Friday, July 17, 2009

2 Weeks Down

Today marks 2 weeks since I have been in the hospital. All has gone very well so far. I am now only being monitored 2 times a day for contractions since I'm doing well. My doctor said this morning that I am doing surprising well. He told me that he admitted me so early due to the twins I lost at 18 weeks. He was just being cautious. He didn't say anything about letting me go home. I'm for sure I am here until delivery at 28-30 weeks. I wish I could go home, but it's best to be here in the hospital just in case something starts to go wrong. I have to admit it's so hard to be here at the hospital in bed and knowing how long I still have to go (8-10 weeks). I pray many times a day to help get me through. I really do appreciate all the wonderful visits from friends and family. It does help pass the time and its nice to have the company. Thanks to all for your prayers!


  1. Delurking here, just thought I would drop by and say hello. I have been reading your blog for a little while now and even now I'm not sure how I got here.
    But just wanted to say congrats on your babies that is so exciting. I hope your pregnancy keeps going smoothly.
    Hope you don't mind if I pop in every now and then.


  2. Take each day at a time! I saw your story on the news and have been keeping up with your blog. I was on hospital bedrest for 12 weeks, in the grand scheme of life it is a small period of time. Each day is a success and be thankful for each day you carry those babies is a day closer to viability. I hope you are in the hospital for at least 10 weeks, the NICU is not an easy roller coaster at all.

  3. Living in the hospital is so hard emotionally. Hang in there! You're doing an important work taking care of yourself so those sweet babies can grow strong.
    -Justin and Colleen


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