thank you!!!


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