Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hospital room decor

A wonderful friend from church brought me a beautiful plaque that says "Family a gift that lasts forever". She hung it up in my room so I could see it. It really makes my room a little more like home. Well this hospital room is my home for now. I really appreciate her thinking of doing this for me.

This evening Thomas and I watched out my hospital window the thunderstorm that rolled through. It was nice to see the rain and lightening, something we have not seen in a while down here in the medical center. This was our entertainment for the day as we were bored with being in my room all day.


  1. Hello there, I wanted to come see your blog but lost the address, so glad I was able to find it again. Everybody is thinking of you guys at church and it is always amazing to me how much love there is in ward for other people. Take care and I will try to come by and see you some time.

  2. I am just a reader who found your blog a while back, I just wanted to comment on your boredom. You know you wont be bored for long, in fact you wont have a boring day from the point of delivery on for the rest of your lives. :) So enjoy this time and have your husband go to the library and get you a bunch of books on tape. I am amazed at how they make a 3 hour car ride pass so quickly. My kids and I are currently listening to Peter and the Starcatchers. It is a fun book about how Peter Pan became Peter Pan. Anyway, that is m suggestion to you--catch up on your reading, because you won't be able to do much after babies get here.

  3. You could spend some time planning on how to make each child feel special. (Focus on one particular child each day of the week?)

    And you could set up your family journaling/photo system in such a simple way that you can record the progress and characteristics of each child while dealing with feedings, diaper changes, etc. that cause parents in normal circumstances to struggle.

    Maybe a color coded bracelet system would help so that when you take pictures you will be able to identify who is who.

    I would guess that keeping a weekly date night would be more important in your case than in most others.

    Seems like there would be a lot to think about and prepare for.

    I am really impressed with you for trusting in God and keeping every single one He gives you.

    And congratulations on getting to be parents!


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