Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Media Comes For A Visit

Late this afternoon the local Fox news came to visit us in the hospital. They came to do a follow up visit to see how everything is going with Amanda and the pregnancy. We had about a 20 minute interview with one of the anchors (Melissa Wilson). She was very nice and friendly to us. I felt a little awkward simply because I could not put make up on or do my hair. Thomas always tells me why does it matter if you have make up on or do your hair, you are beautiful to me and that is all that matters. We had a good interview today I felt.


  1. Was it already aired? I would love to watch it!
    I'm from Houston too!
    Glad to hear you did ok on mag..I have heard horror stories too!
    Hang in there girl...you are doing great!!

  2. What a great husband you have! And he is right... you look beautiful! We are praying for all of you. :)


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