Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New York Times!

The New York Times came to our home tonight to interview us. Like the other media interviews we have had they asked us many questions about out story. They did not have a date on when the article will be printed. It may be printed before or after the babies are born. We will let everyone know and post it on this blog when we find out.


  1. i can't wait to hear all about it. I'm glad you are still doing good. I can't wait to hear how about your doctor's visit tomorrow!!

  2. hi amanda. i found your blog through vicky maxfield. congratulations on your babies and good luck! i thought you'd find this blog helpful: http://phillipsmultiples.blogspot.com it's another texan family that just had quints. i'll be peeking in on your blog from time-to-time to follow the excitement. take care!

  3. CARREFUL ! now that the Gosselin are gone, they search another sextuplets "peoples". If you don't want paparazzis all the time to your door, your home transform into sextupland do only ITW as texan newspapers and tv. If you want help go to mostonline forum, theses High Oder Multiples moms will can help you with organization, material, stroller....since octomom the people don't want make donations for "those cases".

  4. Misty URECH mom of quads can help you, she's a "coach" and wonderful sista for many new HOM moms she's a texan

    3 quint's families leave in Tx
    howellquints.blogspot.com (houston), phillipsmultiples.blogspot.com, joneslife.net/blog.htm

    the otten sextuplets (all survive)


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