Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hospital Basket

A sweet dear friend of mine surprised me with a basket full of necessities for when I go into the hospital. The basket contained razors, shaving gel, toothpaste, soap, nail polish/nail file, facial cleansing cloths and over the door hangers. These necessities will be so useful. It was so nice of her to bring these items for me. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness and kindness.


  1. Directed to: the other moms of multiples who have spent weeks on bed rest. Are there any other suggested items that made life more comfortable?

  2. I was on hospital bedrest for 6 weeks before my triplets were born at 28 weeks ( I saw Kirshon and spent my bedrest at Texas Women's). Baby wipes were nice to just feel icky being in bed all day (and I lost shower privelages at 26 weeks due to my water breaking). Baby wipes allowed me to freshen up anytime I felt bad.

    Also nice to make your room feel as homey as possible. Bring your own pillows, comforter, etc. I also liked having my own fluffy towels (not the overused hospital ones)

    A big calendar to mark off weeks and days and to see your progress.

    Visitors make all the difference in the world (especially if they bring you "outside" food!!!).


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